Spring 2005

Stories from
Introduction to Creative Writing
Fantasy -- Spring 2005

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Justin Blietz - The Jacket

Nate Davidson - Treasure

Janna Dierks - Perfectly Happy

Travis Harrison - The Wish

Tom Hauck - "There's No Magic in the Cards"

Lesa Hayes - Olivia's Nightmares

Shinpei Kato - The Gon & the Fox

Andy Keiser - "Leaving the Lake Behind"

Mark Pedersen - Remembered

Marty Ruthaivilavan - Report Case
to Inmate #10564

Quince Springer - Matt Went Crazy

Carla Stochl - A Boy's Best Friend


Though each story received copy-editing suggestions from fellow students; the authors are ultimately responsible for the editing of their manuscripts. It is possible, however, that errors were introduced during computer manipulation to produce this web-document.

The inside of a head is adapted from  Task Force Clip Art.  New Vision Technologies, 1995.

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