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The Wish

Travis Harrison



"Nick, don’t even bother putting on your skies!” shouted Tyler who was the head ski instructor at Snowmass Mountain in Aspen, Colorado. “Go home and surprise Jessica by coming home early,” he expressed.

            “But I have two more hours left before my shift is over,” Nick said with a confused look on his face.

            “I know but there is no one out skiing today and besides you need to spend as much time as you can with your lovely wife,” Tyler demanded.

            “If you insist, I think I will take her out to a nice restaurant and maybe a movie,” Nick said and headed toward the locker rooms to take a shower and clock out for the weekend.

            As Nick was showering, he became excited at the thought of going home and having a good time with his wife tonight. He has been busy the past month because of the demand for ski instructors over the holiday season. This was Nick’s third year as a ski instructor so he still gets stuck with the long inconvenient hours.

            Jessica worked the day shift at a local tourist shop in town. Nick worked a swing shift, two weeks on days and two weeks on night shift. When Nick was on night shift the two of them barely got to see each other unless Jessica would wait up at night for Nick to get off work. It had been months since that had happened. Nick spoiled Jessica and provided her with what ever she wanted. He worked many weekends to keep up with her credit-card bills that she would rack up on shopping sprees with her friends. Jessica was a materialistic girl and always demanded that she had the best of everything even if they could not afford it.

            As Nick pulled into his driveway, he just about ran into a BMW Z3 that was parked in his normal spot. Thick bushes line their driveway so you cannot tell if anyone is parked in his spot until you actually pull in. Nick usually does not pay attention and just whips into his spot. He thought he recognized the car but could not think of where he had seen it before. He assumed that one of Jessica’s girlfriends was over visiting. The house looked dark and he figured that Jessica went out with her friends to eat. As he walked up the front steps to their beautiful two- story home he noticed that there was a faint light coming from their bedroom window on the second floor. The door was surprisingly unlocked which automatically told Nick that Jessica was home because she always remembers to lock the door when she went out.

            When Nick pushed the door open he heard a noise that he had heard many times before. It was the high pitch of Jessica’s voice and some loud thumping. Automatically, Nick knew deep down what was going on and the pain that was sent through him about dropped him to his knees. Horrible thoughts started racing through his mind. He slowly walked up the stairs and took a left toward their bedroom. When he arrived at the half opened door he could see Jessica’s long blonde hair and tan body on top of some man, he could not notice who it was because the room was only lit by candles. The room smelled of vanilla from the candles.

            “Jessica, how could you do this to me?” asked Nick in a monotone voice.

Jessica, startled by the voice of her unexpected husband, jumped off of the mystery man and pulled the covers over her.

            “Nick, uh, uh, you’re supposed to be at work,” Jessica said.

            “I came home early to surprise you and it looks like I am the one who got surprised,” Nick said sadly and tears began to fall from his face.

            The mystery man sat up in the bed and Nick noticed that it was Frank Tipton, the owner of the ski company that Nick worked for. Frank was in his mid fifties and Jessica was only twenty-seven at the time. Frank was going through the final stages on his third divorce. Frank was always very kind to Nick whenever they ran into each other, Nick now knew why.

            “Nick, I’m so sorry. I fell in love with her the first time that I saw her,” stated Frank.

            “Shut up before I rip your throat out!” shouted Nick with a look of evil on his face.

            Nick could not stand the site of his wife and Mr. Tipton in his bed anymore and he knew that if he did not leave he was going to do something that would put him in prison for a long time. He felt as though his life was over and everything that was good in his life was gone. It felt like someone was ripping his heart out.

            “Nick, Nick, don’t leave honey. Where are you going?” Jessica yelled as Nick flew out the front door and slammed the door behind him.

            Nick drove across town to his best friend’s house, Adam’s, for advice and comfort. When he arrived, Adam was just getting out of the shower. His large beer belly was hanging over the towel that was wrapped around his waist. Adam had let his hair grow out to shoulder length and it looked like a wet mop. He had a large tattoo of his mothers face on his left shoulder. Adam’s mother passed away from cancer when he was eight and he has never completely recovered. Adam’s father tried to raise him as best he could by himself but he was always working long hours at the lumberyard and therefore Adam ran loose most of the time. Adam and Nick had been best friends since as long as they could walk. They were next-door neighbors and were never seen apart while growing up. Adam was the best man in Nick and Jessica’s wedding. Adam knew right when he saw Nick’s eyes that something was seriously wrong. Adam had not seen Nick cry since fourth grade when Nick broke his leg in four places while racing him down Aspen Mountain on skies.

            “What happened?” asked Adam.

            “It’s Jessica. I walked in on her fucking Frank Tipton!” Nick expressed and tears began pouring down his face.

            “That’s bullshit! No way man! No way! I’m going to kill him!” Adam became enraged and put his arms around his best friend.

            “Why does this have to happen to me? I loved her more than life itself!” Nick was really starting to break down. Adam had to help him to the couch because he was collapsing.

            Adam laid him down on the couch and went to his room to put some clothes on. He then headed to the kitchen to get a glass of water and some Kleenex. He knew that he had to calm him down some way. Adam tried to gather his thoughts while he was filling up a glass of water. He was clueless about what to even say to Nick because he knew just how much Jessica meant to him. He could hear Nick from the kitchen starting to punch what sounded like a coffee table. He rushed out there and grabbed Nick before he could throw another punch. His hand was busted open and he was bleeding all over the carpet.

            “Stop, Nick, your going to break your hand,” shouted Adam.

            He stopped and looked Adam in the eyes and said, “Is my life over?”

            “Hell no! If anything Jessica’s life is over. She will never find a better man than you the rest of her life,” Adam stated with confidence. “Just try and get some rest and we will talk in the morning when our minds are clear.”

            It did not take long for Nick to fall asleep and Adam decided to sleep in the recliner incase he did something stupid in the middle of the night. Adam tried to clean some of the blood up from Nick’s hand but was very careful not to wake Nick up. He decided he could finish cleaning up in the morning and he grabbed some blankets off his bed and threw one on Nick.

            Adam was sitting in the recliner trying to fall asleep, when he glanced up and saw the large colorful candle he had bought on vacation in Brazil last summer. He bought it at a stand on a side street from an elderly Indian women who claimed it was magical.

          “The candle will grant one of your wishes but only one wish and use the wish wisely,” said the Indian woman.

            Adam did not believe the woman, but he did like the candle, because of the bright colors and the interesting shape. Bright blue and oranges were swirled together to form a fascinating design. It was in the shape of a pyramid, and there were inscriptions on all sides.

            Adam figured that it was worth a try to see if the candle really was magical. He would try anything at this point to ease Adam’s pain. He lit the candle on the mantle and made his wish.

            “Let Nick find a women that loves him with all her heart and will make him happy for the rest of his life. Please punish Jessica and Frank for doing such a horrible thing to Nick. Make them suffer and be miserable forever, and give Nick the strength to make it through this rough time in his life.”

            Once he was done making his wish he quickly blew out the candle and returned to the recliner to get some sleep.

            When Adam woke up he could not believe what he saw. There was a beautiful blonde women sleeping beside Nick and it sure wasn’t Jessica. He rubbed his eyes to make sure that he wasn ’t seeing things and walked over to the couch for further examination. He did not recognize this mystery woman from anywhere. She looked like a professional model; she had a tan complexion and long eyelashes. He had lived in Aspen all his life and he knew that she wasn’t from Aspen and if she was he was disappointed that he hadn’t met her because she was gorgeous.

            “Nick, wake up.” Adam said and he nudged Nick’s shoulder.

            Nick slowly opened his eyes and looked up at Adam.

            “What do you want? I’m trying to get some sleep.” Nick explained.

             “Who is the girl sleeping with you?” Adam asked.

            “What are you talking about? That’s Kari, my wife,” Nick said. “You must have had too much to drink last night buddy.”

            Adam just stood there completely confused. Did his wishes really come true? It couldn’t be. If that was the case then he was going to wish for a girlfriend himself tonight. Nick snuggled up against Kari and closed his eyes.

            “What about Jessica?” Adam finally asked.

            “Jessica who?” Nick answered back with a puzzled look on his face.

            Adam then knew that his wish had come true and he was not going to confuse Nick any further.

            “Never mind. Your right, I did have too much to drink last night. Go back to bed and I’ll make some breakfast,” Adam said as he walked to the kitchen.

            When Nick and his new miracle wife woke up they acted like nothing was wrong. His wishes must have erased Nick’s memory because he did not remember anything about his old life. Adam tried to hint around and ask some questions that involved what happened last night and he remember nothing. After breakfast Nick and Kari decided to head home and take their Christmas decorations down. This was the best day of Adam’s life. He was so thankful that his wishes came true and that Nick was happy once again.

            As for Jessica and Frank, they just disappeared from the face of the earth. No one ever heard from them or saw them as far as Adam knew. The ski resort was bought out by some big shot from Chicago and Nick was promoted to master ski instructor. Nick and Kari went on to have two beautiful children and Nick was happier than Adam had ever seen him. Adam never told Nick about the wish he made that night for fear of confusing his friend. It’s funny how a wish can come true sometimes.


I would like to thank my professor Terry Heller for helping me further my knowledge about writing, specifically creative writing and for making the class enjoyable. I truly enjoyed coming to class everyday. I would also like to thank all my classmates for the advice, thoughts, and time in making my stories better. We had a lot of fun together and we shared a lot of laughs.

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