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Melissa Hall

Can I kill him? I am going to kill him. I can not believe she would leave me. Especially for him. My mind spun out of control with anger. As I paced back and forth across my worn out rug. I had to think of a solution. I'll kill him. If I can't be with her no one can.

I stood alone in the middle of my sparsely furnished apartment. In one corner was a small desk. Up against one wall was a tall bookcase, quite bare looking with just a few books occupying its shelves. Those two items, along with a few decent paintings, were all that occupied the room. My apartment looks so bare without all of Keri's stuff. We were together for two years before he entered the picture. He stole her away from me. Keri is a medium built girl, with a petite body and sandy hair. She is so good looking. She left me for a troll. He is three feet tall, has a huge rubber like nose, and a huge head. I don't know what she sees in him. He was brought over seas as a member of the damn circus. He escaped into the arms of my love. I can not believe she fell in love with a side show freak. He is so ugly and small. I am going to kill him. But I must be careful; he can scurry around and stay out of sight. The little scoundrel could taunt me, catching my attention, then just disappear before I got the chance to see him. He wouldn't even face me. Little coward.

I reached underneath the desk and ripped off the key taped to the underside. I carefully removed the scotch tape from the key and unlocked the top, right hand drawer. Now smiling broadly, I opened the drawer and gazed in upon the gun. It was an automatic, loaded with all nine shots and ready to kill. Sighing, I placed my right hand gently on the cold metal, slowly drawing my index and middle fingers along the barrel. "One takes care of the other," I yelled out loud as I ran out of my apartment and down the street. My crazed emotions fueled my fire and gave me the energy to run all the way to her house.

A one story, cream colored house now stood just a few feet away, separated only by a stretch of green grass. I grinned now at the sight of the house, anticipating what would soon happen. It was time to settle things. The troll had to be dealt with, after all that could not be denied. The metal of the gun was cool against my skin. My chest heaved with deep, ragged breaths. Too much running for one day, but I am ready to fight for my love. My left fist clenched and unclenched at my side and my face was slowly turning beat red. It was a wonder I didn't accidentally fire the gun, my anger was so great.

I quickly covered the last two feet to the front door and grabbed the doorknob, twisting it back and forth. It would not open, though, for it was locked. I screamed incoherently and brought the gun up. Barely taking the time to aim it at the doorknob, I squeezed off two shoots. The blasts were loud, causing my ears to ring. Unfortunately I was so furious there was not a chance that I hit the doorknob. My aim had already been off, but when I shot the gun it had bucked in my hand, causing both shots to go high and lodge in the thick wood of the door. I had not taken the time to brace the gun with both arms, and prepare my right arm for the kick of the gun at all. Again screaming in frustration, I retreated from the door and turned my attention on the large picture window. I could not see inside due to the drapes that covered the window, but knew it was my best bet for getting into the house. So I took a few steps back from the window, braced the gun, and put two shots in the middle of the largest pane of glass. Not taking any time to think, I backed up, took a deep breath, and launched myself through the window. There was an initial jolt as I slammed into the large piece of glass. Then the glass gave away and I fell forward into the drapes, the sound of breaking glass sharp in my ears. I got tangled up in the drapes and hit the floor hard, shards of glass cutting deep and painfully into my flesh. Blood flowed freely from the wounds as I struggled to get out of the heavy material and stand up. The fact that I had dropped my gun while jumping through the window just caused me to panic more.

He stood on the opposite side of the room, his small legs spread apart in a shooter's-stance, both arms straight out and rigid, holding a gun aimed directly at me. Keri was just a few steps behind him. I did not even have time to figure out the make of the gun, or register my own surprise, before I heard the blast and simultaneously felt something hot and painful tear into my left shoulder, knocking me backward and down onto the ground. My head slammed into the windowsill and consciousness was almost deserted, as my vision blacked out for a second. But then I could see again, as well as feel the incredible pain in my shoulder and head. I would have screamed in frustration once again, but did not have the energy. Looking down, I saw my gun. It was lying at my feet, just waiting to be picked up. So I did just that, quickly bringing it up and aiming it at the troll. He had his back to me, retreating through a doorway. Grunting I put my back against the wall, braced the gun as best I could with just my right arm, and took aim at the troll's back. I pulled the trigger just once, the shot hitting off the wall and in the lower right side of Keri's back, probably passing all the way through her body. She let out a surprised, yet strangled, cry of pain and reached out toward the wall with her right arm. However, her right arm lost all strength when it came into contact with the wall, and she crumpled to the floor. The troll grinned, knowing he had just saved his own life.

"Look what you have done," I screamed at the troll as I rushed over to help Keri. "Oh God!" she said, the pain must be overwhelming I thought to myself. I was kneeling next to her, with my gun just a few inches away. I went to grab it. The troll was sanding in the doorway of the living room with a strange look on his face. I noticed that I was virtually covered in my own blood. Jumping through the window had given me a multitude of cuts over my body. My arms were covered in blood and my grip on the gun was slippery because of all the blood. I could also feel blood running down my face. Some of the cuts were actually lacerations, which was not a good sign. But I put those worries to the side as I tried to help Keri.

Looking down at her, I could see that she was not in good shape. In fact, she barely seemed to be breathing at all. That was not good. All I had to do was get her to the doctor and they would take care of her. But I never got the chance to do that because Keri was not as bad off as I had thought. Suddenly, she reached out with her right hand, grabbed my left leg and yanked it right out from under. Gravity was suddenly my enemy as I hit the ground with a grunt. The gun flew out of my hand and skittered across the floor, coming to a rest at the base of the wall just next to the troll. The next thing I knew, the troll ran towards me. He was clawing at my hair, ripping it out in clumps. I could feel him hanging painfully onto my hair as I raised my head. Blood dripped down my face, a drop falling into my eye and giving everything a red tinge. The troll picked up my gun and mumbled some words in my ear, then the pain tore through my chest and my entire body seemed to scream in agony. I could taste the blood filling my mouth and knew the troll had gotten me.

I glanced up one last time to see Keri and the troll hugging. He had a sick twisted smile on his face and then only darkness.
 The End

I would like to thank the entire J-term class for their help on my story. Everyone had great ideas. Thanks to Corey for proofreading all my drafts over and over again.

Melissa Hall supplied her own troll graphic.

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