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Tim Ahline



"Todd you ready for this week or what" asked Jeff Todd's dad. 

"Ya I'm ready if you don't cancel on me again, like you always do" This was Todd's usual answer to anything his dad asked him. You see Jeff was the president of some fortune 500 company. This meant that he was always out of town or when he had plans with Todd they would always get canceled. Todd had really started to resent his dad for always ditching him for work. 

"Come on I told you that I have the weekend blocked of there is no way I am going to be called away." Just as he finished his sentence his cell phone rang.

"I guess I will go unpack" Todd started to head up stairs

"Todd knock it off it was Ben, the guy who owns the cabin we are staying in. He was calling to let me know where the key was hidden."

"You sure because I could always unpack ahead of time save you some trouble."

"I told you were going on this trip no matter what, I made you a promise and I swear to keep it this time."

"Ya like I haven't heard that one before. You know what you want me to just cancel on you so you don't have to get my hopes up once again," Todd was yelling this as he was walking up the stairs.

"You know what I made you a promise and I'm going to keep it there is nothing that can stop us from going on this trip"

Later that day they had the truck all packed up with everything they needed for a week of hunting and relaxation. 

"See I told you this was really going to happen."

"Ya we will see halfway through the week you will have to unexpectedly go somewhere and then our trip will be cut short and once again I won't see you for a couple weeks."

"Well that may be but I will try my hardest for it not to happen I promise you Todd."

They had gotten settled into the cabin, which was about four and a half hours from there house, and they decided to just hang out and wait until the following day to go hunting. Two days had passed since they had first arrived at the cabin and they had seen nothing remotely close to the monster buck they were looking for. 

"We have not seen anything all day lets call it a day shall we?"

"Sure I guess so, can we walk through one of those caves over there I have always wanted to walk through one?"

His father replies, "Um, yes, I don't see why not. It couldn't hurt I guess." They chose the biggest cave, that way they did not have to squeeze in and out of it. Also, they were able to stand up without having to crouch. As they walked through, they heard a strange low moan like sound. 

"What was that," Todd whispered with fear to his dad 

"I don't know. Let's go find out", his father answered. 

They continued to walk farther into the cave; they came upon a huge rock that was in front of an opening in the wall. There was a small crack in the wall, which is where the source of the sound was coming from. 

"Hheeeeeeelllllppp", the moan was not actually a moan but a call for help; they instantly thought someone had gotten trapped inside. They immediately went to work on the stone that was blocking the hole. They tried to take down the rock, so they were able to let the person go. 

"Todd, go grab me a long branch from the tree outside", ordered his father. Therefore, Todd ran outside as quickly as he could and grabbed the first and biggest branch from the forest floor. He ran back inside and handed the branch to his dad. 

"Good, now go over to the other side and pull on the rock, as I pry it away from the wall", said his dad. 

Todd started at the one end with his dad using the branch at the other end. Todd was pushing as hard as he could but it just did not want to move at all. Todd was becoming exhausted and knew he would not be able to keep this up much longer.

"Hheeeeeeelllllppp", the moan was getting weaker by the minute; Todd's dad knew they had to do something fast, he came up with an idea that might work but he was not entirely sure. He made a quick decision to go for it. He took the spare bullets out of his pack and laid them out. 

"We have thirteen 12 gauge shells I'm going to take theses apart to make a sort of shaped charge." Todd's dad went to work on dismantling the shells and using the black powder to make a sort of improvised explosive. When he was done he put all the powder into one shell and wedged it between the rack and the wall.

"Todd stand over there by the other wall and put your earplugs in, this will be loud."

"Sir if you can hear me cover your ears and curl into a little ball we are going to blow this rock away." Todd's dad was yelling a warning to the man inside.

"Okay here we go one two three," Todd's dad lit a match and threw it at the shell full of powder. BOOOOOOOOM it sounded like a large firework going off but only twelve times louder.

The rock started to tip back towards Todd.

"Watch out!" yelled Todd's dad, as the rock was falling above Todd. 

Todd jumped back as the rock slammed onto the ground; when the dust settled, Todd and his dad peered inside the cave and could not believe what they were seeing. It appeared to be a creature that they have never seen before, even in any books. They were puzzled and had no idea what to do at that very moment. 

"Wow", said Todd 

"Help me please, kind sirs. There seems to be a stalagmite stuck in my side", says the trapped creature. 

"What are you", Todd asked very quietly 

"I will tell you as soon as you help me remove this stalagmite from my side", replies the creature. 

Todd and his father went to the beast's side and grabbed a hold of the three-foot solid rock slab from his side. They pulled as hard and steady as they could, plus they tried to pull it out as slowly and surely as possible. They were able to remove the rock from his side. They looked at their hands, which were not covered in blood, but a sticky blue slime. Then they looked at his side where the rock had just been pulled out, it was healing very quickly. This was something they have never seen before. They had no idea how a wound so deep, could heal so fast. 

"I see you are admiring my side. Well, to answer your question, I am Walter, a chimera. Just so happen to be the last of my kind in the world. And yes, I heal very rapidly, that is the main reason I have been able to survive with the stalagmite in my side for so long", said Walter. 

"Well how long has that been in your side for?" Todd asked

"By my accounts, 12 days I believe."

Todd could not believe what he was seeing or hearing. He looked at his dad and his dad just looked back at him with the same face, it was a face of puzzlement but excitement at the same time.

"Well Walter we would love to stay and chat but we have to get back for dinner," 

"Well my good friends that is alright because I must return to my cave and rest some more, that accident has taken a lot out of me and I do desperately need some sleep."

"OK well Walter you have a good night and if you would like to join us for breakfast tomorrow you are more than welcome to come over to our cabin."

"Well if I am up in time I would love to stop by and eat breakfast with you but I worn you I do eat a lot, so I will most likely do some hunting before I get there. Is that ok with you?"

"Ya that's perfect", Todd answered excitedly, oh man I can't wait for breakfast tomorrow it is going to be awesome. 

"Alright son lets get back it's a long walk."

"OK lets go, bye Walter hopefully see you tomorrow."

"Good night little one I will try to get over to your cabin tomorrow."

So Todd and his dad walked of into the woods back towards there cabin when Todd suddenly stopped.

"Hey dad"

"Yes Todd what is it?"

"I didn't mean all those things I said about you before we left I just hate it when you cancel on me all the time."

"You don't think I feel bad when I cancel on you, well I do and it hurts me every time I have to cancel on you I feel like the worlds worst parent."

"I love you dad."

"I love you too Todd."

And with that Todd and his father walked back to the cabin thinking about how they could get anyone to believe the crazy adventure they had just been apart of.

... ...