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Fantasticoe 2001 -  10th Anniversary Issue


Inside Outsider

Desi Sickles

I lived a normal life, with two very loving parents. My mother, Tammy, was perfect (at least she was in my eyes). She had curly shoulder length brown hair, which turned to a deep shade of red in the summer. She was 36 with the body of a 25-year-old and looked like she was only 16. I just loved the color of her eyes; they were a mixture of blue and light green. I always wanted eyes like hers. Some of my friends told me that if they were older they'd date her. Um yuck! My father, Jack, is very handsome. He had flawless brown hair and gorgeous green eyes. He may be 40-years-old but he looked more like my brother than my father.

There was nothing that my parents wouldn't do for me. I was pampered and cooed over as a baby. As I got older some of the people in town told me that I couldn't be their child. I have full breasts, an impossibly narrow waist, lush, womanly hips, long, willowy legs, and skin the color of golden honey. My hair is the color of gold and it feels like silk, with bright blue eyes alive with the sparks of laughter. I used to think that I was adopted but mom and dad said otherwise.

The older I got the more I came to realize that something was different about me. When I was three years old, my mother set me in the living room so I wouldn't get into trouble and so she could keep a closer eye on me. I was just playing with my toys when I saw a plate of cookies on the coffee table. They were too far away for me to grab them so I just thought really hard about how much I wanted those cookies, and BAM! There they were on the floor right beside me. Mom came into the living room and starting laughing, all she saw was her little girl covered in chocolate. I never thought I had any powers. I just thought I was gifted.

When I was ten years old, my parents moved my six-year-old brother and me out of our city home to our grandparents' small, quiet, and isolated farmhouse. It took some time getting used to but I loved it there. We had a huge forest behind our house, which my great-great-great grandfather had built when he lived on the farm. My brother, Ben, and I would play hide-and-seek and every time we got lost; everywhere we looked, there were these tall, green pine trees. Sometimes I would climb them and act like a bird; other times I'd act like I was walking through a gigantic maze. I always imagined that some kind of space ship or mysterious world, that consisted of fairies, princes and castles, existed behind the forest. That sounds weird but I was a kid, what did I know?

Here it is seven years later, my junior year in high school. I have to do this project for one of my classes, World Cultures and their History. We are supposed to research another culture and make a creation from our studies. Like that's going to be easy, I thought that the American society was strange enough let alone a country I know nothing about. One day, during the middle of class, I got this excruciating pain in my chest and I felt as though someone was punching me in the ribs. I cried out from the pain and a picture flashed into my mind. I saw this guy getting beat up by what looked like a gang, then I saw a gun and a brilliant flash of white. Tears were rolling down my face so I asked to go to the nurse. When I got there I told her that I wasn't feeling well and I asked to go home. At home, I turned on the radio to listen to the news and what I heard made me gasp. The news announcer was talking about a riot that broke out in New York. A gang had broke into the governor's home, beat him up and then later killed him. "This has to just be a coincidence. I couldn't have predicted that, could I?"

I brushed off the feeling that I had certain "powers" and continued with the task at hand…my culture project. Since I needed materials for my project I asked dad for the car and one of his credit cards. Believe me that wasn't easy. You try to convince any male that you need his credit card and see if he hands it over with no hesitations.

"Absolutely not. It's one thing that you asked to borrow the Mercedes, but to ask for the credit card? I don't think so, not after last time."

"Oh come on dad. I need to get some supplies for my history project and last time wasn't my fault. Mom? Help me out here will you?"

"Jack. Aren't you being a little hard on her? She was only fifteen and you should have known that giving her the card wasn't a good idea. What did you expect? It was her birthday and you told her to get whatever she wanted. You were the one that forgot to set the spending limit, not Jessica. Besides, she can take Ben with her to monitor what she gets."

Ben dropped the Nintendo controller and looked passed me at mom. "Do I have to go? She takes forever when she goes shopping. Besides, I don't want to be caught out in public with her."

I tousled his unruly brown hair and smiled. "Come on little brother. I won't tell mom about the last time you were supposed…"

He jumped off the couch and slapped his hand over of my mouth. "Ok I'll go." His green eyes lit up and he glared at me. "Don't say anything."

An hour later I was at the hardware store with Ben slowly walking behind me. I spent three hours buying things I wasn't sure that I needed and after seeing that the total came up to $186.73 I stopped. I drove home carefully, since I had dad's "precious" Mercedes and I was not supposed to "drive reckless" or my father wouldn't be able to trust me with the car again. At least that was part of the lecture from my father.

Since we had a week off for spring break I decided to dedicate my time on my project. I worked in the garage and only stopped when called upon. The project involved lots of paint, electronics, and metal. I had no idea what I was doing; all I knew was that some force was making this project. My hands were just doing the dirty work. I finally finished the project late Saturday afternoon and what I saw made me gasp. In front of me was the most extravagant looking spaceship that I had ever seen. There were rows upon rows of blue and red lights. Wires were running throughout the entire sculpture. To me, it looked like something from out of this world, no pun intended. It seriously looked as though something from outer space had created it, but here it was on the table. I wasn't sure what that meant but I figured that it was just my abnormal imagination running away with me. Was this what I meant to create all along?

Well, here it is Saturday night and I have the house all to myself. Thank god. What teenager would want her family with her on a weeknight? They wanted to go to the movies so I faked being sick to stay home. I knew that living in the country, in a farmhouse, meant that there were plenty of weird noises. I got used to them after a while. Only tonight something was really out of place. The animals around here had never made a fuss like this before. They were all howling and making whimpering sounds. I was scared. I heard this screeching noise, you know like someone dragging his or her nails across a chalkboard? It sounded to me like someone was turning off all the lights and then turning them back on simultaneously. There was this god-awful smell too. To me it smelt like rotten eggs mixed in with dead skunk. I had never felt so sick in my life. Normally I would have stayed in the house, but something pulled me towards the backdoor.

I walked towards the forest and all I could see was the fog. It was all around, it was almost as if someone had split a really big glass of milk and dumped the contents in my backyard. I wanted to run back to the house but something was making me continue. I was so frightened. I wanted to scream but no sound came out of my mouth. In the distance I could see these faint lights. They looked like reflections from flashlights onto a pool of water. They seemed to reach towards the sky forever.

All of a sudden I heard a faint whisper. "Jessica."

I managed to talk. "W-w-who's t-there?"

This extremely gorgeous, curvaceous, and enchanting woman came walking out of the fog. She looked like an angel with hair the color of golden silk and eyes like a crystal blue lake. When she spoke, her voice was as delicate as a swan's. "Hello Jessica. I've been waiting for this day to come."

I couldn't stop the fear that crept into my voice. "W-what are you talking about?"

"Don't be frightened. I'm not going to hurt you." I just stood there looking at her. I still felt as though something wasn't right; call it gut instinct if you wish. I silently prayed that my parents would return soon.

"Let me start at the beginning so you'll know why I'm here. My name is Naweba and I am from the planet, Tywinling. What I am about to tell you may come as a shock, but please hear me out?" I nodded. "There is a man on Tywinling that we call the child bearer. He told me of an earthly couple that could not have children. I felt their pain so I decided that I would help the child bearer make a spell. We worked for days on a spell that would make the couple fertile, and when the earthly couple was in the heat of passion…we performed their miracle. Only something went terribly wrong, the child I was carrying was sent down to the earthly female. I was devastated for my child was to be the next ruler of our planet. She would have traits no other child would possess; the ability to have telekinesis, the ability to have psychic powers, and most of all the ability to learn faster than anyone in the world."

I rolled my eyes. "This is all really fascinating Naweba but what does this have to do with me?"

Naweba's blue eyes turned as bright as sapphires. "Hush child and I will tell you. The reason I am telling you this is because your parents are the earthly couple that bore my child. You, Jessica, are my daughter. You are the ruler of Tywinling and it is time for you to come home to take your rightful place."

"NOOO! You are not my mother! I will not go home with you! Not now! Not ever! This is my home! This is where I belong!" She reached out her beautifully tanned arm to grab hold of me and I jumped back. I turned and ran for the house. Just as I saw the headlights of the Mercedes, I felt this "force" pulling me back towards Naweba. I began screaming. I screamed for all I was worth. "MOM! DAD! HELP ME!"

"JESSICA!" I heard the sound of my mother's honey-like voice and I felt my heart drop. The force was pulling me close to Naweba and I felt her fingers close around my arm. I turned to look at her, tears cascading down my cheeks. "Don't do this to me. Please don't take me with you. I don't want to leave my family. These people are my life, my entire world."

"Jessie!" I heard the pain in my father's voice. I turned my head to see them running towards me. Naweba stuck out her arm and I watched them collapse onto the ground.

"We must leave now. Don't worry. They'll awake in fifteen minutes and it will all seem like a dream to them."

"Naweba please. If you feel anything for me, anything at all, you'll let me go. I love them. I'm begging you…please. Let me stay. I'll do anything but please don't make me leave them."

I looked into her eyes and I saw the love and concern that she had for me. I hoped my plan had worked and that she would leave without me; the next thing I knew I was standing in this luxurious room staring out a window watching the people that meant everything to me get farther and farther away.


First and foremost, I would like to thank my mother, Georgia. If it wasn't for her inspiration and dedication, this story may never have existed. She gave me the idea for the creation of Inside Outsider and without her I don't know where I'd be.

Secondly, I would like to thank my roommate, Christina. She helped me with the grammar and she helped to create Jessica's world. Thank you for your guidance.

And last but not least, I would like to thank my J-term class. We have been together for a month, and it was your input that made this story what it is. I couldn't have done this without you guys! Thanks Terry.

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