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Daniel McClarnon
Larry & the Beli Jewels

Larry sat down at the long table, sipping his steaming coffee. He knew he was five minutes late for the meeting, and everyone seemed to be here but his boss. He was hoping his boss was late too so that he wouldn't lecture him again on punctuality. Bill, the short-brown haired guy sitting next to him leaned over to him and said,

            "Hey Larry, where were you last night? I tried to call your cell but you never answered." 

            "Sorry Bill, I had my phone off last night," Larry whispered to him. 

            "Well, what did you turn it off for?" 

            "I had a date over at my house." Larry whispered.

            "Oh, I see." Bill said with a wide grin on his face.

            Bill was Larry's best friend at the office. He was a real klutz and very forgetful at times, but at the same time he knew that Bill would always be there for him when it mattered. Larry and Bill  had been through a few interesting cases over the years, like the Beliar's Heart incident. If Bill had not been there to stab the monster in the back, that beast would have swallowed Larry whole. 

            That's when the chief walked in and immediately looked at Larry. "Griswald, why were late this time!?" the man asked, sternly.

            "Dang!" Larry thought to himself. "I can't believe he knew I was late. I was here before he was."

             Before Larry could come up with something to tell him, the chief said angrily, 

            "Doesn't matter now. At least you showed up this time." Normally Larry would have chimed in at that point with some witty remark, but he found himself unable to come up with anything. Perhaps it was because his boss was such an intimidating man. He wasn't very tall, only about 5'8", and it wasn't like he was built. There was something about his eyes that made him freeze. Whenever those eyes looked at Larry he always felt as if they were looking right through him.

            Larry's thoughts were interrupted when Mr. Ott, the chief, started to speak. 

            "Alright people we have a problem. Three weeks ago  there was a break in at the Louver museum in Paris. Strange thing is, whoever broke in didn't take anything. All that they did was shatter one small ancient Celtic relic." One man sitting across from Larry couldn't contain his curiosity and asked, 

            "What does that have to do with our agency sir? Shouldn't this be something that the FBI or CIA should be investigating?" The man's question was valid. The agency that Larry worked for was a secret branch of U.S. defense that guarded against attacks of a supernatural nature. The organization has been in existence ever since it was discovered that the Nazis used supernatural relics to support their evil purposes. It was decided then that there should be an agency in place to protect the world from such threats.

             Mr. Ott responded calmly "Under normal circumstances yes it would, but then two days ago a recently discovered artifact from a dig of an ancient Welsh site in Great Britain was stolen as well."

            "But how are these two connected sir?" Larry asked.

            "WOULD YOU PEOPOE SHUT UP AND LET ME FINISH!!" Mr. Ott shouted. 

            Uh-oh, Larry thought, there goes his short temper again. Then just as quickly as it came, the red in Mr. Ott's face was gone and he continued with the briefing,

             "The Welsh relic had made a reference to a great source of power and a joining of three. Now we need to figure out what this means, who is behind this, and how to stop them."

            Over the next three days, Larry and a few others worked to put together the shattered pieces of the Celtic relic. Larry hadn't slept in at least 36 hours by the time they had finished.

            They soon discovered that there was an inscription on the inside of the relic . When they translated it, they felt they had found something significant. It mentioned the Celtic god of the sun, Belenos, and how bringing together the three rings that he wore on his finger would summon his power. When they asked for an exact translation of the Welsh relic they found the joining of three reference and a reference of Beli, the Welsh god of death.

            Larry looked up Beli on the internet he found an ancient Welsh legend that said Beli had three pieces of jewelry that used the power of the sun for  its source of destructive power. He also found an article in an old newspaper that many scholars believe that Beli was a later form of Belenos and that the name simply had changed over many generations. He had a theory to go on. Someone is looking for these three jewels in order to cause destruction, grasp power, or both. He just had to figure out where the last piece is before it gets into the wrong hands. 

            Over the years the agency had discovered that many polytheistic cultures would have gods to represent different aspects of nature. For example, it was common for several cultures to have a god for the sun. They would call it different names although it was the same sun. The agency also knew that the various gods that were worshiped from culture to culture would often refer to the same base god that was originally believed in when humans were just a small band of people together. As they separated into different parts of the world their names changed. A god by any other name is still the same god. So Larry was working on the assumption that Beli and Belanos were actually the same god but with different names.

            This got Larry thinking about other gods that might be similar in some way with these two. He tried to think about gods of cultures that were in that area of the world. The only other major culture that came to mind was the Vikings. On a hunch he looked up Viking gods and the only one that most closely relates to the sun and to death was Loki the Norse god of fire and death. Larry deduced this from the fact that many cultures have feared the sun for its potential to destroy nature with its intense heat. Heat was also attributed to fire and so Loki seemed to relate to the other two gods.  Larry now had a general idea of what the thieves were after. They were going to be looking for some Viking artifact that has some reference to Loki. But he still didn't know what the last piece that they need was. Nor did he know who was behind this. 

            Just then Mr. Ott walked out of his office and stood in front of his door. 

            "LISTEN UP PEOPLE!!!!" Mr. Ott shouted aloud so that the whole office could hear him. "There has been a break in at the observatory by a man who was trying to rewire the system control to an outside source. He wouldn't talk but that's ok because we did a trace on where he was redirecting control to." Mr. Ott began walking towards Larry and when he was standing a foot from him he said in a regular volume, "Griswald I want you to take Simmons and go check out this address." 

            Larry turned to Bill and said "Alright then, I guess you're with me."

            Under the cloak of the night, Larry and Bill approached the address that they had been given. They walked over the hill that hid the building and from sight, and they found that it was full of activity. This puzzled Larry because  according to the city records no one owned this lot. People were outside running back and forth between the large building that looked as though it had been there for years and an airplane hanger that appeared to have been recently built off to the left, right on top of the parking lot. Some guy ran into the hanger carrying a cardboard box and set it down. Larry saw with his binoculars tha t the guy had sat it down next to two other identical boxes. There was a man in a suit standing beside the boxes talking to a group three of men. Larry could see all the faces except for the man in the suit, who had his back facing Larry. The man in the suit and the guy who just brought in the box exchanged a few words and then the guy ran out of the hanger. 

            The man approached the first box in the row. He had now turned, but this time his right side was facing Larry, so Larry still couldn't make out any discernable features. He opened the box on the left to reveal something that looked like a bracelet that had a single shiny red stone on the left side. He then opened the second box and pulled out a similar stone but this one was bright yellow. This stone seemed like it effortlessly fit into the right side of the bracelet. 

            It was now that Larry was beginning to think that he was too late in keeping these people from getting their hands on the last piece. So Larry dropped the binoculars so that thy hung by  the neck strap and pulled his phone out of his pocket. He dialed his boss and waited anxiously for him to pick up. 

            His boss answered on the other end, "Hello?" 

            "Mr. Ott, it look s like we are too late. They have all three pieces; we need lots of armed forces here NOW!!" Larry panicked to his boss.

            "Ok, I'll send all available forces to your location," Mr. Ott said in a hurry and then hung up. 

            Larry picked up his binoculars again and pointed them back to the hanger and  saw the man taking his hand out of his coat pocket.

            Shoot! Larry thought. He must have just put something in his pocket and I missed it. I sure hope it wasn't anything that important.

            The man lifted the last stone from its box and tried to put this one in the center, but it wouldn 't fit as easily as the last one. He had to push it into place with a lot of might. Once it was in place however, all three stone began to glow. The man said something, which appeared to be directed at the three men standing and watching, and then walked towards the building. That's when Bill began tapping Larry on the shoulder. 

            "What is it Bill?" 

            No response, he just kept tapping his shoulder.

            "Bill what is-" Larry turned around as he spoke to find a man standing in front of them with a gun pointed in their direction. "Oh," Larry said, raising his hands. 

            So Larry now found himself in a room that greatly resembles a dungeon. The walls were stone brick and the door was steel with just a small opening that was covered by thick metal bars. The door opened with a loud screeching and Larry couldn't believe his eyes. 

            "Good evening Mr. Griswald," Mr. Ott said with a smile.

            Larry quickly stood up straight and said, "Sir, the artifact they were looking for was a bracelet and there are three jewels that-" Larry cut himself off when he noticed the bracelet on Mr. Ott's arm. "Oh…so I guess this means that there won't be any additional forces coming to help me then huh?" 

            Mr. Ott simply shook his head. "I'm sorry Mr. Griswald, but no" 

            "But if you were the one behind all this, why did you put us on this case?" Larry asked. 

            "Well, I had to give you something or someone else higher up would have become suspicious. But I never imagined that you would have figured out what was going on so quickly." 

            "So what was your man doing at the observatory?" Larry asked. 

            "Well, you see I'm going to use the observatory to channel the power of this bracelet to satellites in orbit. After that I will to be able to attack any point on the planet. With this power I can hold the world captive and rule it with an iron fist." Mr. Ott replied. "And I can get started just as soon as the sun rises and the bracelet's power becomes active." 

            One of the armed men, who were standing just outside the door, came in and walked up to Larry. He stopped half a foot in front of him. 

            Larry, getting the feeling that something he was not going to like was about to happen, smirked back at the man. 

            "Hi, how's it going?" Larry asked in a sarcastic tone. The man just smirked back and then hit him in the back of the head with the butt of his rifle.

            When Larry awoke he found Bill and himself tied to chairs outside. It was  just past dawn and the sun was rising quickly so Larry guessed it was about 6 o'clock. "Ah good, you're finally awake, Mr. Griswald," a voice, sounding like Mr. Ott's, came from behind him.  "I wouldn't want you to miss a new era in our planet's history." he said. Larry looked over his shoulder to see Mr. Ott uncover the bracelet and immediately it began to glow. 

            The bracelet shined brightly with bright red, then a deep orange, and finally yellow. Then what looked to be an intense beam of sunlight from the sun surrounded Mr. Ott. 

            "Yes, yes, I can feel the warmth surging through my body." Mr. Ott shouted gleefully. Then his face quickly changed. "Oh no, it's getting too hot, too hot. "Aaaaaahhh" Mr. Ott let out a terrible scream of pain. A flame spontaneously erupted on Mr. Ott's wrist where the bracelet was. 

            Mr. Ott tried to take the bracelet off but when he touched it he jerked his hand back in pain. The flame spread in both directions, towards his hand and up his arm. All Larry could do was watch as the flame quickly consumed Mr. Ott, who continued his screams of pain. Just like in the cartoons, Mr. Ott was completely transformed into ashes even though his figure remained. Then the ash figure of Mr. Ott collapsed into a pile on the concrete. The bracelet fell onto the concrete pavement with a metal clinging sound and rotated around like a spinning coin before coming to a rest. The men surrounding Mr. Ott took off screaming in horror and in seconds Larry and Bill were all alone, still tied to their chairs.

            "What just happened?" Bill asked, very confused.

            "I think I might have an idea." Larry said. "That bracelet was a weapon of the gods, it was not meant to be used by man. Man just simply cannot control that much power. It just goes to show you how too much of something can be detrimental to your health." 

            The two laughed for a few seconds and then Bill said "Uh Larry, how are we going to get out of these ropes?" 

            Larry stopped laughing and the smile on his face became a serious look. Larry just replied with "Uh oh."


I would just like to thank everyone in my class. They gave me various objective viewpoints of my story that I, as the author, could not see. I would also like to thank them for helping me to see different ways of writing my story that made it flow more easily and made it more readable and understandable.

             I would also like to thank Terry, who, through giving us so much work, taught me how to look at another person's story objectively and my own as objectively as possible. He also, with his watchful eye spotted several grammatical and structure errors that both my classmates and I missed. 

            All of these inputs have made my story more entertaining and less confusing for you, the reader. I can only hope that in my future stories that I write, I will remember to look for all that I have learned in my one semester in the class.