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Fantasticoe 2001 -  10th Anniversary Issue

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Jessica Kuhfus

Her hands ran up and down his body, moving in and out of every definition of muscle. She started at his mid thigh, then slid her hands up his soft body, stopping at his bulging pecks, and then moving up to caress his tender cheeks.

"Please," said Christy, grabbing at his crotch at little bit more.

"No, stop," said Mark, "It doesn't feel right."

"I don't know how much longer I can wait. It has been six months since we started dating, and this is getting ridiculous," said Christy. She was beginning to get angry and raise her voice.

"Christy, we have gone over this about a million times. The time needs to be right, it needs to be perfect. I don't really consider the back seat of my car romantic. But I have something planned for you, for us. Meet at the corner of Fifth and Main tomorrow at noon."

"What are we going to do?" asked Christy.

"I can't tell you, but you'll love it."

Mark and Christy climbed into the front seat of Mark's old beat up car and Mark took Christy back to her apartment. When he dropped her off, she seemed to be excited for the upcoming day's adventure.

"See you tomorrow. I can't wait," said Christy.

"Bye, don't be late. I'll see you at noon."

Mark was so excited. Christy had no idea what he had planned. They were going to start out at the café and then they were going to head to West Palm Beach. Mark had found a private little cove where they would have a picnic sipper, watch the sunset, gaze at the stars, and then make love for the first time. Mark was so in love with Christy. He was almost obsessed. However, there was something about her that Mark just could not quite figure out. She was obsessed with sex. She had been trying to talk to Mark into sex ever since the first date, but Mark was holding out. It was partly because of the religious values his parents had installed in him at an early age. Mark wanted to make sure he was in love, he wanted the moment to be perfect, and what he had planned for tomorrow was just that.

The next day everything was going as planned. Mark and Christy met at the café and had a nice lunch. Mark ordered a tuna salad sandwich and plain potato chips. Christy ordered a hamburger and french fries. She asked the waitress to cook the meat rare. They ate quickly, finished their sodas, and then headed out to the parking lot where Mark's car was parked.

"What are we going to do today?" asked Christy when they were finally on the road.

"I can't tell you what we are going to do, but I can tell you that we are going to West Palm Beach."

Christy seemed to be overly excited. She knew that Mark was going to give in tonight and have sex with her. She knew that tonight her goal was going to be accomplished.

They arrived at the beach a few hours later. It was beautiful. Not very many people were there, because it was the middle of the week. There were a few children building sandcastles; filling their buckets full of salty ocean water and then running back into the sand to use it on their masterpiece. Huge palm trees loomed over the beach. The brisk wind caused Christy's long brown hair to whip around her face. The water was the most beautiful thing of all. Mark and Christy watched the tide roll in and back out, causing white foam to form between their toes on the shoreline. Mark could tell that Christy thought it was perfect.

Mark and Christy sat down under a palm tree and ate their supper. Mark had bought a small patchwork quilt to sit on, had packed grapes, ham sandwiches, crackers and cheese, and bottled water. It was a simple dinner, but it was sweet how hard he tried to please her. After supper they lied down on the sand together and watched the sunset. It was gorgeous. All of the colors of orange, yellow, and red seemed to blend together as the sun disappeared under the horizon. After the sun was set, they did not even take time to look at the stars. Christy started right in on Mark, ripping off his clothes and licking his neck with long odd strokes. Then their hands were groping all over each other like crazy, leaving nothing untouched. Mark didn't even have a chance to get the first time jitters. He could tell she was experienced and she led him through the process, totally dominating him. Christy jumped on top of Mark and started fucking him like a mad woman. Sweat was flying everywhere and at the point of climax, it was as if fireworks were shooting from both of their bodies. Exhausted, they both lied down in the sand to relax. As Mark drifted off to sleep he could not help but congratulate himself for falling in love with a sexual predator, this woman was crazy, and he loved it.

When Mark finally fell asleep, Christy snuck off to get ready to finish her task. She went down to the beach and began to transform into her true self. Mark woke up when and realized his mate was not there. He went down to the beach to find her and there she was undressing in the moonlight. Mark began to get closer to her and then he stopped and stared in utter amazement.

Christy was not taking her clothes off in the moonlight; she was taking her skin off. She started at the top of her head and peeled back the skin as if it were a hood. She stretched it over her shoulders and then down off the rest of her body. Revealed was a green, bug looking creature. Mark looked even closer. Christy had turned into a huge, alien looking, praying mantis. Her body was bright green in color and she seemed to have slimy muck covering her entire body. She also had huge pinchers at the tip of each of her legs.

Christy turned around and saw Mark. He was so scared; he just stood there in shock. Mark knew what a praying mantis did to her mate after intercourse. He wanted to run, but his legs just trembled. Mark kept thinking to himself, "Run you stupid son of a bitch." Still he went nowhere; the fear had paralyzed him. As he stood there in fear, Christy moved closer to him and then she lunged forward and in one bite snatched off his head. Then she devoured his entire body, ripping at the flesh until she exposed the muscle. The muscle was her favorite part, Christy left nothing of Mark except a skeleton.

Having her goal now accomplished on Earth, Christy turned and buzzed away back to Pluto. Christy's planet consisted of only female praying mantises and in order for their species to live on the bugs had to find a way to reproduce. Through alien technology, they figured out how to transform into a human and then transform human sperm into praying mantis sperm. Now that Christy had conceived offspring she could return to her planet and help her species live on.


I would like to thank my entire Creative Writing class for helping me write this story. You all gave me many good ideas as to how to improve my story and I really appreciate it. I would also like to thank Professor Terry Heller for giving me ideas and suggestions on how to improve my story, it helped a lot. Last of all I would like to thank Cody Bender for his crazy imagination; without it I think parts of my story would have been weak and not as interesting.

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