Fall 2011

Diana Feldstein

Kathryn Fleming
The Strange Case of Somer Lynn

Brianna Hull
Parting Problems

Riley Jones
Hidden Wings

Nicole Leuer
A Cure to Homesickness

Jordan Martin
The Strange Engagement of Michael and Jocelyn

Tanner McClenahan
The Bermuda Triangle: A Time Bridge

Kirsten Nelson
They Told You So

Fantasticoe Home


Monica Perez
Frog Potion

Chloe Reichelt

Maureen Salisbury
Through Her Eyes

Rebecca Scheckel
"Marco Polo"

Theresa Sengstock
The Planet's Cry

Jen Simmons
A Strange Day

Cailen Stuebe
Ergo's Hope

Kylee Sullivan
No Answer

Micah Wieditz
Weight Space

Prize Winning Stories

Chosen by the members of
Spring 2012
Topics: Fantasy

First Prize: Chloe Reichelt
Second Prize: Maureen Salisbury
Third Prize: Theresa Sengstock

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Photo by Terry.
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Back Row (L/R):  Chloe Reichelt, Rebecca Scheckel, Diana Feldstein, Kirsten Nelson,
Maureen Salisbury, Kilee Sullivan, Cailen Steube, Kat Fleming, Bri Hull

Next Row Left: Monica Perez, Theresa Sengstock

Kneeling: Jen Simmons, Riley Jones, Nicole Leuer, Micah Wieditz, Jordan Martin

Seated: Tanner McClenahan