Spring 2004

Stories from
Introduction to Creative Writing
Fantasy -- Spring 2004

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Kelly Anderson
Beauty and the Forty-Two

Bob Benson 
The Last Supper

Lindsey Driscoll

RaeAnnon Fairlie
“A Promise Kept”

The Pocket Rocket Man

Marie Fettkether
Eddington's Obsession

Masumi Fottral
Opening Day

Jana Hallas
Hidden Wings

James Harris


Joe Lentner
Burnt Lamb

Graham Milldrum
Dragon and Knight

Ashley O’Conner
My Two Favorite People

Liz Schoendienst
One Moment of Bravery

Orlando C. Scott
Lucille in the Skye Station

Elizabeth Troy
The Mask 

James Williams
“What to Wish For”

Erin Wooley
The Dark Forest


Though each story received copy-editing suggestions from fellow students; the authors are ultimately responsible for the editing of their manuscripts. It is possible, however, that errors were introduced during computer manipulation to produce this web-document.

Several stories in this collection grew out of an exercise in which the class chose 17 objects and then attempted to include all of them in an interesting story.  That exercise was especially stimulating to this group.

The pheasant is adapted from Jim Harter, Animals.  New York: Dover, 1979, p. 156.

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