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Report Case to inmate # 10564.

Martin Ruthaivilavan



My name is Dr. Connor Steeks, Joliet penitentiary psychiatrist. I have been at Joliet penitentiary for 8 years and this is my 10th case report. This case report is on Luke Tanguy, inmate number 10564.

Luke was the first person to ever go through the process. He was a Death Row inmate at maximum security Joliet Penitentiary and had been convicted of murder in the first degree. When I did a psychoanalysis on Luke, he seemed like a person who would have not have been capable of such a heinous crime. Then again, all the people who are murders out there in the world, appear just fine. From my past experience with these convicted felons, they are charming, nice, and carry themselves very well. They seem like every day people, that wouldn’t hurt a thing in life. Obviously that is not the case as I personally have tested and researched emotional and psychological levels of these convicts. I have also done CAT scans on these felons to see what kind of brain activity occurs when they see images of murdered victims. From my results there was no activity in the occipital lobe as well as the diencephalons, which includes both the thalamus, and hypothalamus. The diencephalons are a part of the human brain located in middle; which is part of the brain that shows emotional activity. The occipital lobe is the very back part of the human brain; which is responsible for visual stimulation. In further research, I did perform the same test on inmates that were not murders. Their results where very predictable, they had a lot of activity in both parts of the brain, diencephalons and occipital lobe, and murders do not.

As a state penitentiary psychiatrist my job is to help as well as research and evaluate the convicts’ reactions to the crimes they have committed. Every year I have to present my research to the U.S. Department of Psychiatric Health. From there they try to create drugs for people with mental problems that would drive them to murder, rape or harm others. As a psychiatrist, I ask a lot of question to my inmates. Most of their responses are that they were abused as children, but in this, Luke’s case, nothing ever has happened to him. My job here at Joliet Penitentiary is to give out test drugs to inmates that are on death row, and observe any emotional differences so that inmates could be taken off death row. I felt that Luke would be a prime candidate for out latest drug research. Luke Tanguy was a part of this test group, but after months of drug testing and further test, he was one of several that showed no emotional or visual changes in his brain activity. What creates such a man? Thus, I am compelled to find out his history and what made him do such a thing. To complete this report, there is a summary of Luke Tanguy’s story about his path to death row.
         Luke was a normal guy, 5’8’’ height, black hair, tan skin, a likeable guy who didn’t seem like the type of person to commit a crime. He was first convicted at the age of 20 for grand theft auto and sentenced to 6 months in a minimum-security prison. After he got out of prison he was placed in a hostel on the South side of Chicago with 3 other convicts. The state assigned him to stay there for a year and provided him with a job at a local grocery store about 4 blocks from his hostel. Luke mainly stayed to himself, he really didn’t interact with other convicts in house. He felt that they would be a bad influence on him since they too, were convicted of a crime. Luke knew he had done wrong when he stole that car, but it was the biggest adrenaline rush he ever had. There really wasn’t much he did when he was living at the hostel, but work, come home, watch T.V., and go to bed. He had the same schedule set everyday, very simple, he didn’t bother anyone and no one bothered him. After he completed staying in the hostel for a year and saving his money from working at the grocery story… Luke knew it was time for him to move on.

Luke took his savings and moved into a single bedroom apartment. The place that he found was on Thomas Street, off of Western Avenue, central West Chicago. Luke was lucky to find a place that was fully furnished; all he had to do was buy kitchen supplies and bedding. While he was getting settled into his new place, he was hired at U.P.S. (United Postal Service) as a driver. He had applied 3 months before he was released from the hostel. It was typical mail job; he drove the U.P.S truck around the Chicago land area, dropped off packages to companies, houses, etc. He liked what he did because he made a lot of money and he really didn’t have much to spend it on.

It wasn’t until he met a stunning girl on one of his daily rounds. She must have been a new secretary Sears’ had just hired because she wasn’t the same girl that he was used to giving packages too. Her name was Trisha Scholes; she was about five foot five, brown hair blue eyes, just a bombshell of a girl.

When Luke saw her for the first time, he had to have her forever. Luke approached her and said "Good morning, I have a package for you to sign…Oh, and I was wondering what you’d be doing this Friday at six in the evening?" Luke smiled after he said that to Trisha.
        "It all depends on what your name is Mr.?" Said Trish a with a glisten in her eye.
        "Oh, I am sorry, my name is Luke… Luke Tanguy and I was wondering if I could take you out for dinner?" Luke said with some confidence.
        "Well, here is my number, call me at five on Friday, so that gives you enough time to pick me up. Oh, my name is Trisha Scholes." Trisha said after she winked at him.
        "Sounds good, Trisha, I’ll talk to you then." Luke said.
        "Ok, well… see you then." Trisha said.

         The first day was priceless; Luke had reservations at the John Hancock restaurant on the top floor of the building. He picked her up at her place, in a taxi, because he didn’t have a car and it was much easier to get around town that way. They got up to the restaurant and all Trish could say was "I am thoroughly impressed." From there the evening was amazing. Luke ordered a bottle of wine to get things going and then ordered entrees for the two of them.
        "So Luke tell me about yourself. What do you do beside drop off packages for UPS?" "There has to be something else that you want to do?" Trisha asked him as they were sitting next to a window that out looked all of Chicago.

"Honestly, I really haven’t figured that out yet, I like to take things one step at a time. By the way I forgot to mention that you are just absolutely stunning this evening." Luke said sincerely.

"Thank you, Luke, I’m glad to be here with you. I had a feeling we had some kind of connection… what that connection is I don’t know right now, but it’s good" Trisha said after she had a sip of her wine.

The rest of the evening went well, Luke took her out for a walk on Michigan Avenue where all the top high-class clothing stores are located. They both took in the amazing city lights. Towards midnight, Luke thought it was best to get her home. So Trisha took it into her own hands and waved over a cab. "1250 North Avenue and Lake Shore Drive," Trisha said to the cab driver as they both got into the cab. They kept on talking in the cab and grew more familiar with each others body language. Then the cab stopped in front of her apartment building.

"Trisha, I was wondering if we could do this again sometime soon?" Luke asked Trisha before she was about to go up to her apartment.

"I was hoping that you would ask me that, I would love to. Are you busy during the evenings this week?" Smiled Trisha.

"Tuesday, does that sound good? At six again?" Luke asked. 

"That sounds great and surprise me with something." Trisha said.

"Oh, I was already planning on it." Luke said as he waved good-bye.

The second date, Luke took Trisha on a boat ride on Lake Michigan. Again, they had a candlelit dinner on the boat and talked more about their lives.

"You again have impressed me with this, this is amazing." Trisha said to Luke.
        "I must admit, I try very hard to please, when I see someone like yourself." Luke said with a smile.
        "Oh… is that so?" smiled Trisha as she took a sip of her red wine and winked at him.
         It was nine o’clock when the boat docked at the harbor. From there, the two were on their way to Trisha’s apartment. As they climbed out of the cab, Trisha asked Luke to come up to her place for a cup of coffee.
        "Sure I’d love that." Said Luke.

When they got up to Trisha’s apartment, Luke was amazed at how she put things together in her place. Everything was neat and tucked away. Trisha showed Luke around her place, then went to the kitchen and poured two glasses of wine instead of coffee. Luke followed Trisha to the living room where they both sat down on the couch and continued talking. Toward the end of the conversation, Luke said to Trisha,  "I was wondering if I could kiss you?"
Trish leaned in and kissed Luke. Sparks flew up, from there they both got hot and heavy. Needless to say Luke stayed over that night.
From the night Luke stayed over, the two of them dated. Luke saw Trisha at least once a week during his drop offs at Sears. Trisha was making good money at Sears and could afford to live in a Lake Shore apartment.
         Their relationship grew very strong; they were in love with each other. After a year had passed, Luke and Trisha moved into an apartment in Wrigley Ville. They lived there peacefully, Trisha knew that Luke got into trouble in the past but that didn’t faze her feeling for him. The two had a blast together, they would go to Cubs’ games, drink at bars together, they would do everything together.

It wasn’t until the third year things became a bit shaky with their relationship. The two would argue over the smallest things that really didn’t matter in life.

"Honey, is it ok if I hang out with the guys tonight?" Said Luke.

"Well, what about cleaning up the apartment together… I thought we were going to do that."

Said Trisha with an unhappy face.

"We’ll do that tomorrow for sure. I love, but I got to go, bye." Luke said as he walked out

the door.

The next day the two of them cleaned the apartment and things were fine. That night Luke went out again and Trisha went out with her friends. Trisha’s friends were being really mean to her that night, telling her that she shouldn’t be with Luke because he was a loser U.P.S driver who didn’t have a future. Trisha was very upset with her friends because they would do this to her every once in a while. So that same evening she called Luke’s cell phone for him to pick her up. Luke was two hours away at a monster truck Rally, in Naperville.

"Honey, I have no way of getting there to pick you up. Jed drove us down here, can you

go home by yourself?" Luke said.

 "Yeah, I suppose so, but I really need you now," said Trisha pleadingly.

"Honey, if I could I would be there but I have no way of getting back right now. We’ll talk

about it when I get home." Said Luke. When Luke got back that evening he made things all better for Trisha.        

Luke always did anything he could for Trisha but some of things she didn’t accept. She relied on Luke for everything like paying bills, running house errands, and making sure she was staying on track. Their relationship was falling apart to the point where Trisha moved out and moved back into her old Lake Shore Drive building. The one thing that Luke did know was that she loved him, he knew that this was a rough spot. They both knew that they needed time apart and to not see anyone.

About 3 weeks after she left, Luke found out from his best friend, Jed, that he saw Trisha with another guy. It wasn’t just a guy friend, more like boy friend. Luke was enraged. He had trusted her with everything and thought she needed him. Luke wanted to beat up the guy that she was seeing regardless if it was her decision or not. He was so angry with her, that he started smoking weed to calm himself down. Luke couldn’t let go of some one that he loved so much.

"Luke I know it’s hard but you have to realize, that she is not the one for you, man." Jed

said to Luke as he sat drinking a beer at Luke’s apartment that Saturday afternoon. Jed

was about six foot tall, short black hair, and was 26 years old; the two had become

friends while working at U.P.S.

That same night Luke had an urge to see Trisha at her Lake Shore apartment. He called her before he went to see her. Trisha had no clue that he knew about the guy that she was seeing. The two had still been speaking to each other ever since she moved back to her old place. Luke got into a cab and went to her Lake Shore Drive apartment. When she opened the door she asked him why he had to see her so badly.

"I am here because you are seeing someone else. I thought we needed some time apart

from each other and not see anyone." Luke said in a distressed voice.

"How could you do that to me Trisha? I thought we would be together forever." Luke said.

"Why don’t you understand that I just want to be alone right now!" Trish cried out as tears

from her eyes were dripping down her face.

"Why did I have to find out from Jed that you are seeing someone? Why couldn’t you tell

me? I thought I was your lover, your best friend?" Luke said as his voice raised.

"How did he know I was seeing someone? Said Trisha.

"He saw you with your new boy!" Luke said.

"Well right now I don’t know what I want, I thought if I saw someone else it would tell me

what I didn’t have and needed in my life." Trisha said as she was crying.

Then a knock on the door made things silent in the living room. "Who is that

Trisha, is that your new boyfriend?" Luke said with a loud voice.

"Hold on it could be anyone," Trisha said as she was walked toward her door of the

apartment. Lo behold it was Trey… the guy that Trish was seeing.

"Hi Trish… oh baby, why are you crying?" Trey said with a confused tone.

"Don’t worry about it I am fine," Trish said to Trey as the two where standing in the

doorway of her apartment.

"Trisha is that the guy you are seeing?" Luke yelled out.

"Yeah it is… what is it to you buddy?" Trey yelled back to Luke. Luke walked closer to the

door and saw Trey, a skinny, six-foot guy, with buzzed brown hair.

"First of all, I am not your buddy and second of all I am her boyfriend so go fuck off." Luke


"Now boys relax, I have some explaining to do! Luke I am not your girlfriend, I am with

Trey." Trisha said with her face looking down.

"Are you fucking kidding me? He is a fucking douche bag." Luke said in

an agitated manor.

"What, did you say mother fucker." Trey said as he pushed

open the door to Trisha’s apartment.

"Boys stop it… don’t fight its not worth it," said Trisha.

"Fuck that he is a dead man," said Luke.

The two of them squared off, Trey threw the first punch at Luke and hit him in his face. Luke shrugged off the hit, and started running toward Trey. He picked Trey up with driven aggression and further continued his momentum, propelled Trey through the glass door of Trisha’s balcony. Glass was everywhere, both of the men where on the floor of the balcony. There was blood everywhere.

"Luke stop it now, don’t do this; its over Luke. There is no point to this." Trisha screamed out at Luke as she tried to stop him. Luke pushed Trisha back into the apartment and she fell over her couch. She got up slowly and watched look Luke as he grabbed Trey’s shirt, hoisted him up, then he pushed Trey into the corner of the balcony.

"Luke, stop it now," Trisha screamed at Luke. Trey couldn’t get his senses together and Luke knew that he wasn’t fine. With a final force of anger Luke picked up Trey up and pushed him over the balcony.

"aaaaahhhhhh," Trey screamed as he fell from the 12th level balcony. The crunching and breaking of bone on the pavement was a sure sign of death for Trey. His body was so mangled from the fall that he looked like a frog that had just been run over by a car.

" You sick fucking bastard, I can’t believe you did that, you are going to hell, I hate you!" Trisha said as she wept in her tear.

"Whatever bitch, I’m done." Luke said with an ease voice standing over Trisha.

Luke walked over to Trisha grabbed a hand full of hair and dragged her to the balcony. "Let me go you fucking crazy asshole." Trisha said in agony. Trisha was fighting Luke trying to get his hands off of her but he was to powerful for her to get away. "You fucked with the wrong guy Trisha." Luke said in a fresh voice. Squirming on the ground Trisha was struggling to get away from Luke. "No Luke no, I am sorry," Trisha said. With one swooping motion, Luke picked Trisha up from her torso and swung her over the railing.  "aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh" Trisha yelled from the top of her lungs. Luke watched her fall from the twelfth level of her apartment; there was no expression on his face. The police arrived as soon as Trisha’s body hit the pavement of the road. The crunching of bones and the splattering of blood on the pavement was a sure sign of Trisha’s death.

One policeman got out of the squad car and said, "Good God! Look he’s up there." The two policemen ran into the building and took the elevator up to the twelfth floor. Luke just stood there with cuts on his face and arms from the broken glass. He was bleeding profusely from his wounds but he didn’t care. The police officers ran into the apartment to see Luke just standing there doing nothing.

"Sir you are under arrest," said one of the officers.

Luke put out his wrists for them to cuff, "Don’t worry about giving me my rights, because I have been through this before." Luke.

        "Luke Tanguy, you are sentenced to execution by our new state law, reciprocal death penalty. You will be thrown off the roof of the penitentiary. "Do you have any last words to say?" Said the Joliet State Penitentiary warden. Luke shook his head. The warden motioned the guards to come into the holding room. They pushed Luke through the hallway that led to the elevator of the penitentiary.

The dinging of the elevator sound didn’t faze Luke at all. The two guards and Luke finally reached the 6th floor of the penitentiary. The three walked toward the edge of the roof. Luke looked down and understood that he had messed up this time. The audience sat in chairs at ground level, to witness his execution. The guards and the warden where out there too, to watch the first reciprocal death penalty take place in history.

"Luke Tanguy may God have mercy on your soul," said the warden as he motioned the two guards to push him over the side.

As Luke fell head first, he saw his life flash before his eyes. Crunch, was all you could hear said one woman in the audience. "I guess that is was it sounded like when that man murdered that couple." Said the same old women.

 "Doctor please check for vital signs," the warden said to the penitentiary doctor. The doctor walked over to the dismembered body where blood was leaking from Luke’s head. The doctor placed his index and middle finger on Luke’s neck to check to see if he was still alive. He turned to the warden and shook his head.

"I pronounce Luke Tanguy inmate number 10564, dead. Please note for the record that he is the first person on death row to go through the reciprocal death penalty." Said the warden.

The newly instated execution system is to allow citizens of Illinois and hopefully around the nation for a means to feel safer in society. Murdering, raping, or other abusive crimes against another human being will be used on the person who committed that crime. The system of an eye for eye is to reduce murder, rape, and abuse crimes. Too many people get away with violating others. This is why the state of Illinois has changed their judicial system for these convicts. Harming any other human being will not be tolerated.

As for me, being a psychiatrist at Joliet Penitentiary, I am working with the U.S. Department of Psychiatric Health to develop a drug to help these people. We are very close to coming up with a drug that will help people with this problem. Soon by the age of 15 years old, both genders will be tested for murder, rape, and abuse syndrome by assessing brain activity with crime pictures. This will allow us to prescribe prescription drugs for those who do end up having that syndrome and it will prevent them from doing such horrible things in the future.


I could not have completed this creative story with out the help of my classmates. I give a special thanks to Nate, Andy, Mark for supporting my story and pushing me to select this story for future publishing. Also Erin Wooly and Kyle Fargen, they gave me the inspiration to take this class to be a creative writer.

I further would like to thank professor Terry Heller for allowing me to be creative and write about weird and interesting things that are so wacky in this fantasy world. Also for his help on making this story as complete as it can be.

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