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Paul Bormann 

 "Captain, They're coming in from the North!" yelled a short, hairy, fat man from the crowd.

            "I need half of you to post there, just South of that rock. The rest of you, come with me!" yelled Captain Krall above the steaming uproar of the relentless warriors." Captain Krall was a very powerful leader. He was 6'2" with long hair tied back in a ponytail that hung down about eight inches from his helmet.  His hair lay gently curled on top of his muscular left shoulder. He wore an Iron helmet engraved with two small dragonheads symbolizing that he was the leader of an army. The helmet included notches that Krall had chiseled in for every kill he made in battle. He kept a large sword at his side and a smaller knife in a sheath strapped to his leg. Sweat poured from his face profusely as he positioned his men for battle.

            Krall and his men set up post on the North edge of the woods. He situated his men at the top of a hill so that they could just see over the ridge.

            About one kilometer away, Krall and his men could see the Troll army approaching.  The Troll forces were much larger than Krall and his men were anticipating, and was greater than anything they had ever seen.

            Thousands of Cave Trolls started rallying in the middle of a meadow across a river that bordered the base of the hill Krall an his men were situated on.

            A sense of fear fell over Krall's troops while they watched the bloodthirsty Trolls approaching.

              Although very brave and courageous, you could see that Krall was starting to accept his fate as well.

               "Men!" Captain Krall screamed at the top of his lungs. "Get at your ready. I want you to remember who and what you're fighting for! These monsters killed your family and friends, disrespected our elders, and destroyed our villages. Today is our day to pay them back. You all must ready yourselves for a fight mightier than than any war you have ever known. Today is the day of reckoning!"

               A sudden roar broke out from the crowd of warriors as if hell had opened its gates and let every fearless creature out that it contained.  A darkened look came over the men's  faces. The color red flashed in the their eyes, and  a feeling of revenge and anger filled their souls. The men knew that they were entering a battle that they weren't ready for, but their sense of pride and courage took over their fear.  They hunkered down in their positions awaiting the captain's orders.

            The Trolls moved closer with every second. Time felt as if it was standing still. Captain Krall couldn't escape his mind as he began to think about how the horrible beasts approaching destroyed his life and took the only thing away from him that he was proud of.

               Krall flashed back to a memory of his past, and began reliving the events that led up to the war brewing in the present.


Smoke started rushing into the house.

              "Susan, where are the kids?" Krall asked anxiously.

              "They're in their rooms playing. What's wrong honey?"

              "We're under attack! Get the kids we must leave immediately."

              They all rushed to the front door to make their escape, only the front door was no longer there. The leader of the Troll army tore it off, exposing the interior of the house to the outside.  Krall attempted to stop, almost sliding into the stomach of the Troll, and found himself in shock staring directly into the empty eyes of Troll.  Krall shook his head regaining his composure, grabbed his two daughters and fled from his house.  Krall's wife followed close behind.

                Krall was being trailed by the leader of the Cave Trolls, who was gaining ground on him. He broke away from the Troll's pursuit, after disappearing in a cloud of smoke made from one of the burning houses nearby. Just past his smokey getaway, Krall found an abandoned cellar where he placed his daughters. Then he ran back to get his wife who was trailing behind him.

               "Look out Susan!" Krall screamed in fright.

              The Cave Troll took a swing at her with his club just missing her head. Krall threw a large sharpened stick at the Troll, grazing its left arm. This took the Troll's focus off of Susan and onto the Captain.

               Susan ran to seek shelter in the nearby cellar while Krall when into battle with the hideous Troll. Krall attacked the Troll hoping to kill it, but it was too strong for him to do anything. The shear mass of the Troll was too overwhelming for the Captain. The Troll stood about eight feet tall and weighed around 600 pounds. Its large frame was obviously too much for Krall to handle so he had to resort to other tactics. He found that someone had dropped their shield on the ground and quickly picked it up. Krall tilted it at a right angle and was able to project a blinding bright light into the Toll's eyes, blinding it temporarily. The light must have come from the sun peaking through the clouds, but it was just enough for Krall to make his escape.

              Krall went to retrieve his family, only to find them massacred, and their bloody bodies lying prostrate on the ground.


               The Troll's roars brought Krall's attention back to the present. He wiped the tears from his eyes and found himself back on the battlefield with the Cave Trolls approaching. Krall filled up with anger and demanded his troop's attention.

               "Hold your positions men! Do not move until I give you the go-ahead! Ready your swords and arrows! WE MUST FIGHT WITH PASSION, DIGNITY, AND PRIDE! ARE YOU READY MEN?..................CHARGE!"

              The troops sprinted down the hill toward their enemy. The Trolls stopped their progression and let out a loud bellow. Krall swore he could smell the rankness of the Troll's breath as they stood back, noisily waiting.

               Arrows were now being shot at the Trolls taking down only a few of them. Thousands of Trolls still stood in waiting. The Trolls were better at close combat than at a distance, so they began to proceed toward the rushing warriors with no fear.The two armies collided full force in the middle of the battlefield. The Trolls out numbered the warriors three to one, but it did not stop the men from fighting. Men were falling like flies, and the casualty rate of the Trolls were not turning out to be in Krall's favor. Captain Krall demanded his troops to retreat back to the woods where they would use the trees for cover. The men retreated to the best of their ability, as the Trolls roared with a sense of victory.

              The Trolls resided in the middle of the battlefield where they set up camp for the night. The soldiers took up camp in the forest where they slept in the trees, to stay out of the reach of the Trolls, and any carnivorous animal that may be prowling around looking for a quick meal.

               The night was silent with the exception of the loud groans coming form the Troll camp. Captain Krall lay awake all night devising new tactics to take on the Trolls. Krall decided that the best way to defeat the Trolls was to separate the whole clan from their leader. The same leader that destroyed his house and tried to kill his family. Krall knew he just had to lure him away from the battle and kill him. Without their leader the Trolls where not able to think.

              The next morning the warriors got up early and made their way toward the Troll's camp. The Trolls woke up just in the nick of time and saw the warriors coming. Krall ran straight to the middle of the Troll army weaving in and out of the rudely awakened beasts slashing their bellies and dodging their attempts to kill him.

              The Lead Troll was centered in the middle of its army, and Krall knew that. Krall came at the Lead Troll with full force attempting to stab it. It was no use; the Troll turned and hit Krall, knocking him down on the ground.

            Around Krall everything seemed to go blurry. His men were fighting along side of him, their movements seemed lethargic as if they were fighting in slow motion.

               The Lead Troll came at Krall with all its might, swinging its club violently, but just missed Krall as he rolled out of the way. Krall took off running through all of the commotion and the Lead Troll followed him.

              Krall got the leader away from his clan and they started to battle. While this was all happening the Warriors who were positioned on the South side of the woods made their way to the battle. They came at the Trolls from the back and surprised them. The tables were turning and the warriors now had the upper hand.

               Krall continued to fight the Cave Troll and was not doing as well as he had planned.

              The Troll threw Krall up against a tree knocking the wind out of him. Hovering over Krall, the Troll drooled and gritted its teeth. "Barely conscious, Krall started to think of his family again and the massacre that had occurred."

             The Lead Troll grabbed Krall's limp body and started bringing him toward his mouth. Krall reached down to his leg and mustered up the strength to grab his knife from his sheath. As the Troll situated Krall into position to take a bite out of him, Krall drove his knife deep into the Troll's brain, directly through the roof of its mouth.

               The Troll dropped Krall onto the ground and let out a loud gut-wenching scream. The fighting stopped completely and all the Trolls looked at their leader in dismay. The Lead Troll collapsed on top of Krall only leaving Krall's head visible.

               The Captain looked up at the heavens and with tears in his eyes he said, "I'm on my way Susan!"

 I would like to thank everyone in my class for helping me write this story.  All of their suggestions helped me write a better paper.  I would especially like to thank Professor Heller for giving me great suggestions on what I could do different to make my story better. Thank you.