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Ashley O’Conner

My Two Favorite People


     Her brow glistened with sweat as the drips trickled down her face. His strong arm flipped her onto her back. Her legs twisted around his clenched buttocks as his tan, washboard stomach bounced around in front of her face. She gritted her teeth while the world whirled around her. After a full bottle of Jagermister and a case of Busch Light, her stomach was doing cartwheels. She closed her eyes tight trying to pass the sickness brewing inside of her. She soon realized what she was in the middle of doing. Her heart sank when she could not remember the guy who was on top of her. Her eyes popped open and stared at him blankly. She had no idea who this man was. She heard a click coming from the door. She glanced at the door in time to see the door knob turning and five guys entering the room laughing. One started to undo his belt as she closed her eyes and passed out.

* * * * * * *

     When she awoke that Saturday morning, the horrible night that occurred over three months ago was far from her mind. After that terrible night she immediately went to get checked for sexually transmitted diseases and tested negative for everything. She was happy about that and shoved the memory deep down into a dark crevasse of her mind. She never, ever wanted to remember that night for the rest of her life. She moved on, or so she thought.

     She placed her feet down on the cold, hardwood floor as her stomach began to dance. She flew to the toilet and fell to her knees just as the puke started to flow. After 20 solid minutes of throwing up last nights dinner of spaghetti and meatballs, she stumbled back to her warm bed. She stared blankly at the ceiling and soon realized the barf's hair-raising stench had lingered into the bedroom. With a scowl on her face, she reached for the end-table to light the pink, strawberry scented candle. As the sweet aroma circled her, she relaxed back down against the pillow.

     "I can't be pregnant. Can I?" she asked herself out loud. " I can't be. I can't even take care of a goldfish, let alone a child." She nervously reached over to the end-table again and found her favorite toy, her slinky. She pulled back and forth, back and forth, the rhythmic clinking and clanking calmed her. Her mind was racing with possibilities. She has had morning sickness for the past five days, her breasts have been really tender lately, and she hasn't had her period for three months. Her heart sank. She knew she was pregnant, but the thought of who the father was brought her to tears.

     She dropped the slinky and picked up her magic 8-ball from the dresser. Shaking it, she asked "Oh Holy 8-Ball. . . tell me . . am I pregnant?" Quickly, she flipped over the magical sphere and read, "Try again later?! I don't have a later God damn you!" She tried again and again. After three times of having the 8-ball repeat the same phrase, she got furious and threw it against the wall, causing it to break and shoot dark liquid all over the white walls. She dropped to her knees and cried.

     "I don't want to be pregnant. Please God, help me get through this." She sobbed as she pulled herself to her feet. She slowly made it to the bathroom cabinet. By-passing her 14 speed, purple vibrator, a half-empty tube of lube, and a Swiss army knife which had been oddly misplaced, she found it. The pregnancy test she always kept on hand just in case. She retrieved it from the cabinet and set it ever so softly onto the counter. She took a deep breath, opened it, and took it.

     The intensity of the five minute wait for the results were almost unbearable. She paced and thought. Her mind was spinning in circles at the thought that she might be pregnant. "What am I going to do? I don't know the father. Maybe I could get an abortion? No. I don't think . . . ." Beep! Beep! Beep! She paused at the sound of the timer going off. Two seconds ago she couldn't wait for it to be done, and now that it was, she didn't want to move. With all of her strength, she pushed herself into the bathroom and picked up the little white stick. "Blue. What the hell does blue mean?" she asked, picking up the instructions . . . . . . . "I'm pregnant."

* * * * * *

     "Yes, Amanda, you are definitely pregnant," the doctor said with a smile, "There is no doubt about that." Her head fell into her hands as she started to cry. "Amanda, it will be OK. Was this not planned?" the doctor asked with a concerned look on his face. Sobbing and blubbering Amanda replied. "NO this was not planned. I was raped by five different guys about three months ago and I haven't had sex since. That means that this child will be one of theirs."

     " I am so sorry Amanda. I feel awful. But if you were raped, the first thing the doctors do is give you a morning after pill. Did they not give you one?"

     Amanda looked up to the doctor, mascara and tears streaming down her face, "I never told anyone. I went to a free clinic to get checked out for STD's but I guess I was too afraid to even think of getting a pregnancy test." Her eyes fell to the floor. Her life, as she knew it, was about to end.

     After talking with the doctor about her options, Amanda got up to leave, she thanked him and proceeded towards the door. "Amanda, wait!" the doctor spoke up after her. " If you do change your mind and decide that there is no way for you to have this baby, give me a call. Remember that there is no way for us to be exactly sure when this baby was conceived. You said you had sexual intercourse just three weeks earlier with a man you actually knew and liked. It is possible that his is the father. Right now we just can't be sure."

     She looked up into his dark blue eyes and with a sigh she said, " Thanks for all of your help, but I can't have an abortion. I can't do that to a human being. This is my baby and I can't kill it like that. I will try to get through this. Thank you anyway, doctor." She smiled as big as she could smile with the emotions running through her. She turned and walked out of the office.

* * * * * *

     "Yes, a jar of green olives and a bag of Doritos would be really good right now," she said with a sigh. She maneuvered herself on the couch and had to try three times to get up. For only being 6 months pregnant, everybody said she is huge. Her long, dark brown hair, pulled back into a pony tail was now sticking to her sweat covered face. "God damn, who knew getting up could be such a work out." She limped on her swollen ankles as she crossed the living room and made it to the fridge. "Shit, no olives." She decided to just go with the Doritos.

     She looked on top of the fridge and realized that the only Doritos she had were really old. They probably had been opened for a couple of months. "Ah. . . oh well, old Doritos never hurt anyone." She snatched the bag and proceeded back to the brown leather couch.

     She flipped through the stations, channel by channel, "the gorilla seems to be very angry right now. Oh no . . he's coming this way" "Nope, not watching the animal channel, next."

     "this part of you car is very, very important and can only be fixed by certain mechanics. That is why we are selling you this package, How to Fix Your Limited Slip Deferential for Dummies. Only for six easy payments of" "Yeah Yeah Yeah, I don't care. Whoever watches those stupid infomercials has got to be insane. Next." " As the head pulls forward, this tears the woman's vagina. The doctor has numbed the area so she does not feel it right now." Amanda stared at the TLC channel as a woman is screaming during child birth. She gets goose bumps at the thought of having this monstrously huge child come out of that tiny hole down there. She quickly shuts the TV off. "Um . . .that's enough TV for today, let's go read a book."

     After numerous attempts to get up off of the couch, she finally used a nearby baseball bat, given to her by her father and signed by Babe Ruth, to help her up. She wedged it between the couch cushions and pushed herself up. "Who knew I would be using a priceless baseball memorabilia to help me get my fat ass off of the couch." She giggled to herself while walking to her bedroom. There, she found her book, a Stephen King thriller, and sat down in her rocking chair. She thumbed through until she found her gold paper clip book mark and began reading. As soon as she finished the page, the pain started. The pain was excruciating and she couldn't bear it. Her book fell from her hands. Falling to the floor, she curled up into a ball grasping her stomach. "Oh God!" she cried out. "My baby!" She gathered enough strength to pull herself to the nearby phone to call an ambulance.

* * * * * *

     The doctor entered her hospital room with a concerned look on his face. "Well Amanda, this child is definitely putting up a fight. It seems that the baby is actually ready to come out."

     "But how can that be?" Amanda asked with a fear in her throat, "I am only 6 ½ months along!"

     "Well, it is possible that we were a little off on the date the baby was actually conceived. It seems the date of the rape was a little too late for this baby's development, meaning the baby is a few more weeks older than that." He smiled waiting for her reaction.

      "Are you telling me doctor that this baby could have been conceived by my boyfriend, even though we used protection?"

     "That is exactly what I am saying Amanda. So think about that and get some rest. This baby is on the way, but won't be here anytime soon." He smiled and left her hospital room.

     She sat there and thought of the fact that this baby was actually conceived out of love. The man she had had sex with weeks before the rape was actually her boyfriend of 7 years. His name was Matt and they had been high school sweethearts. He was in the Army, however, and was shipped off to Iraq. She was so upset one night after he had left, that she drank That is what lead up to the rape. The thought that this baby was actually Matt and her's made her quiver. She had never ever felt any kind of joy like the joy she felt then.

     It was then that she noticed the figure. She turned her head slightly to the left as a shining figure start to appear in the corner of the room. It was a very beautiful woman with long, white wings and a halo hovering above her head. She smiled and her teeth threw a radiating light over the room. Frightened, Amanda pulled the covers up to her chin.

     "No need to be frightened, my dear. I am your Guardian Angel. I will not harm you. I am here to speak with you about the good news." the angel spoke in a calming tone, "This child is a child of love. It was not conceived out of anger or hatred. You have been so loving and caring towards all of God's creations and We have realized that. So this is how We wanted to show you that being a good person always pays. Treat this child with love, and remember that you always have someone looking over you." The figure spoke her last words before disappearing in a haze, just as she came.

     Still a little shocked at the experience, Amanda realized she was holding her breath the entire time and let out a huge sigh of air. She could not believe what had just occurred. Tears began to stream her face as she laid back down against her pillow. "Things do happen to good people," she whispered to herself before dozing off to sleep.

* * * * * *

3 Years Later

     "Matt, can you please go get Hope? She's in her bedroom and the guests are here." She smiled as she yelled up the stairs to her husband. Matt had been home for 1 ½ years now and was never so happy to hear that he had a daughter. Amanda wrote him a letter while he was still in Iraq explaining about Hope, and he said he would marry her just as he had always promised. When he finally returned home, they got married.

     Amanda has been going to a counselor about her past and is a full time mom. Matt still works for the army, but he stays around town and recruits young men and women. Their life has been everything they dreamed of.

     She was startled by the door bell when she realized that she zoned out of reality for a while. She opened the front door and eagerly greeted her guests. "Welcome, thank you so much for coming to Hope's Birthday Party. Matt and I are so happy to see you." Amanda turned and looked up behind her as her two favorite people walked down the stairs. Her daughter was snuggled in her daddy's arms, always nervous and shy with guests. "Look Hope," Matt said, "Is mommy wearing your birthday hat?" He smiled as he leaned forward to kiss his wife on the cheek. "Maybe she'll take it off and actually give it to the BIRTHDAY girl." Amanda smiled as she placed the hat on their little girl's curly, blond hair.

     Amanda never told her husband about the experience in the hospital. She never told anyone about her guardian angel, she thought it was something she should keep to herself. She also never mentioned that every time she looked at Hope she could see a little halo perched above her head.

     I would like to thank the entire creative writing class and Mr. Heller for helping become a much better writer over these past few weeks. I would also like to thank Aaron for going over the story even though it meant he had to wake up. And finally, thank you Kelly for being the "BEST proof reader in the whole wide world"!