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Jana Hallas

Hidden Wings


     When I was seventeen, my back and especially around my shoulder blades had been hurting for months. It felt almost as if my shoulder blades were growing underneath my skin but didn't have any room to go anywhere and were pushing out on my skin. I was having a hard enough time just being a teenage girl and trying to accept my less than normally developed body, and I did not need the added pain in my back all of the time. I did not really have very many friends, and I always blamed it on the way I looked. I had very fair skin that was constantly oily and this blond hair that was so light that it was almost white. I think that people were also afraid of my eyes because they were a very light blue and they also appeared to be almost white. I thought that things were bad enough, but I had no idea what was about to happen to me on that October night.

     One Sunday I walked down to the corner store where one of my friends worked, to take a break from doing homework. I remember how strange the weather was, as if it was cold outside but with a strangely warm wind. The moon was full and had a strange orange and red color; it was a harvest moon. While I was talking to my friend, my back started to hurt more and more. It was the strangest feeling of my skin almost being stretched too tight over my back. I was in so much pain that I thought I might actually collapse, so I decided that I should go home to lie in bed and get some aspirin. The walk home was when the really weird stuff started to happen.

     When I left the store I realized that the air was growing foggy. I wasn't too worried about the walk, because it was only three blocks to my house. As I made my way through the warm air the fog grew thicker and thicker as my pain grew worse and worse. I had made it for two blocks when I collapsed to my hands and knees. I sat there panting from the pain when I actually felt the skin on my back split apart. By this time I was screaming and crying from the pain, but suddenly the pain ceased. I stood up and found that my balance was very off and I fell down backwards! But it didn't hurt falling, it almost felt like I landed on a bed a feathers. I finally stood up and somehow made it to my house. I was so disoriented. I unlocked the door and went in, but something was keeping me from making it through the door. Finally I turned around and looked up only to find that I had giant white wings coming out of my back! Those huge wings were the last things that I saw before I passed out.

     I woke up the next morning in my bed. I was so relieved that it had all been a dream. I got out of bed and checked my back just to make sure, but there were no wings to be found. My back still hurt like normal, but at least I didn't have wings. Then, as I walked down the hall to the bathroom, I noticed a trail of white feathers leading up the stairs to my bedroom door. I heard myself scream as I passed out again.

     I woke up about an hour later with my parents standing next to my bed. They were talking quietly to each other as I came to, but then began talking to me in soothing tones, and both at once tried to explain what had happened the night before. That is when I found out the truth about who and what I really was and what my parents were. They told me that there used to be people around that turned into strange animals, and the whole history of it. Back in the day of dragons, witches and sorcerers it was not very uncommon for people to turn into animals. Werewolves tend to be the only occurrence that is generally documented, because that is the most common animal for a person to turn into, but it turns out that people turn into all kinds of animals. I guess it still happens today, but not nearly as frequently because in the middle ages and again during the Witch Trials, many of these people were killed. The only way that a person can have the ability to turn into an animal is by having both parents with this ability. My parents went on to explain that they were both these type of people.

     My parents were pretty excited about all of this and were talking to each other about why it was that I looked the way that I did. I gathered from their discussion that it is not very common for a person to actually resemble their inner animal quite as much as I did. It turned out that I had turned into a giant dove. They explained that they always thought I would turn into a beaver because my skin was so oily; but it was oily because of the oil that is necessary for a bird to have on it's wings in order for it to fly. "So you think that I will be able to fly?!?" I questioned to my parents as I was growing more and more excited. "You probably will be able to master all the things that a bird can do over time," my mother said. "It takes some time to get used to the body, but once you do it can be a lot of fun," my dad replied.

     I stayed home the next couple days with my parents so they could explain everything to me and so I could sleep. Changing into an animal really takes a lot out of you, but my parents assured me that it just takes some getting used to and then you can be fully functional the next morning. They also explained all the precautions that I will need to start taking. I now have to plan everything I do around the cycle of the moon. I do not think that it would go over very well if I were in a movie theater and suddenly turned into a giant dove. I also had to learn how to take better care of my skin. Although it is really oily, it needs to be so I won't have as much pain when my skin breaks apart to reveal my wings and feathers. The reason that I was in so much pain so much of the time was because I had used so many product to try to dry my skin out. I would also get used to the feeling in my back. It would soon feel more comfortable and not cause me to be in so much pain.

     It has now been fifteen years since the first time that I turned into a dove. I have really gotten used to the changes and I no longer have any pain at all. It does not even hurt when the skin on my back splits apart! But to this day, I still turn into a five-foot eight-inch white dove every time there is a full moon, but now, at least, I can fly. And I decided to move far enough out in the country where no one will see me when I want to stretch my hidden wings.