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Nikki Gevock

 The House of Timothy Mendel


"What can I do for you Mr. Hanson?" Mrs. Gevock asked. "The principal always wanted something or another," she thought to herself.

"We have a new transfer student from Fairfield. She has a bad history. I had a talk with her parents yesterday. They say she suffers from schizophrenia. She has a reputation for getting into trouble so be alert. With her new medicine hopefully she won't have another episode." He replied.

Mrs. Gevock stared at him blankly for awhile before she could get up to leave for class he answered her question.

"She went on a rampage last year. She hospitalized her ex-boyfriend. It shouldn't happen again, good day Mrs. Gevock."

"Class! This is your new classmate, Maggie Kelly. She has transferred from Fairfield High School, and will remain with us until graduation. Please make her feel welcome." Mrs. Gevock glared. This wasn't a suggestion.

"I heard she went crazy on her ex boyfriend and killed him in his sleep because he tried to rape her when she was drunk. I wouldn't want to get on her bad side, Psycho." Erin whispered.


"Class dismissed. Keri, would you be so kind to walk Maggie to her next class?" Mrs. Gevock asked.

"Sure, so is it true that you hacked your boyfriend into little bits until he couldn't be recognized?" Keri asked as they walked through the hall.

"A new place means a new slate my mother told me," Maggie thought to herself. "Yes it's true but it was self defense and unfortunately it was just one blow to the head," Maggie replied.

"Well here we are. I'll see you after class. Meet me around back we can walk home together."

"Seriously? You're not scared?"

"Scared of a 90Ib brunette, ha ha no."

>>>Two years later<<<

Keri and Maggie quickly developed an inseparable friendship. Maggie may have had a reputation but she wasn't a stuck up brat. Keri was the only welcoming person Maggie had met at school.

"Don't be such a scaredy-cat Maggie. In the spirit of Halloween lighten up a bit it's just a cemetery for God's sake. The point of Halloween is to get dressed up and get scared. Come on you could use a fun night out for once. All you ever do is sit in your room and hide anymore."

"You know I can't risk walking into him again. Something about him puts my hair on end. Everyone is out to get me in this town. Besides it's disrespectful not to mention creepy. The house looks like it was built in the 50's. It could collapse with us in it. If I get hurt I'm going to sue! Who would have a haunted house in an abandon building?"

"If you're going to keep this up go sit in the car by yourself. You know for someone with your reputation you're quite the little baby. Don't let Timmy catch you he's looking for someone to take home to meet his mother's corpse. She has no choice but to approve of you and once you're in you will never come out."

"Shut up! The car is a mile hike away. Wait up! They could at least let you park closer to the house."

"They wouldn't want you to escape without a challenge would they?"

The girls approached the house through the Mendel Cemetery. Sixty nine graves on a small plot of 2 acres with a barbwire fence enclosing all the way around. The fog was thick & the air cold, but nothing could keep them from coming.

The house was a popular attraction on Halloween. It was located near old Timothy Mendel's house. Everyone knew the legend and every year people would dress up like Timmy and try to scare their friends. It was beyond the point of overkill. Anyone could buy his mask at the local Wal-Mart. People of all ages from far and near came to see the attraction. If you eased dropped you could overhear other peoples' experience in the house & try to prepare yourself.

"Did you see that man? His face was fucked up. His mouth was on the side of his face. It looked like someone had taken a razor blade to it and tried to sew it back up with a sewing needle. They must spend a fortune on props in there. There was blood everywhere! I saw it gushing out of the woodwork," another satisfied customer blabbed away.

"I'm not going to sleep for a week. I couldn't get out of that house fast enough. Some guy pinned me into a dead end and started threatening me. For a second I thought he was being serious. I high tailed it out of there," a husky football player squeaked as he ran back to his car.

"When the dining room chair suddenly jolted back and tilted toward me as a gracious invitation by an invisible host, that was enough for me," cried the man who spent the entire tour making fun of everything in an effort to keep his cool.

"Do you have any hand sanitizer? I have no idea what they used to make those fake organs but they felt so synthetic," another gullible blond squealed.

"Did you hear that Keri? That was my mom on the phone. She thinks I need to come home right away because she is getting a really bad vibe. We should head back," Maggie pleaded.

"Oh really Maggie then why didn't I hear it ring? Nice try but there is no turning back now," Keri replied.

"Eight dollars please no refunds after the second curtain," the ticket collected said.

"You can go first Keri."

"I wouldn't expect anything less. Don't let Timmy catch you from behind," Keri laughed.

"Are you ladies ready," asked an over sized tour guide dressed in all black.

"Ready as I will ever be," Maggie replied.

"Welcome to the house of Timothy Mendel!"

"Yeah, sure," Keri whispered under her breath. She could see the real Mendel house from where she was standing with a group of high school and middle school kids huddled around one of the guys disguised as Mendel - with a smear of blood on his face and that backwards Yankee's cap from the famous newspaper photo. She knew their guide from her chemistry class, anyway, and his hair was really short and blond, not matted curly red, like Timmy's.

Timmy looked just like your friends in chemistry class when he was 18 except that he never talked to anyone, never dated either. No one ever saw him at the movies or the mall. No one ever saw him in private, -- except his mother. And she saw way more of him than she should have. She knew all about those places you're not supposed to touch. Her fingerprints were everywhere. They were a couple, until the incident.

On his 18th birthday Timmy walked in on his mother and some strange man doing the nasty. Outraged Timothy took an old garden hoe from the shed and drove it into Mommy's boyfriend's head in his sleep. She pleaded for her life, but Timmy was too strong with adrenaline. The one person Timothy had ever loved had abandoned him for another.

Not long after the "accident" Timothy disappeared. The sheriff assumed he had run off somewhere to die alone. If you ask anyone else in the town he is hiding in the basement waiting for his mother to come to home. Watch yourself. He's been alone for a long time. Longer than any man should be alone." The man disappeared behind the curtain.

"Maggie is coming! We're waiting for you Maggie! Come here," the spooks chanted.

"This isn't funny, knock it off you guys," Maggie demanded.

"Wow, the props look so real. Look at this Maggie, the victims organs are gushing out blood. I wonder if the hospital donated them for the show. Dust, cobwebs, sheets on furniture, broken tables, chairs, windows, lamps, peeling wallpaper, gaps in the floorboards, holes in the walls, flickering lights, broken glass on the floor, spiders, cockroaches, rust, mildew, ripped curtains, shadows, gloomy staircases, old portraits-they really went all out."

"Let's get out of here Keri, I'm uncomfortable."

"Oh come on. Don't be a party pooper. If you get scared just run a little faster," Keri laughed. "You'll be out before you know it. Catch me if you can Maggie."

"Keri, come back!" Maggie cringed at each creak on the old warped stairs, but it didn't sway her determination to make it to the bedroom on the second floor. Halfway up a shadow flickered out of the corner of her vision. She froze. A shiver curled through the hairs on the back of her neck then cascaded down her backbone. It was all she could do to not hurl herself back down the stairs toward the front door. The moment she entered the master bedroom she felt warm, moist air brushing her ear like a stalker's breath.

After an hour of not finding Keri, Maggie tried to find her way out of the house. Every step she took was a dead end. It seemed like she had been in there for hours. She began to scream out for help. Meanwhile Keri was having the time of her life.

"That's so stupid that couldn't possibly be real. You would be dead if you had lost that much blood. Hello? I'm talking to you spook," Keri poked the oversized man, "I do like your mask though the scars look like opened wounds. Don't you think you're a little tall & not to mention plump to be playing the part of Timmy? I figured they would have at least hired a real actor," Keri said.

Before Keri could say another word Timmy picked her up by the waist and began to drag her out of the room.

"Let go of me. You're really hurting me. Get off of me." Keri fought back as hard as she could.

"Hey! Let go of her! We're not supposed to touch the customers. You know the rules. She could file a lawsuit against us." Another spooked yelled.

Timmy took the blade and rammed it into his stomach. He didn't stop with just jabbing the knife in. He twisted and turned it savoring his enjoyment. As he pushed the spook off of his blade he turned his attention back to Keri.

"What the hell is wrong with you freak?! Don't you speak or is your tongue cut off? Get the hell off of me"

"Stupid Bitch the more you fight the worse this is going to hurt." He tackled her to the ground.

Just as he had propped her onto the table he heard someone calling in distress. He left what was left of Keri on the table and went in search of another victim.

"Someone get me out of here! This isn't funny I'm lost," Maggie screamed.

"No one can hear you Maggie," Timmy replied.

"Who's there, Keri?"

"Keri is dead."

"This isn't funny Keri. Is this your imagination of a sick joke? Forget this I'm out of here."

"You're not going anywhere."


"No, please! No!" Maggie pleaded with frantic sobs and blood curdling screams.

She wished she could close her eyes and wake up from this awful nightmare but she couldn't. This was real. The monster brought her to a small dark room. The paint was peeling off the walls and the smell of death was thick in the air. The monster plopped her on the table.

Something caught Maggie's eye and she reluctantly turned her head and saw Keri's rotting corpse staring at her with a face of distorted terror. Maggie screamed and sobbed at the sight of her dead friend. The monster lurched over to her and chained her arms to the table. She tried and tried to break free but it was useless. The monster walked over to a black curtain and opened it quickly revealing people touring the haunted house. Maggie screamed frantically.

"Help me get me out of here! He is going to hurt me. Help!" but as much as she pleaded and screamed. All the small children pointed and laughed thinking it was a part of the act.

Group after group ran by. Her pleas of help were just another prop in the act, until a familiar face entered the room.

"Erin! Help me it's me Maggie. Look what they have done to Keri. You need to get me out of here quick before that monster gets back and it's too late!"

"Maggie, is that really you? I didn't know you worked in the haunted house. That is so cool," Erin answered.

"No Erin, this is real. I need your help. Keri is dead. He murdered her."

"Hurry! He's coming back!"

"You've been a naughty girl, trying to escape. To think I liked you. I guess you're just like the rest of them." He bellowed as he pinned Erin down.

"No, I'm not like them. Truly I'm not." She began to feel sorry for him. He was all alone in a big house with no one to comfort him.

"You tried to escape. You run just like the rest. You aren't good enough for me. You are as good as dead."

Panic arose in Maggie and her thoughts began to race. "I have to convince him not to kill me. If I can convince him that we have something in common and he can trust me, he will have no reason to hurt me. I need to persuade him that I'm not like his mother and that I'm not going to abandon him."

"No! Please! You don't understand. I'm not like your mother Timothy. I'm not going to walk out of your life. I'm here to stay. You can stop with the haunted house. I'm the girl you're looking for. For better or worse I will always be here for you."

"I don't deserve you Maggie. I've been a bad boy." Timothy sobbed.

"It's not your fault, Timmy. They were mean to you. They had it coming. I know how it feels to be where you are. To feel like you're all alone without anyone to turn to. When I was your age boys treated me like I was their property, nothing more than a piece of ass. I didn't handle their actions very well, but people forget. Everyone makes mistakes. We can start over in a new town with a new slate together."

"How can I trust you," he asked.

"You have to trust me Timmy. Don't punish me for what she did to you. Just give me a chance to prove it to you."

"Kill her," he pointed to Erin.


"If you are truly willing to be with me you will have to accept the fact that you will no longer have friends. She is as good as dead to you anyways. She will never accept us being together. Kill her so we can start over."

"She's my friend," she cried.

"I should have known better than to even give you a chance to speak." He raised a hatchet behind his head ready to pile drive it through her heart. A single tear ran down the side of his cheek.

"No! Wait. I will do it but only because I love you!" All of these years Maggie had struggled to suppress her schizophrenia. It was difficult to tell the difference between real and unreal experiences. But that wasn't the only side effect. Maggie had a hard time making normal responses and thinking logically. Until today.

Maggie pulled out the hatchet from Keri's skull and drove it into Erin's chest.

"Take my hand Timothy. It's time to go home but first, we must continue the show as if nothing had ever happened. Upon closing we will flee. No one will ever know the true story of the Psycho & the Beast."

They will always be out there skipping around from town to town. Without her medicine it will be hard for Maggie to stop the delusions, anger, and the inability to care. Soon her interest in Timmy will diminish and she will have to find a different outlet for her rage.

... ...