Fantasticoe  2009

Strange Stories

Betsy Casey
Brandi Webster
Coley Genger
Emily Weber
JD Schott
Jeremy Joanes
Jessica Karminski
Nikki Gevock
Phillip Hale
Shelby Braden
Tekla Holten
Tim Ahline
Yulin Xing

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Photo Gallery

Left to Right on someone's birthday
Brandi, Phillip, Nikki, Betsy, Shelby, Jordan, Jessica, Jeremy, Emily, Yulin, Coley.

Tim and Shelby "at work."

Tekla and Yulin "at the beach."

"Umbrella day at the beach": Jessica, Phillip, Nikki

This space is for JD, who never lets himself be photographed.

Kayla, "class buddy."

Terry on "the other side."

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