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Andrew Pompei
Lost in the World

"My shoes and coats and magazines; everything. Who would do such a thing? How could they do it without me noticing? I have been here. How could they do it? Why would they do it? What do they want from me? It was probably those punk kids down the street. Yeah, I bet they were after something valuable and couldn't find anything so they tore my house apart. Those sons of bitches. What if it wasn't them? What if it was somebody dangerous?" Brian was muttering to himself as he frantically ran around the house fixing all that was misplaced or somehow out of order. 

* * *

It was 9:23 on a Sunday morning and Brian had just awakened from a deep slumber. He lay in his bed for about two minutes trying unsuccessfully to shake off the early-morning grogginess before even attempting get up. When he finally got up and stumbled to the bathroom it seemed like any ordinary day. Upon exiting the bathroom when he was finally in a conscious state of mind, he realized that something wasn't right.
         Brian walked to his front door where he realized that his meticulously placed pile of shoes was all wrong.  His blue pair of tennis shoes was usually to the left of his boots and his penny loafers were usually in front of his white tennis shoes and to the right of his boots. Today everything was scrambled and half of the pairs of shoes were separated. Brian could not control himself and frantically rearranged the shoes back in the order that he had always had them in.  He then looked around the house to see if anything else was messed up. Things definitely were.  His magazines were no longer in alphabetical order with Business Week being first or in the chronological order the different magazine titles were usually in.  It looked as if someone had been searching his house for something, or someone.
            By this point Brian was feeling scared and threatened, and he was out of his comfort zone. It took him nearly and hour all crunched up in the corner to talk himself out of the hysteria that this mess had created in him. He used the techniques that he had learned from Dr. Watson, his psychiatrist.
            "There is nothing to worry about. 10, 9, 8, 7. There has got to be a logical explanation. 6, 5, 4. I checked the house up and down and nobody is here so there is nothing to worry about, not for the time being anyhow. 3, 2, 1. Calm down, everything is going to be ok," Brian was telling himself. 

            Soon he was calm and realized that it was getting late in the morning and he was getting hungry.  Brian went to the small, inadequate kitchen to fix himself something to eat.  For being an avid chef he did not have much to work with.  He immediately went to the far left cupboard where he always kept his favorite cereal Lucky Charms. He went to the cupboard just to the right of the first one and snatched a bowl, then to the drawer below to get a spoon just like he had done a million times before. Brian was being kind of cautious in doing these things because he didn't want to find the same kind of chaos in his kitchen that he had found in the rest of his house, but everything was fine. He opened the refrigerator which had a sort of funny odor escaping from it but was not so bad that Brian noticed it. He took the half gallon carton of milk and went to sit down at the table in his living room. When he poured the milk over his cereal it came out almost like yogurt or cottage cheese and he knew that it was spoiled. 

            "What in the hell is going on, this is absolutely disguuhhh!"  He felt his body tighten up with intense pressure making it feel like his lungs were going to burst.  He shook off the feeling of the near puke inducing gag.  He didn't understand how this milk could be bad because he was almost positive that he had bought it only last Wednesday. He checked the expiration date and according to the box it should still be good. He went back to his fridge to see if it was still running or if he had grabbed the wrong carton of milk which would have been impossible because he kept his fridge as neat and uncluttered as the rest of his house. When he opened the fridge this time he recognized that there was a hint of an unpleasant smell and immediately investigated what it could be. He quickly found that a lot of other things were not so fresh.
         By now Brian was really freaking out and decided to call his beloved sister.  He made his way quickly over to his bedroom and scrambled into the corner near the head of his bed.  Curled up in the corner, he yanked the phone down by the cord pulling right off of the night stand and dialed the number. 

            "Bridgett, something is going on and it's making me crazy. What's going on? I need you. Help me I'm going crazy. It's not right. What do I do?" He kept rambling on like that for about three minutes and Bridgett could not get a word in until she yelled into the phone "I'm coming over," and then she slammed the phone down on the hook. 

            "Bridgett, Bridgett!" Brian realized she had hung up so he did the same. 

            Bridgett lived about an hour away with her husband and six year old son. She was seemingly perfect in every way.  The tall, blonde, and beautiful woman was also a special education teacher that had been honored numerous times for her work. Her extremely large heart is apparent to everybody that she meets. As perfect as she was, her husband always stole the spotlight.  He is a very prestigious scientist and made very good money. This allowed them to afford to live in a nice house near the lake while Brian was stuck living in a little old house on the outskirts of the city.
        As Brian waited for his sister to arrive to help him calm down and make sense of what was going on he just sat in a corner of his house. He didn't want to find anything else that was going to be disturbing to him. A person with a disease such as his is very easily disturbed by things out of the ordinary and will often have panic attacks that are sometimes very serious. Brian was watching the clock on the wall in front of him as if it were going to disappear if he took his eyes off of it for even a second. 

            After about fifteen minutes of waiting for his sister he heard a knock on his door. He flinched like he was getting stung by a bee but did not even for a second think about going over to answer it. A couple of seconds later another knock came and this time he scurried over behind the counter to get out of the view of whoever could have been at the door. He waited for several minutes to see if there would be a third attempt by the person at the door. 

            "That couldn't be her, no way.  It's only been fifteen minutes.  She could not be here yet.  Even if it is, she has a key.  I wish she was here.  Bridgette would make everything better." Brian kept telling himself.  She was the only person that he trusted because she practically raised him when he was younger. 

* * *

        Bridgett and Brian's parents, although not dead, were not in their lives. When Brian was six years old and Bridgett was eighteen she took him from their parents and was soon after awarded legal custody of him. Their parents were bad people and Bridgett knew that Brian was going to need better than what they gave if he had any chance of being normal, or at least have the ability to survive in society. Their parents could not stand the fact that their only son was different. They would treat him like an outcast when they were around. They never offered any acknowledgment or love to their son that could have been even more detrimental to him if it were not for Bridgette. However, the parents were not there very often because they were usually at the bars getting extremely drunk. They were disgusting people and it is a wonder that Bridgett ever came out the way she did. She is one of those people that deal with adversity by turning it into something positive. It was apparent to Bridgette that Brian was a special child. Even at the age of six she could see that in him. He was very brilliant as a child.  He was able to solve very difficult puzzles , and could read at a very high level. 

            Nowadays, Brian is a tall and very thick man with the gentlest looking face that you have ever seen. The psychotic 28 year old worked in a grocery store as a check out clerk. He is still very brilliant and is always challenging himself with puzzles and books that are never really a challenge to him at all.

* * *

         While sitting behind the counter feeling worried and nervous, half because of everything being disorganized and half from the knock on the door he had heard a few minutes ago. He looked up at the kitchen window when he saw a silhouette of a man through his curtains outside. He just sat there because he knew that the man could not see in the house through the curtains, although that was what he was trying to do. Brian was thinking how glad he was that one of his compulsions was that he had to have all of the curtains completely covering all of the windows all of the time. He heard the man trying to look in and then move on to the next widow to look in to no avail. Time was passing slowly for Brian but at least it seemed like the man had finally left after trying to get a look into the house for several minutes.
         After what seemed like an eternity he heard a key enter the hole of his back door and the knob turn. His sister's voice was the most comforting thing he had ever heard. He got up and ran to her almost knocking her down with a huge bear hug. She sat him down and comforted him for a while until she could actually talk with him. 

            "Bridgett, what…" He stopped right there because he could see in her eyes and hear in her voice that all was not well. Bridgett looked back at him because she saw something that she did not expect to see in his face.
            "Where the hell have you been, what in the world has been going on, we were worried sick about you,"  she shouted.
            "What happened to all of my stuff, what do you mean where have I been?" Brian asked.
            "You mean to tell me you don't know either? You have to know, this doesn't make any sense."
            "What are you talking about?" Brian wondered.
            "Brian you have been missing for exactly 4 weeks and nobody knew where you were or been able to find you." 

* * *

         It had been a couple of hours and Brian had let the news he just heard sink in. Bridgett was still there with him trying to discover what could have possibly happened to him over the last four weeks. She was looking all throughout the house, in the trash, anywhere she thought she might find a clue. There were many strange things to be found in the house but nothing that could help them figure out what had happened to Brian.
            "Why don't we call the police, maybe they can help us out in figuring out what happened to you," Bridgett went on. "They could send over some detectives and search the place.  Maybe stake it out to see if they can catch that guy sneaking around here again."
            "No, I hate cops. They're always trying to get away with all of their conspiracies and crooked behavior," said Brian.
            "Well we have to call them anyways and tell them that you are no longer a missing person, but we must also figure out what has happened to you."
            "Ok fine, but do not let them come over here for any reason.  Now I have an idea of how to possibly get some answers. You need to act like you are leaving. Get in your car, drive it a few blocks away from here, then walk back and hide in those bushes across the street."
             "What good is that going to do?" Bridgette questioned.
             "I have a feeling that you scared off the man that was outside when you came but I also have a feeling that he is still around waiting for you to leave," Brian told her.
            "What are we going to do even if he is still here, how do you expect me, or us to subdue him?"
            "I'm not sure about that yet, we will just play it by ear. I will  try to get him inside hoping that he does not harm me or take me away somewhere. You must then sneak in somehow and tie him up. There is rope in the garage that you can use." Brian schemed.
            "Ok I'll see you later then, I really hope this works Brian." and Bridgett left. She was gone no longer than 27 minutes when Brian saw the silhouette again accompanied by a knock on the door. He nervously went over to the door and opened it slowly. He saw there a sickly looking man that looked like he was just liberated from a Nazi concentration camp. He was wearing a loosely fitting suit with dark sunglasses on. The sun glistened off of his bald head making Brian want to put on some sunglasses as well.
            "May I help you," Brian asked.
            "As a matter of fact I think you can. May I come in?" the strange man was led to a chair that faced away from the front door. "It is a pleasure to finally meet you Brian, I have heard great things," said the man.
            "What are you talking about, how could you possibly know who I am?"
             "Everyone in our world knows who you are. You are possibly the most famous figure in the history of Gonder, " exclaimed the man.
            "What in god's name are you talking about?" Brian demanded.  "What the hell is Gonder and what the hell are you talking about."
            "You a re acting very strange sir, why don't you come back with me and everything will work itself out."
            "No, I am not going anywhere until you tell me what is going on," said Brian. Just then Bridgett crept through the door and right behind the man. Very quietly she got the thick rope ready for the attack. She swung the rope around the man before he could react and tied it tightly around the back of the chair. Brian jumped on top of the struggling man while Bridgett quickly tied his hands and feet to the chair.
            "What are you doing to me?" asked the man.
            "Quiet! Shut up! Now I want some answers. Who are you and what are you doing here?" Bridgett yelled.
            "I am here to help, please listen to me for a moment," the man responded.
            "You had better start talking and it better be good," said Bridgett boldly.
            "I am from the planet Gonder which is two solar systems away. Your brother Brian is very important to us. We need to take him back there, it is an emergency. He is in grave danger and my people are also in danger," screamed the man.
            "Wait a minute, are you telling us that you are an alien? " inquired Brian.
            "Yes.  Gonderians and Earthlings look very much alike but I assure you that I am not from this planet."
            "That's preposterous, there is no such thing as an alien. Now who are you really?" Bridgett cried.
            "I am telling the truth. My people have been taken over by a group of very dangerous and malicious tribe. We need your brother's help. We need your help again Brian." The alien turned to Brian pleading as if his life depended on it.
            "What do you mean you need my help again? Are you the one who took me away before, for a month?"
            "A month? You were on our planet for many years. You were taken there by the very people that we are fighting against. Don't you remember anything?"
            "No," said Brian lowering his brow in a confused fashion.
            "They were searching the universe for the key to ultimate power and found you. You are that key. You escaped from them and my people took you in. When they came looking for you, you led our army in a war to keep our people free and yourself from being used for evil. They are bound to be coming back here soon to get you so I had to come first. Now we must go before they find you again."
            "This cannot be. I am nothing special. I am just a messed up human being that has nothing to offer," said Brian.
            "Yes that may be true here on Earth but on Gonder you are the most powerful being ever. You are special and must come help us."
            "No, we are going call Dr. Watson at the clinic and he is going to come get you because you are truly crazy," Bridgett said.
            "No, you must not do that. Please, I beg of you, let me take him back with me."
            "Absolutely not."
            "Bridgett, can we talk over in the kitchen for a moment?" Brian asked.
            "There is nothing to talk about Brian, this man needs help."
            "Please, just for a second Bridgette?" Brian pleaded
            "Sure." The two walked over to the kitchen and Bridgett feared what Brian was going to say to her.
            "I think he is telling the truth. I just have a feeling that I must go with him. This seems to be my calling. Finally something that can make my life worth while."
            "No way! Are you going nuts? You have no idea who this man is,  He says he is an alien for Christ's sake."
        "No, I'm not going crazy, I think this is for real. I don't know why but for some reason this feels like the right thing to do." Brian tried convincing her.
        "I don't think so, there is no way that I can let you go."
        "If it helps any, I'm pretty sure that I can convince you guys that I really am from another planet," chimed in the man in the suit. The two walked back over to the man and told him to talk.
        "I know everything about you. When you were on Gonder last time you and our leader became great friends. You told him all about your childhood and how awful your parents were. You also told him something that you said that you have never told anybody on Earth before. You told him that you were always very scared around your parents. Not for any particular reason, like personal safety but you just felt scared. However, you never felt scared with your big sis around."
             "Bridgett, I must go," said Brian,
             "What about your job and your friends.  What about me Brian?"
             "My job is a joke, I have no friends, and I will not be gone forever.  It only seemed like I was gone for a month before when this alien says that I was on his planet for many years.  I will be back and everything will be fine, I promise"
             "How can you say that everything will be fine?  You have no idea how things are going to turn out.  What if you get killed or are not able to come back for some reason?" asked Bridgette.
             "Please, you have to trust me, you have to let me go."
             "Well, if you truly think that is what you want to do and are destined to do I cannot stop you," said Bridgett sadly. They went back to the alien and told him the news.
            "Great, we must go now then." They untied the alien and they said there goodbyes to Bridgett.
             "Wait, I need to grab some things.  I need to grab clothes and my…"
             "There is no more time, we need to go.  I promise that we will take care of everything for you when we get to Gonder," said the alien.  Brian agreed and they got into the spacecraft that was being hidden by an invisible shield in the alley behind Brian's house and swiftly left earth.
            When they got to Gonder Brian was welcomed by the alien's people. They immediately got him ready for battle. With the help of the great one, as they called him, the war looked good for Brian and his people to win.  He was the general of an army that was not to impressive at all.  Every single one of the aliens on the frontline with Brian looked just like the one that came to earth for him.  The warriors made up for their diminutive size in their heart and determination to keep their freedom.  They waited for nearly two days in their extravagant fortress for the enemy tribe to attack.  The horn sounded when the team in the watch tower saw the enemies marching over the large hill to the south of the fortress.   The landscape of the battlefield was comparable to that of the Sahara desert on Earth.  The only difference was that instead of sand there was a bright red almost asphalt type of substance.  This made for an even more brutal battle scene.

            The enemies were charging and would be at the fortress in less than one minute.  Brian and his allies braced themselves for the initial onslaught. 

            "Brace yourselves," he yelled.  "Remember the battle plans and we shall be victorious."  The aliens all screamed with pride and fury.  They drew their weapons and before they knew it they were fighting.  The clashing of weapons and screaming of beings falling filled the night air.  They fought for nearly three hours, and Brian had dominated his rivals.  He killed more than half of their army, and the war was all but won. 

            The survivors of the two sides rested until the next day , and Brian realized that the confrontation between these two peoples would not be resolved until his enemies were completely annihilated.  The four moons of Gonder were setting, and the sun would soon be up.  Brian decided that he should take his men to their enemy's camp and slaughter the rest of them when they were not ready.

            Before any of them knew what was going on, Brian's army had finished off the enemies and his people were victorious.  He was a hero once again on the planet of Gonder and decided to stay there for a while longer, to make sure that there would be no more wars, but he still intends to keep his promise to his sister and go back to Earth to see her.


 I would like to thank Terry for showing me how to write a good fantasy story and teaching me the proper ways of writing fiction.  I would also like to thank my classmates for reading my story and listening to me read it for them.  i would like to thank them for all of the good feedback and revisions that they offered to me to make my story the best it could be.