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Sterling Anton


Cody Bender
"Spells & Sorcery"
"How to Kill Your J-Term Professor"

Amanda Cloke
"The Children on Church Hill"
"My Boyfriend's Hungry"
Virginia Florang
"A Whisper of Music"
"By My Art"

Anna Gamboa
"Driven to Insanity"
Jeremy George
"The Merchant & the Flame"
Trina Koppang
"The Silver Ring"
Marc Kray
"The Chair"
"The Return of Ray Sampson"

Jessica Kuhfus
"Looks Can be Deceiving"
Stephanie Lloyd
"In the Woods"
"The Murdock Center"

Nashra Sakhawat
"I'd Kill Myself for You -- I'd Kill You for Myself"
Kimberly Schnurr
"The Hunter"
Amber Shannan
"Never Close My Eyes"

Desi Sickles
"Inside Outsider"
Sarah Strawhacker
"The Farm"
Mark Tawny
Rob Weingeist
"Me & the GMAN"

Coe College 1851-2001 Sesquicentennial Volume
10th Anniversary Issue.


Row 3: Marc Kray,  Anna Gamboa, Desi Sickles,  Virginia Florang
Row 2: Cody Bender, Rob Weingeist, Kimberly Schnurr, Stephanie Lloyd,
Amber Shannan,  Jessica Kuhfus, Sarah Strawhacker,  Sterling Anton
Row 1:  Nashras Sakhawat, Mark Tawny, Amanda Cloke

 Jeremy George


Trina Koppang


Copyright (c) 2001
Copyrights to all stories are held by their authors.
Eyes graphic supplied by Amanda Cloke.
Background graphic supplied by Virginia Florang

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