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The Strange Case of Somer Lynn
by Kathryn Fleming

Somer and her four faithful friends would never forget that night. They had planned to go to a party. It was their senior year, and none of them had ever had the nerves to do anything that involved any illegal activity that included TPing during homecoming week. They were the straight A students. Always had their homework done, went to class on time, and never disobeyed the teachers in class. They were hated by most of their classmates because of their goody two-shoe status.

However, tonight they were going to break that status quo. They wanted to prove to everyone that they had it in them to break the rules and laws. They were going to the senior kegger.  Even though they were scared and really did not want to commit to going. They would if Somer was going to. She was the more or less the leader of the group. She was the one who always kept them in line or told them to let loose and have some fun. She was the one that the other girls feared of losing or making mad. They really wanted to go out with a bang because it was their senior year and they were always the goody girl type. Little did they know, that might happen more or less as literally than what they wanted.

They all met at Somer’s house. She was the only one with a car. The others told their parents it was a sleep over and of course, their parents believed it. Once they were all at there, they crammed into her little four door Dodge Neon. They were cramped, but did not care at all because they were all to excited to go to a party that involved alcohol. Finally, it was time to have some fun. They did not know exactly where the party was at, but it had to be at either Chance’s lake house or Jordan’s. At first, they drove past the school where Chance’s house would be. They were right; it was there. His house was just two blocks from their high school but that was the only down fall of the party. If they were caught, they would be screwed because they were so close to school property. Running was not an option because it would only cause more trouble. They arrived an hour late, but it was always better to be late than early. Shelby saw them first, turning and looking at Chance. Her expression was not what people expected. She was happy they showed up, but for all the wrong reasons.

Shelby slyly walked over to Somer asking, “What do you want to drink?”

“I’ll have a coke and vodka.”

The other girls were surprised that she knew what to ask for, let alone what to drink. Shelby walked away and got her one. On the way, she stopped and told all of her friends that Somer might be like them after all. It took about ten minutes to get the drink Somer wanted because of Shelby’s bafflement and confusion. While standing there, waiting for Shelby to come back the girls noticed a pungent smell. However, they did not think too much of it because they all thought it was the alcohol in the room and bodies cramped together. Shelby was back then turned and asked the other girls what they wanted. They all said tonic water with lime. Not surprised by what they said, she walked over and came back within two minuets. Wondering why Somer ordered a Coke and Vodka, they pulled her aside.

“What are you doing?” Jessica asked.

“Are you crazy?” Elissa exclaimed.

“No, to both of those questions. You guys are the ones who wanted to have fun and be a rebel, but here you are just drinking tonic water with lime. How is that anything different than what you guys have done in the past?”

Somer had a point, but the girls stuck with the water all night. That was probably a good thing. Considering the girls were the only one who noticed that something might be going wrong. The smell from earlier was getting worse, and the girls realized it was not the excessive bodies and alcohol. It was gas. They wanted to get out of there, but no one wanted to leave Somer. They looked outside by the grill. Thinking of where she could be, trying to think of a bedroom that someone is trying to take advantage of her. Their hearts were racing and pounding as if they were gong to come right out of their chest. They went running into the house looking for her. They searched through the basement looing in every door, hoping and praying that she was all right. They could not find her in the basement, so they sprinted up the stairs two steps at a time. The smell was getting worse with every step they took. They opened the first door. There were two people making out and taking off each other’s clothes. Slamming the door shut, they ran to the next-door. Opening that one, they saw a boiler room. She was not going to be in there. They slammed the door shut. They started to panic. They need to find her and fast. They opened the next door, and there she was laying on the bathroom floor, throwing up her guts. The smell of thrown-up pizza and alcohol filled the small bathroom. The girls were disgusted with the smell coming out of the room. The heat of the small space, vomit and so many people cramped into the room was nauseating. . They recognized one of three people in the bathroom with Somer. It was their class president Ross; the other guy must have been an underclassman or someone from another school. However, that did not matter. They had to get her out of there. Each of the girls helped her stand up, grabbing an arm or part of her shirt. They lifted her from the toilet. Jessica and Elissa then took over. They took her from either side of her body, and drug her out of the bathroom and into the hallway.  They walked down the hallway to get to the living room.  Finally getting her into the living room, they saw the sliding glass door that went to outside.

They slowly got her to the glass door. Unexpectedly, things took a turn for the worse. They looked outside and There were people scatted all over the place either throwing up, making out and who knows what else. The girls had to get out before the cops showed up. Not wanting Somer to get sick all over them or herself again, they walked outside. The cool air hit them like a wall. The girls did not mind the cool air. Suddenly a burst of heat hit them from behind. Not knowing what just happened, they started running away the flames burned behind them. The intense heat and flames blazed, getting hotter and hotter and not letting up. Suddenly the house engulfed in flams. Scared and drunk kids were running around the yard freaking out. All of them looking for a their friend that they had lost in all the chaos. The girls had just stopped sprinting, the adrenalin still running through their veins. Suddenly realizing what just happened…

Jessica screaming with all the air in her lungs. “WE DROPPED SOMER! OMG WE KILLED OUR BEST FRIEND!”

The other girls broke down and started crying. All they could say and think about was how they just killed their best friend.

Not know what to do or what happened for sure, the girls started walking. They walked as fast as they could to get out of there. All they could think about was Somer. How could they do that to their best friend? The Fire department was called to the house by a neighbored that had seen the fire and explosion. The police stopped the girls walking away to see if they were okay and to ask what happened. All the girls could say was their best friend is dead and that it was their fault. Not knowing what they meant, they took the girls to the car to be taken down to the police station.

However, before they could get the chance to put the girls into the car, Somer came walking out of the fire as if it didn’t phase her. The girls ran to her and embraced her. They did not let her go, but the only question they had for her was how she survived. The police were wondering the same thing.

“Ma’am, you need to come with us to the station,” Paul, the Chief of Police, said to Somer.

“May I ask why officer?” Somer said looking puzzled, thinking she did not do anything wrong.

“We just need to ask you a few questions but before we can do that, we are going to have the paramedics check you out.”

“Right this way miss.” Steven, the paramedic, told her. He then took her vitals, and did a head to toe check. They looked at every square inch of her body. Not finding anything wrong with her. All of her vitals were good also. Baffled, the paramedics walked her back to police.

“Somer, please come with us to the station to have us ask more questions,” the police asked her.

“Okay, I will but why are you looking at me like I am a freak.” Somer exclaimed.

Walking to the car, the police were silent not answering her question. “Watch your head,” they said as she was getting in the back of the cruiser. The fifteen-minuet car ride to the police station was silent as well. Once there, the police took Somer out of the car and walked her to the Interview Room.

“Somer what happened this evening?” Paul asked her in a soft, caring voice.

Somer was able to explain everything except what happened after she left the bathroom until her best friends embraced her. The police kept asking questions about what happened. Somer was becoming increasingly agitated.

“I DON’T REMEMBER! OKAY?”  She said yelling at them.

“Okay Somer, take a break. We will continue with more questions after you have calmed down.”

What the hell is happening? I tell them once that I do not know what is going on, that I do not remember, and they think I am fucking lying. Ugh, life cannot get any worse. All I can remember is that I walked out of the fire. I do not know how I did not die. But what was that shield that came around me. Was I dreaming? Or, was I actually able to do that? Oh my god! I know what happened.

“Sir. Sir. SIR! Yoo-hoo in here!”

“What? What is it? Do you remember anything?’ They asked with excitement in their voice.

“No, I just like yelling to see if you guys will come running like in the shows on T.V.,” Somer replying angrily. “Yes, I remember what happened. Do you think I am dumb?”

“Miss are you going to tell us what you remember,” Paul asked

“Sure why not. When I tell you, will you leave me alone? Because you are really pissing me off.”

“We promise to stop once you tell us what happened.”

“While in the fire I started freaking out and wishing I wasn’t there anymore. Suddenly I was able to make a shield around me. It kept everything but air out of it. I no longer felt the heat of the fire. I don’t know how I did it or even if I could do it again.”

Laughing, the police thought she was lying to them.

“Somer, what really happened?’

“I just told you. I am telling the truth!” Somer said, raising her voice at them.

“Okay, well if that is what you choose to believe so be it but we wont. Since you are a minor we cant, keep you here anymore. You are free to go Somer.” Paul said.

Walking out of the station Somer was confused and really did not know what happened. Nevertheless, she had to tell her friends and see what they think. Their parents already picked them up. Somer took the twenty-minuet drive home just to think. Upon getting there, she saw her parents sitting on the front porch. Shit. She thought, they are up and I do not know what to say or do.

“Hi, mom and dad. How are you guys? Shouldn’t you be sleeping? Well I am tired and going to bed. Goodnight,” Somer stammering and avoiding to make eye contact with them.

“GET you little butt right back her young lady!” her mom saying to her before she could close the front door.

            “Yes mother,” Somer shyly replying.

            “Come here!” her mother said raising her voice.

            Somer came walking out of the house. By this time of night they whole town had heard the news of the fire at the lake house and how Somer survived. The whole town was talking about how she walked out of the fire and was untouched and unharmed. The fire took seven lives. Somer was the only one that made it out of the fire. The other classmates were trapped. Somer started crying. How did she get to survive and they did not. Somer’s parents just held her while she cried.

            Out of nowhere came a deranged parent of one of the dead students.  She went crazy and started yelling about how her daughter did not deserve to die.

            “Come out, come out you little witch You don’t deserve to live when Amy died in the fire! You need to take your punishment just like the rest of them took theirs.” Nita, the mother or Amy, yelled.

            Suddenly she pulled out a Smith & Wesson M&P .40 from her purse. She pointed it right at Somer. Everything then slowed way down. To Somer it felt like time had stopped but in reality, it did not. Pop the first gun shot was fired, it slowly going through the air. Right are her father’s head. She could not let him take her bullet. She pushed him out of the way before he could fall to the ground another shot. Pop this time coming right at her and her mother. Pushing her mother to the ground, Somer stood there. The two shots missed but here comes the third one. Pop and this one was not going to miss, it was coming right at her heart. All she could think about was how she wishes she were not there. Just like in the fire.

            By this time, the whole neighbor hood was out on their front steps watching Nita try to kill Somer. They knew it was not Somer’s fault that Amy died but Nita did not know that. They all watched what happened next. Somer was wishing and wish about how she did not want to be there. All the neighbors watched as Somer hit the ground as the bullet made contact with her chest. The neighbor hood did not know what to do. Somer’s parents crawled to their only daughter. And just held her.

            “Shhh pretend that I am dead.” Somer said quietly as her parents held her.

            Weeping and covering their daughters body her mother started to scream about how Nita killed their only daughter. However, before they could do anything else more gunshots were heard. This time they were coming at Somer’s parents. Pop. Pop. Pop. Three right in a row. Somer had to do something. She put her force field around everyone with in a walking distance other than Nita. She had to protect them and not let any more people get hurt tonight. The whole neighbor hood was watching her. Nita was stopped shooting; she was shocked that the bullets did not it the people. Then Somer stood up. The whole neighborhood staring at her, Nita dropped the gun and dropped to her knees.

            Somer dropped to her knees saying. “Now do you believe me?”