Fantasticoe 2000

Stories from Introduction to Creative Writing
Fantasy -- January 2000

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Silver dragon copyright 1998 © Dee Dreslough.

Silver Dragon


Jodi Bauer - The Accident
Stevan Cruz - Julian's Magic Dust
Jenna Cuddeback - The Riders
A. J. Fesler - The Omega Project
Melissa Hall - Mind Games
Hobz Hooley - Dear Laura
Aliya Kahn - The Dancing Idol
Anna Klug - The Game
Tim Mauldin - Ripple in the Sand
Matt Mueller - All I Have on this Red Planet
Jennifer Mortensen - Eat Me
Sabrina Pierson - The Lover & His Destiny
Jamin Robinson - "Survival"
Stephen Sandford - Evening at Ergath's
Lisa Thorpe - High Days & Holy Days

Note on copy-editing
Though each story received copy-editing suggestions from fellow students; the authors are ultimately responsible for the editing of their manuscripts. It is possible, however, that errors were introduced during computer manipulation to produce this web-document.

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