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 Marie Fettkether

Eddington's Obsession

     "When are we going to do it?" Eddington read, "When are we going to meet?" Tonight was like every other night. Eddington stayed up all night staring into his ancient fuzzy computer screen. Every night at eight o' clock he would come home from his depressing job as a stock broker to a cold lonely apartment and only American cheese and a few eggs waiting for him in his refrigerator. Eddington was a very unattractive man. His black slicked back made him look like he hadn't washed it for three days, and he wore a dirty white- collared shirt, unbuttoned at the top. He entered his user name, BRoKerBoy, into his online dating service. Usually Eddington doesn't receive many e-mails from his dating service, Dudes Can Get Dates, informing him that they had found him a match, but tonight was different. Eddington not only got an e-mail from his service, but another e-mail from HOTsammy4U. Aroused, Eddington quickly opened the e-mail and read:

Dear BRoKerBoy,
     How are you? I am wonderful! I have had the best day! If you have checked out my profile today, you will see that I am an actress who hasn't been seen in awhile. I just found out that I will be in the movie, "Monsters Under the Bridge." I play a girl who stumbles over some rocks leaving a bar late one night and tumbles into a river. After floating down the river, I get caught up in some rocks and make my way to the underside of a bridge. THEN, while I am under the bridge, I start hearing sounds and then I am kidnapped by these monsters! I am excited for the film to start shooting. I hope I won't be too scared doing my stunts!
     I hope to hear from you soon! I would love to meet you soon and have lunch!
          Your New Friend,
          Samantha (HOTsammy4U)

     "Wow!" Eddington thought. "Samantha will now be an upcoming star who wants to get to know me!" Quickly replying back, Eddington immediately asked when and where she would like to meet. Eddington tried to smooth talk Samantha through his e-mail by describing how fun his work week was and how much money he had made that week being a stock broker. Eddington asked Samantha if she liked seafood and if she had ever been to Sebastian's Seaside Restaurant, a very expensive restaurant on Seaside Lane. This, Eddington thought, would really make him look like a charmer. For once, he thought, he would not be a penny pincher. He wanted to wine and dine Samantha.

     E-mails passed from one another for the next few days until that warm Saturday night came when they would officially meet. Eddington decided to change up his wardrobe and wore a baby- blue collared shirt that brought out his bright blue eyes, and his best black slacks that fit him in all of the right places. Tonight, he wanted to experience love at first sight. Tonight, he wanted to fall in love and have Samantha adore him. Samantha and Eddington decided it would be best to meet each other at Sebastian's Seaside Restaurant. Eddington left ten minutes early just so he would be able to see Samantha walk through the two glass doors of the romantic restaurant. Eddington was seated in a corner table that overlooked the haunting black ocean and the glistening stars that lay twinkling in the sky. As Eddington stared off into the distance, a beautiful woman walked up to the small table.

     "Eddington?" asked the woman, "My name is Samantha." A large smile grew across Eddington's face. He quickly stood up and pulled out the cushy chair across from him. As Samantha sat down, Eddington couldn't help but look down her low- cut slinky black dress. He scrambled to sit down and tried to be as gentlemanly as possible, but he could not take his eyes from her porcelain skin. Samantha was a beautiful 24- year- old woman with hazel eyes and long strawberry- blonde hair. Her pale skin glistened from the moonlight and looked as smooth as baby's skin. As the night progressed, their conversations lit up. Eddington could not believe how this beautiful woman was attracted to him. After two and a half long hours together talking about their favorite vacationing spots and favorite old movies, they declared it was best for them to depart. Before they parted ways, they exchanged numbers and Samantha invited Eddington to the filming of her part in the movie.

     "This Tuesday at seven pm I will be shooting my part. Be there or be square!" Samantha chuckled. Samantha leaned in and laid a large kiss on his cheek and ran down the road into the misty moonlit night.

     That Sunday, Eddington tried to call Samantha, but he could not get a hold of her. He only could reach The Harrison Funeral Home. He must have written down the wrong numbers or switched them around somehow. He called every four hours until finally Samantha called him back that night at eight. Eddington could not figure out how Samantha knew he was trying to call her when he didn't have the right number. But he didn't care because all he wanted was to hear her soothing voice. Their conversation lasted for two hours until Eddington had to let her go because he had to work early in the morning.

     Monday rolled around and again, Eddington tried calling Samantha every few hours but this time the operator came on the line telling him that that line had been disconnected. He still did not get a response until late Monday night. When Tuesday finally came, Eddington got all dressed up and drove past the filming spot that morning. No one was around, but he figured they would film Samantha's part later on that night. That night Eddington and Samantha met up but there was no filming. So instead, Eddington asked Samantha to go on a walk with him to the beach. This night was unlike the last few nights, this night there was a brisk wind in the air and a very low dense fog that hovered over them. As they walked on the beach back and forth for a few hours, they decided to lay in the sand and kiss under the black velvet sky. Her lips were as cold as ice and her skin was as cool as the nights breeze. Soon after their passionate kissing, Eddington slowly began to doze off and fell asleep instantly on the moist cool sand.

     As the sun hit Eddington's eyes, he squinted. "Where am I?" he thought. For awhile he thought he was dreaming until he remembered what had happened the night before. The passionate kisses from the night before made Eddington smile. Turning over, Eddington was expecting to see Samantha next to him, but he was wrong. She was gone and only her purse was left. "She must have left it on the beach by accident," Eddington thought, "I wonder where she lives?" Eddington rummaged through her purse only to find an address. It didn't take him long or to come to the conclusion that he wanted to see if Samantha might be at this address.

     "Maybe she lives there?" Eddington thought. It would be right to go visit Samantha and return her purse. But when he looked at her license, the only address that was given was the one to the Harrison Funeral Home on 7th Street. Eddington hopped into his car and drove down to 7th Street. Knocking on the large hickory door he tried to peer into a window that was covered with black drapes. An old woman with long white hair that was pulled up into a messy bun answered the door and questioned if she could help him. With a puzzled look on his face. Eddington blurted out,

     "I am looking for a lovely woman named Samantha who might live here?" The old short woman, in her black house wife's dress, stared at Eddington and her eyes began to slowly tear up.

     "What is this?!" the old woman shouted, "a joke?! Leave me alone! When will you kids ever stop coming to my door telling me that you are looking for my granddaughter! Why would you be so cruel to an old woman who's granddaughter has been dead for the past eight years?!" Eddington stared into her sunken in, lonely eyes and slowly turned around

      "What are you talking about old woman?! I was just with her. Samantha is not dead! I kissed her last night on the beach! It was all so real!" He walked back into the bright sun wondering if it was all a dream. "How could this have been a dream?" he questioned. "What about Samantha's acting career? Was this all a joke?" Eddington drove away never to see Samantha again.

     As night fell the cold rain hit Eddington's window and he thought," Will Samantha come back again tonight?" As Eddington dozed off, he heard a voice,

     "Eddington, Eddington, I as well had love for you at first sight. I am sorry I had to be a figment of your imagination. I only wanted to show you what true love really was. Just like I did with all of the others. I am sorry, I will miss you..."


     I would like to thank Melissa Eddington for letting me use her last name as the main character of my story. Her name made my character out to be a geek who is an uninteresting average Joe. (totally unlike Melissa).
     I would also like to thank all of the online dating services that game me the idea that meeting people over the internet isn't always the best. You never know if they say who they really are.
     I would like to thank Lindsey Driscoll who was the first person to listen to me read my story and critic it so that everything flowed smoothly.
     Lastly, I would like to thank Mr. Heller and everyone else in my Creative Writing Class who gave me all of their constructive criticism.