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Dawn Holesinger
Keeper of the Stars

Sarah was an average ten-year-old girl with brown hair and deep blue eyes. She was the kind of girl who was always curious about everything, but she was most curious about the stars.  She read many books in order to find answers to the questions she had.  One of her questions was, how the stars shine so bright.  She also wanted to know why there were shooting stars and why there were so many stars in the sky.  Eventually, Sarah started to get very frustrated. She read the books and still she did not get any of the answers she wanted. 
            After weeks of reading, she finally decided to ask her mom about the stars.

"Mom, why do the stars always shine so bright?"

            Her mom replied, "There is a man up there that keeps them shinning and they call him the Keeper of the Stars."

            Sarah was shocked to hear the answer that came out of her mother's mouth.  Why was her mom lying to her, no man could take care of all the stars?  She decided to try again, to see if this time her mother would give her a different answer.

            "Mom?  If the Keeper of the Stars keeps the stars shining bright, then who puts all of the stars in the sky? And who creates the shooting stars?

            Her mom replied, with a giggle, "The Keeper of the Stars controls everything that the stars do.  He makes sure everything is in order in the sky and that the stars are in the right spot at the right time, just like I make sure everything is in order in our house."

            Sarah was puzzled that her mother gave her the same answer.  Sarah was not satisfied yet!  She was not sure where to look next for the right answer.  She could not believe there was such a thing as the Keeper of the Stars.  She also could not believe that her mother could make up such a thing. After all, she was ten years old, and she could handle the truth.

            "Mom? Have you ever seen the Keeper of the Stars?" Sarah asked.

            "Well, I met him when I was a little girl, and he told me if my daughter ever asked me about the stars, I needed to tell her about him."

            Sarah went and sat on the porch that night, thinking about everything her mother had told her.  She was looking at the stars, wondering if there was such a thing as the Keeper of the Stars.  She noticed that every star shone brightly, and every star was placed perfectly in the sky. 

She started talking out loud to the sky as if there was somebody listening.

            Sarah asked, "How do you make the stars shine so bright, and how do you know…"

            Sarah was suddenly interrupted by the deep voice of her father, "Sarah sweetie is there someone out there that you are talking to?"

            "No Dad I was just thinking out loud," replied Sarah.

            Sarah's father had now come outside to join her on the porch swing.  He was curious what had his daughter talking out loud to herself.

            "Hunny," said her father, "what are you thinking about?  You seem to be thinking awfully hard."

            "Well…Mom says that there is a Keeper of the Stars and I am having a hard time believing her.  It's hard to think that one man would be able to make the stars shine so bright, and why they always seem to be placed perfectly in the sky?"

            Her father replied, "I suppose it would be hard for one man to do all of that, but there is really only one man that does take care of the stars.  The Keeper of the Stars has been around for a very long time.  Every once in a while you will be able to see him dancing on the moon like he is having a big party.  It is hard to see him and he only comes out very late at night.  Someday you will understand, but until then keep wondering about it.  The more you wonder the sooner you will get the answers you are looking for."

            "Thanks Dad," replied Sarah, "that was a big help, and hopefully someday soon I will get all of the answers I am looking for."

            Sarah headed inside and got ready to go to bed.  She told her parents goodnight and that she would see them in the morning.  Sarah crawled into her nice, warm bed, and started to think, and wonder about the Keeper of the Stars.  She was very excited now that there was a possibility that she would be able to see the Keeper of the Stars dancing on the moon.  She hoped that it would be soon because she was tired of waiting for the answer, and by seeing the Keeper of the Stars, it would put her mind at ease because she would know for sure that is how the stars stay bright and in their perfect positions.

            Sarah awoke in the middle of the night, to her surprise she was still thinking about the Keeper of the Stars.  Sarah rolled out of bed, and decided that she was going to go sit on the porch and look at the moon and the stars because she wanted to know if she could see the Keeper of the Stars dancing on the moon.  She grabbed her blanket and made her way to the porch, when she got there she was disappointed because she could not see anyone dancing on the moon.

            Sarah soon became tired and she fell asleep on the porch swing.  When she awoke she was in a strange place, it looked almost like the moon to her but she wasn't sure.  There were many stars surrounding her, they were bright and they looked like they were white.  There were many deep holes in the gray clay looking ground. 

Sarah became curious of where she was at, so she decided to go for a walk to see who or what she could find.  After walking for a while she came to a man, this man was short and skinny with long brown hair and eyes that were as blue as the ocean.  Sarah stopped the man to see if he could tell her where she was.

            "Excuse me sir," said Sarah

            The man replied, "Yes, can I help you with something."

            "Yes you can," said Sarah, "I am not sure where I am at and I was wondering if you could tell me."

            "Of course," answered the man, "You are on the moon."

            Sarah was so overwhelmed because this was her chance to meet the Keeper of the Stars.  She had so many questions for him, but now it was just a matter of finding him.  The man could tell that Sarah was excited, and he was curious about why that might be.

            The man said, "Are you looking for someone here on the moon."

            Sarah said, "Yes I am looking for the Keeper of the Stars."

            The man replied, "You are in luck, I am the Keeper of the Stars."

            Sarah was so excited that she was talking to the Keeper.  Finally would get all of the answers she was looking for.  The search for her explanation was over and all of her questions would be answered.

            "May I ask you a question?" asked Sarah.

            "Why sure, ask away," replied the Keeper.

            "How do you make the stars shine so bright?"

            "Well, you see, inside every star there is a candle, and the candle only burns for one night and then they need to be replaced.  When the sun is shining, I swim to every star and replace the candle with a new one, so that when night falls all the stars are shining bright again."

            "Wow, that is amazing.  So do you swim and put each star in the perfect place too?

            "No, to place the stars perfectly I sit in the middle of the moon, take out my rope, and lasso every star and pull it to the exact spot that it needs to be."

            "This is incredible, shrieked Sarah, I did not think that you would do such things to make the stars do what they are suppose to do."

"I have one more question for you," Sarah said.

"And what question would that be?" asked the Keeper.

"I want to know why there are shooting stars."

"Well, you see some stars as they get older, burn their candles faster than I replace them, so the candle burns out completely.  When this happens, the star can not stay in the sky any longer, so it falls, and that is why there are shooting stars."

"That is so sad," replied Sarah, "I wish there was a way for all the stars to stay alive."

"Well Sarah, stars have lives just like us, and when it is their time, they have to become a shooting star, and there is nothing that we can do about it," replied the Keeper.

"Well Sarah I think it is time for you to head back home, I am going to put you on a shooting star and it will bring you back to your porch," said the Keeper.

"Okay, that sounds like fun.  Thank you for telling me all about the stars, you answered all of the questions that I had."

"You're welcome, and remember to watch for me at night.  I like to dance, and if you see me dancing wave to me and I will wave back.  Also, remember to share this with your little girl someday, just like your mother shared me with you." 

They both said goodbye, and Sarah got on the shooting star.  It was the most amazing thing she had ever done.  She passed all of the stars and she could see her house get bigger and bigger as she got closer.  This was so amazing that she had to share everything with her parents when she got back.  When Sarah arrived home she ran into her parents' room to tell them what happened.

"Mom, Dad, you will never guess what happened!" exclaimed Sarah.

            "What dear, is everything alright?" asked her parents.

            "Yes, everything is fine, but I got to meet the Keeper of the Stars tonight," replied Sarah.

            Her parents replied, "You did, will you tell us about it?"

            "Oh yes!" shouted Sarah, "It was wonderful he told me everything I ever wanted to know about the stars.  We talked for what seemed like forever and he made sure I had all of the answers before he sent me home, and he sent me home on a shooting star.  That was the best trip I have ever taken."

            Her dad asked, "Are you satisfied with all of the answers now?"

            "Yes, I am," replied Sarah, "and I am sorry that I did not believe you when you told me about the Keeper of the Stars."

            "It is okay, we knew that if you thought about it hard enough, then you would get the answers you were looking for, and you did," replied her mother.

            "Thank you very much I will never forget this night," said Sarah.

            "You're welcome sweetie, but I think you should go to bed now and get some rest," said Sarah's mom.

            "Okay, I will, and I will see you both in the morning," said Sarah.

            Sarah went back to her bedroom, and she lay down to try and sleep.  She was still thinking about the Keeper of the Stars and how magnificent he was.  Sarah soon shut her eyes, and she went off to dream about the night that she just had with the Keeper of the Stars.


             The main thing that I want to acknowledge is the song, Keeper of the Stars.  I was listening to that song the night that I came up with the idea to write this story.  The song is actually about the Keeper of the Stars bringing two people together.  I turned this love song into a children's story.  I want to thank all of my classmates for giving me their feedback.  Katie Novak, Heather Mann, and Kevin Randall helped me rewrite this story to make it better.  I also want to thank my boyfriend, Michael, because he kept encouraging me to finish the story and put my full effort into it.