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Kevin Randall
True Colors

"Beep. Beep. Beep."

Ryan jumped out of bed and turned off his alarm clock. Once the annoying beeping stopped, He fell back in bed, dreading the day to come.

          Today was his first day at his new school. This was Ryan's fifth school in three years. He was never one to fit in well with the other kids at the other schools because there was always something different about Ryan. He was the quiet kid who sat in the back of every class and was always alone.
        "Ryan, Sweet Heart, I know it is your first day at your new school, but could you please try to be nice and make some friends?" Ryan's mother said, when she gave her son his lunch as he headed for the door.
        "I'll try mom, but you know it's not my fault. The other kids don't like me because I'm different,"  Ryan replied.
         Ryan's mom knew why the kids had a problem with her son, but there was no medical explanation for his condition. His mom just hoped someday everyone would look past his condition and become her son's friend 

    As Ryan walked into his new school, all the kids walked past him as if he did not even exist. No one said "hi" or "are you lost?" everyone just kept about their business. Ryan found his way to the main office.
        "Son can I help you?" the receptionist said.
        "Yeah hi, I am Ryan Minsor and I was hoping you could give me a copy of my schedule because I lost my copy and today is my first day."
        "Of course Son, just give me one minute to pull up your file and get your classes. There we go. Your first class is Algebra and it is in room 132. That's just down the hall and to the right, okay?" The receptionist replied.
"Thank you very much, I really appreciate the help." Ryan said.
         When Ryan left the office, he headed to his first class. Once again, all of the students passed by him as if he was a stranger who no one wanted there. When Ryan sat down in his first class he sat in the back left corner of the room.
         Ryan noticed that everyone in the class sat as close to the front as they could. Even the students who Ryan knew did not want to pay attention still sat in the first three rows. When every one was in the room and sitting in their seats, Ryan was the only person sitting past the third row.
        "Happy Monday!!!!!!! " The teacher boasted out as he walked into the room. "Whoa, excuse me, what is your name?"
         Ryan knew the teacher was talking to him.
        "Umm. My name is Ryan Minsor." Ryan replied
        "Well , Ryan, in my classroom no one is allowed to sit farther back than needed."
        "Sorry, Mr. White, I did not know it was a rule."
        "I know you are a new student, Ryan, but the rules still apply. I want you to come to the front of the class and tell all the students in the class why you thought it necessary to sit all the way in the back."
         Ryan knew he was not going to get out of it, so he slowly stood up from his seat and made his way to the front of the room. Once Ryan got to the front of the room and turned to face the students, he tried to come up with a reason for sitting in the back.
        "The reason why I sat in the back of the room is because it is my first day, and since I do not know anyone, the back of the room is the most comforting."
         While Ryan was telling the class his reason for sitting in the back, all of the students just started to laugh at him uncontrollably.

        "Go ahead and sit down Ryan. Just remember from now on don't sit any farther back then you have to okay?" Mr. White said.
        "Yes" Ryan replied dis-hearted, knowing it was already too late to fit in. He was ready go give up and move to another school.
         Ryan's first two classes were horrible, every time the teachers asked him to come to the front of the room and talk about himself, the same situation occurred. The students all just stared at him and started to laugh.

           When it came time for lunch, Ryan sat down at a table by himself and started to eat the lunch that his mother packed him. Ryan was eating his apple when another student came over and sat down.
        "Hi, my name is Billy." The boy said
        "Hi." Ryan replied.
        "I have algebra with you." Billy said
        "So…" Ryan said still not looking up at the boy.
        "Well I just wanted to tell you that Mr. White was not trying to make fun of you. He is just weird sometimes. He wants people to sit in the front of the class room because he thinks people pay more attention and participate more if they sit in the front."
        "It's alright I don't care, I probably will not be going here much longer." Ryan said.
        "Why's that?"
        "You saw what happened when I got to the front of the class." Ryan said
        "Yeah about that, I was wondering why did your face got extremely white when you were up there talking."
         "That's none of your business." Ryan snapped out.
        "It's okay, I don't care I actually thought it was kind of cool."
        "What do you mean cool?" Ryan replied.
        "I don't know, I've never met anyone who could change colors."

        "Why should I tell you anything? You are just going to make fun of me because I am different?"

        "No I am not; I mean I have six toes on my left foot. So I am different too."

        "Well if you must know, I was born this way. For as long as I can remember my face has changed colors to the different moods I am in."
        "Wow that's pretty cool, what other colors does it change too?"
        "Well if I am mad my face turns red, if I am sad it turns blue, sick is yellow, embarrassed is white, and happy is pink."
        "Wow that's absolutely awesome."

        "How can you say that, everyone always makes fun of me for it, I hate it! I absolutely hate it!"
          "Ryan it is okay, I mean no one is perfect.  Everybody is different just because your face changes colors does not mean you are any less of a person than anyone else."
        "So your saying even though my face changes colors you still want to be my friend."
        "Of course, I already told you I have six toes on my left foot, neither of us is perfect, and now we can be not perfect as friends."
        "Wow, thanks Billy."


          I want to give my acknowledgments to Terry for assigning me this paper. I really feel that his positive encouragement made me think freely and really let me be creative. Without his encouragement, I would not have written this story. In addition, I would like to give thanks to everyone who has proofread my story.