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Matt Went Crazy

Quince Springer


Gary and Matt were best friends. Since Junior High they were inseparable from each other. They lived in a big town in Colorado. It was always their dream to become professional snowboarders and tour the world together. Needless to say their dreams got a bit off of track after they mutually decided to drop out of high school.

"Hey Gary, what if one of us makes the tour tomorrow and the other one doesní t?," asked Matt before he lifted the joint to his mouth.

"Man we already talked about this three times. If one of us fails at the tryouts tomorrow and the other makes it then neither of us will go. We are in this together", said Gary.

"Oh yeah! I have to lay off this weed man, its messing with my head" replied Matt with a stoned over face and bloodshot eyes.

The two teenagers went to get some practice in before their big tryouts tomorrow. This was their dream and if they didnít make it their whole world be turned upside down.

When they arrived at the same half pipe that they have gotten to know so well over the years, they came across some young kids playing ice hockey. Matt and Gary were well known around their town because they were very talented snowboarders. The kids that were playing hockey slapped around an empty can of soda with their sticks and used half of a monster truck tire for each goal. When the kids saw Matt and Gary get out of the car they ran over to them almost as if they were escorting them to practice.

"Hey Gary is it ok if we watch you practice today?," said one boy in excitement.

"What? Yes itís ok, itís always ok man." replied Gary.

Gary was always the favorite. All the kids looked up to him and shouted out his name everywhere he went. Matt recognized this but never cared much because he had a respect for him too.

Matt and Gary practiced well into the night. Their fan club stayed with them the whole time and watched from nearby. The two boys felt better than ever that night and went home with a confidence greater than ever before.

They arrived at the competition the next morning.

"Letís light it up buddy." said Gary.

They knew it would be hard, only 6 total snowboarders were picked from the competition and there were over 300 there. Everyone at the competition knew that Gary would make it but they werenít sure about Matt.

"I got butterflies in my stomach Gary. Iím so nervous." said Matt with an ill face.

"Your alright, I got them too but theyíll go away as soon as you get up on that ramp."

Gary was up first. He approached the ramp and walked past the judges with a swagger of confidence. He gave Matt a wink as he heard the tone to start the contest. He started out with some simple jumps only to build up for a grand finale. Gary looked even better than he had the night before in practice. He was nailing stunts that no one else could even attempt. He capped off his performance with the best stunt of the night. He turned towards Matt who was sitting in the stands and gave him a fist pump and a smile. The whole crowd was going wild and Matt could see that Garyís fan club was growing.

Shortly after Garyís performance it was Mattís turn. He still had the butterflies. When he looked to Gary in the stands he could see that his attention had turned towards a girl wearing some wild attire. She wore a sweatshirt that had "Gary is my man" on the front and colorful sweatpants with a hula skirt overtop.

"Stupid asshole!" said Matt in disgust.

Gary had looked a second too late to give Matt a thumbs up.

Matt knew that he was going to have to pull off some amazing jumps because he had seen a handful of guys before him have some great runs. He started his run similar to Gary with easy stunts. On his third jump he gained a little more speed than he would have of liked to and this forced him to catch a lot of air. Matt face planted right their in front of everyone. Gary closed his eyes and looked away.

"Oh no!" said Matt and Gary simultaneously.

Matt tried to get up and finish the run but it only got worse from there. He continued to fall and fail stunts. At the end of the race Matt collapsed and rolled on to his back. Tears began to stroll down his face. Gary didnít say anything to him.

The outcome couldnít have been any more obvious and when the results were in Gary had made it and Matt had failed. Gary was looking all over for Matt but he was nowhere to be found. Gary was happy but he remembered his agreement with Matt and he was going to go through with it.

Gary returned home and heard some ruckus going on inside. He and Matt shared a small trailer on the outskirts of town. The two boys had been living together as roommates ever since the day they dropped out of high school. Gary walked in only to see Matt digging through his cupboard.

"Matt what are you doing."

Matt didnít say a word.

Gary could tell that he was very bothered.

"Matt Iím not going on tour. Iím waiting until next year and weíll try out together again."

"Screw that! I suck and I will never make it! You just go and Iím going to do my own thing."

Matt looked crazy as he took a huge dip of tobacco from his can of Skoal. His lips were swollen and he stormed out of his trailer door. Gary saw that he had his pockets full. A ski-mask hung out of the pocket in his jacket. Gary trailed and got into the passenger seat of Mattís car.

"What are you doing man", said Gary.

"Get out Gary, I got stuff to do."

Matt backed his car out of the driveway and started to speed. Gary was trying to have a conversation with him and cool him off but his head was somewhere else. He pulled the car up to a nearby bank and Matt got out. He slipped on the ski-mask and ran into the bank. Gary just sat there with his jaw open and in total disbelief.

Matt held his hand inside his jacket as if he had a gun.

"Give me all the money. All of it!"

The bank clerk was in shock as she filled the bags that Matt had given to her.

Matt ran out of the bank with the bags full. The cops had beaten him out. They were already there and Gary had his hands behind his back and pressed against the hood of the cop car. Gary was tackled from the side by one officer and thrown to the ground like a rag doll. The bags flew through the air and along with it was the cookie cutter that he had used as his gun.

Matt was thrown up onto the hood with Gary so they were face to face. After an awkward second of starring at each other, the two boys were thrown into the cop car.

"What the hell is going on", said Gary as his whole body was trembling in fear.

Matt just looked at Gary with eyes wide open. His face was emotionless and his eyes were unlike they had ever been before. As the two boys were hauled to jail Matt stayed in his hypnotized like state and Gary sat there staring in disbelief.

"What the hell were you thinking Matt? How could you do this to me?" Gary mumbled with his head in his hands.

"You always have to be the best donít you Gary. You are always on top and I am left behind being your shitty little sidekick" Matt started to say.

"What are you talking about dude? We were in this thing together man and you had just as good of a chance as I did. Plus, I told you that we can try this whole thing again next year."

"No, No! There wonít be a next year, Iím done with this. Iím sick of you and Iím sick of everything."

"Why are you going so crazy Matt? Just settle down and take a few breaths."

Matt eyes were bloodshot and he had a strand of saliva hanging from the corner of his mouth. Every time he talked, spit shot out of his mouth. He was like a caged animal in this small cop car.

Matt started to fidget with his handcuffs and suddenly his hands became free. Gary was really starting to get scared and wanted to get away from the friend he once was inseparable from.

Matt tore into Gary. Left then right then left. His punches ripped into Gary. He was shouting at Gary the whole time while punching with all of his might. He didnít let up. The car started to stop.

"Ever since we were little kids man, you were always better. No matter what we did you always won" screamed Matt when he stopped punching Gary.

"Why would you do this? I just donít get it" Gary said with a struggling whisper.

Garyís body laid there limp and lifeless. He leaned his head back and his eyes closed. Blood started to run from his ear and he took one final gasp for air.

"Shit, shit! Oh god what have I done!"

Matt returned back to his normal self and began to shake. He had no idea of what he had done. The cop car door opened and Matt was jerked from his seat and thrown against the ground. As Garyís lifeless body was pulled from the car tears of disbelief streamed down Mattís face. The lights from the car lit his pale face with red, white and blue.


First of all I want to say that I am very grateful for taking this class. I believe that it has improved my writing skills a great deal. I want to thank Terry Heller and all of my classmates for critiquing and giving me helpful advice for improving my stories.

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