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Stephanie Sulzner
The Beach

          The water was rushing in through the front windows of Sarah's blue BMW.  She didn't want to open her eyes for fear of what she would see, but when she did all she could see was the vast open water of the huge lake that she drove over everyday.  Thoughts were rushing through her head as the water kept flowing in.  She tugged at her seatbelt and finally she was able to unfasten it.  Her air supply was running out, and  she was still trapped inside the car that was quickly filling with cold, dirty water.  She didn't even realize how she got in this situation. 

          She was on her way home from work, probably driving a little too fast, since she wanted to get home to spend time with her children.  She took her eyes off the road to look at the lake around her, but it couldn't have been for more than two seconds.  The next thing she knew there was this car coming directly towards her.  They must not have been paying attention because they were driving in the middle of the bridge.  She honked her horn, but they didn 't move.  She had no choice but to swerve.  She jerked the wheel to the right and the car went crashing through the guard rails; down into the lake. 

          Sarah was now pulling at the door handle, trying to get out of the sinking car.  The handle wasn't moving though.  She couldn't hold her breath anymore.  She thought she was going to drown, but the next thing she realized was that she was breathing.  She was breathing!  But how could that be, she was still under water?  All Sarah knew was that it gave her more time to get out of the car so she could see her children again.  She snatched the umbrella from underneath her seat.  She put all of her might behind it, and shoved it through the window, shattering the glass.  Sarah's small figure was then able to easily swim out the window.  When she finally came to the surface, she could hear sirens.  She swam over to the edge of the lake where the paramedics and police were there instantly checking to make sure she wasn't hurt. 

          "Are you okay, Miss?"  The paramedic asked.

          "Yeah, I'm fine.  I'm just a little cold."

          "I'll go get you a blanket."

          After they checked her over and found that nothing was wrong with her, the police officer took her home.  Sarah had promised to take her kids, Timmy and Sally, to the beach as soon as she got off work since it was so nice outside.  That was all she had thought about.  She couldn't even concentrate at work.  That is why she had left work early to hurry home to the kids.  Sarah knew there was no point trying to get her husband to go with them because he was a lawyer at a big law firm, so he was never really home much.  He never spent any time with the kids because he was always working.  Sarah worked also, but her kids always took first priority. 

          The kids were so excited to see their mom until they realized she had an escort, the cops.

          "Mom!  Mom!  Are you okay?"  Timmy shouted as the kids ran out towards her.

          "Yes, I'm fine.   I just had a little accident."

          "Are we still going to go to the beach?"  Sally asked.

          "I'm afraid not.  I think it's best if we don't go to the beach today after what just happened.  I'm sorry kids, maybe we can go tomorrow if it's nice out again."

          The kids were pretty disappointed at first, but they quickly got over it after the friendly cop gave them a ride in his police car.  Sarah sent the nanny home and took the kids inside. 

          She was thinking over the events that just happened and she couldn't figure out how it was possible that she could breathe underwater.  She was so excited though, that she had to tell someone. 

          "Timmy!  Sally!  Will you come in here for a moment?"

          The kids came running into the room to see what their mom wanted.

          "I have a secret to tell you, but you have to promise that you won't tell anyone."

          "I promise," the kids replied.

          "Okay, I'll tell you.  When my car crashed into the lake, I panicked and couldn't get the door open.  What I remember is that I was running out of breath, and then the next thing I remember was that I was breathing.  I was breathing underwater!"

          "But mom, how is that possible?"  Timmy asked in amazement.

          "I don't know how it's possible, but what I do know is that I can breathe under water."

          "That's cool mommy!"  Sally said.  "Do you think that we can breathe underwater, too?"

          "Oh, I don't know.  Maybe when we go to the beach tomorrow we could give it a try.  What do you kids think?"

          "Yeah!"  The kids replied.

          "Okay, it's getting late; time to go to bed.  We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow."

          The kids ran upstairs to bed, but all they were thinking about was what was going to happen tomorrow. 

          The beach was very busy that day since it was a Saturday, but that was exactly what Sarah was hoping for.  This way the kids and she could sneak out to the water and no one would be able to tell what they were doing.  It was all Sarah could do to hold Timmy and Sally back from just running into the water.  She knew she had to be careful or something may happen to one of her kids. 

          "Okay kids, the plan is to take one of you in the water at a time.  We are going to stay in the shallow part to be safer.  Then, you are going to stick your head in the water, hold your breath for a while, then when you can't hold it any longer just start breathing.  Before you start to breathe I want you to raise your hand out of the water so I know you are trying just in case you can't." 

          "I want to go first!"  Shouted Sally instantly.

          "Okay, you can go first.  Timmy, will you just sit here on the beach and please don't go anywhere."

          "I'll just play here in the sand for awhile," he replied.

          Sarah and Sally walked slowly into the water.  Sally was a little scared, but she was more excited than anything.  So she walked right into the water and put her face in.  Sarah was shocked by this, but she didn't stop her.  Sally put her hand up after a little while because she couldn't hold her breath for very long.  Sally popped her head up after a little bit and shouted, "Mommy, I did it!  I did it!"

          Sarah was very relieved when Sally's head came out of the water.

          "Did you breathe under water?"  She whispered to Sally.

          "Yeah, and it was great!"

          Sally and Sarah walked back to Timmy.

          "Timmy, are you ready?"

          "Yeah, I guess."

          Timmy had a little more time to think about the different ways that this could go wrong, but since Sally was able to do it, that meant that there was a greater chance that he would be able to do it also.  So they all walked down to the water.  Timmy looked at his mom, took a deep breath, and stuck his head under the water.  After a short time, he raised his hand.  Sarah was getting nervous now because her son had been under there for awhile, and he wasn't moving.  She grabbed Timmy and pulled his face out of the water.  As his face came out of the water there was a big smile on it, and this made Sarah very relieved.

          "You did it, didn't you?"  Sally asked Timmy.


          They all walked back to the beach and sat down.  They were taking in the events that just happened.

          "I have an idea.  I know this quiet little place with a beautiful coral reef where we can do a little exploring.  Does that sound like a good idea?"  Sarah asked her children.

          "Yeah, let's go!"  Yelled Sally.

          "Sounds good," said Timmy.

          They packed up and drove to this special location.  When they got there, nobody was around.  They all ran as fast as they could into the water.  It took a little while for the kids to get used to breathing underwater, but after that they had a great time.  The kids just wanted to keep swimming and swimming until their skin looked like prunes.  It was just so beautiful under the water.  The water was so clear that it was a light blue color and all the different creatures were so colorful.  It even turned out to be educational for the kids because they were able to see all kinds of different creatures; including starfish and sea horses. 

          Sarah decided to take the rest of the summer off so she could do what she always wanted to do; spend more time with her kids.  Maybe that would make up for their father never being around the kids.  Plus, that way her and the kids can go to the beach everyday and enjoy their special gift. 


          I would especially like to thank all of the people in my creative writing class for all of your ideas to help make my story complete.  Thanks to Terry Heller for helping me become a fantasy writer and making the class fun.  And last but not least, I would like to thank the most important person in my life, Chris, for giving me a few ideas and being patient with me as I spent a lot of time doing homework.