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Hidden Wings

by Riley Jones

 Solomon Johansenburg’s dream had come true. He had a super power well, he could turn into a bee, so close enough right? Last night, he went on his first flight. He felt the breeze rush through his hair as he flew between trees, weaving in and out of the trunks, flying up into the treetops to stare at the moon. He felt free but sick to his stomach. I have school tomorrow, how am I going to hide these wings? Not only did Solomon grow wings, he become, well, “hot”. His once red shaggy hair was now, a dark firey red, his curls placed perfectly. The once long arms and awkward legs had now become a force to recon with. His pale skin no longer was blotchy it was smooth and tan. This was going to be a problem. How was he supposed to pull this off? Tell people, “Oh yeah just got stung by a super large bee, now I’m sexy bee man?” Or, “I got laser surgery, yeah, it does all this, and more.” He had to figure out a way to get around this problem.

“Maybe I’ll hide in the air vents, that way I’m there but they can’t see me and at night ill turn my homework in on the table…too sketchy. If I can cover my body up enough they wont be able to see my arms and legs--even though they’re awesome! I’ll just have to put a wrap around my wings to keep them down, but what about my face I’ll wear my glasses and mess up my hair real bad! As for the absent pimples that cover my face I’ll say I got some real good face wash…Proactive! It really does work! That could work right?” He thought.

So that was the plan. Solomon would wake up in the morning wrap his wings down. Cover himself head to toe in clothing, put on his glasses, and mess his hair up. Seemed simple enough.

Beep Beep Beep

Solomon smacked his alarm it was 7:00a.m. School started at 8:00a.m. “Plenty of time.” He did every thing that he had planned. His wings rapped tightly down against his back. He did everything he could to look like the old Solomon. Until he was able to make the transfer over to the new hot “Bee Boy”. One problem, he hadn’t looked in the mirror yet.

“Are you kidding me!” he yelled “Know matter what I do I can’t mess up my hair or cover my muscle I look like a freaking super hero!” “Girls won’t believe their eyes, Guys are going to give me so much crap!” “This is going to be the worst day ever.” “Ill just put my hood up on the bus see how long I can get away with it during school.”

Solomon waited like a pacing dog for the bus. Walking back and forth, back and forth in his driveway not wanting to stand on the corner, where his neighbors waited to hop onto the school bus that would take him to his very first day as a the Solomon.

The bus arrived Solomon rushed over to hop in line to get on.

 With his head down and hood up he made it to a seat. “Deep breaths, deep breaths”. He told himself. “You got this Solomon you got a gift for a reason”, now don’t be a baby about it and calm down. You can hide this!”

Solomon made it into the school just fine. “See, you’re doing great.” He thought to himself.  He went to his first class. He sat down and slumped over like the old Solomon would have and he kept his head down.

 “Please don’t tell me to take my hood off,” Solomon prayed to himself. “Solomon you know the rules no hoods on in class” his teacher recited.

Slowly, Solomon pulled down his hood. He looked up to see the whole class staring at him.

“Oh my god!” “What did you do?” a tool headed boy snarled.

 “You go on some over night trip to I’m a nerd make me fit in land?” “Cause dude you look ridiculous!” Said the tool head.

“I think he looks nice,”

Who said that? Thought Solomon, a familiar voice came from across the room. Solomon looked up to see Jenny Vancamp staring back at him. She was beautiful, her long wavy blonde hair seemed to shine every time she moved, her big blue eyes that looked liked her eyelashes went on forever, her cute body that any boy would want to have a shot at.

“I think he looks good,” She said then looking into Solomon’s eyes said, “ I think you look good”. Solomon’s heart began to buzz. Literally, it began to “buzz.”

 “What’s that sound?” a kid said, “can anyone else hear that?”

“Oh no!” Solomon whispered under his breath”. That wasn’t his heart beating. One of his wings had broken free from the wrap he had in place to keep them hidden.

“I . . .I . . .I have to pee!” He blurted out, running to the bathroom. When he finally made it to the bathroom, he was smiling so wide it may have looked like his face was broken. Never had any girl noticed him before. Now Jenny Vancamp called him cute! “What was happening?” The rush of hormones Solomon got from this triggered something. His wings were uncontrollable, now the one that had broken free was buzzy so fast it had one of his feet off the ground. The other wing was struggling to break free from the wrap. Is it always going to be like this, every time a pretty girl talks to him? His other wing broke free, throwing Solomon into the air ramming his head into the ceiling.

“Ouch Crap, Crap, Crap”. “What’s happening?” “What do I do?” “I cant go back out there not like this. My shirt is torn, my glasses are not broken, oh yeah and I’m flying!” He would have to make a dash or fly. Whatever you call it to the front doors. Sneaking out of the bathroom was easy enough. He hovered across the hallway, slowly trying to make little sound as possible. When a door opened, out walked Jenny. Solomon’s wings began to increase in speed. He shot up towards the ceiling hoping to get out of plan sight. To bad his wings made so much noise. Jenny looked up and saw Solomon. She screamed so loud the windows could have broken. Solomon busted through the entrance doors, out into the blue sky. He looked back to see Jenny standing there looking for him. He couldn’t turn back now, he had just let the girl he liked see his secret. She would never want a bee as a boyfriend or for that matter even think of speaking to him again.

Solomon made the choice to not go back to school or home. He needed to get away to figure out his meaning for having this gift, so he could one day show Jenny he was not some kind of freak but a true “super hero”.

He flew home right up to his bedroom window he had left open from his night of flying. Like a real bee, would he buzzed around the room picking up things he would need for his journey. He never stopped so scatter brained. He was bumping into walls leaving dents in them. Do I leave my parents a note? Do I tell them why I’m leaving? Will this crush them? So many things running on through his mind made his wings give out throwing him to the floor. Finally, he was able to settle down now that his feet were placed on the floor. “I’ll start with a letter to my parents.”

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am sorry I have to leave this way. There is so much to be said, but I can’t find the words to tell you yet. You will find out in time and come to understand it is for the better. Lets just say, “I was stung” by a fait. It might not be the best thing to ever happen to me but who knows in the end I could be making head lines “you will see.” Please don’t worry. I will be fine and send letters so you know I’m living and doing okay. There is something I need to figure out, and this is my only way of doing it so please, please stay calm and forgive me.

Love, Solomon

Solomon went to his tree house in his back yard to wait until nightfall. He couldn’t risk being seen by anyone else. Not once did he look out the window of the tree house. He sat and waited with his things, waiting to see the darkness come through the window and the cool breeze of the night to rush in and hit him, telling him it was almost time to fly. When that time came, Solomon would make his way out of town. He didn’t know which way to go so he would follow the wind. That’s like a line from the Disney movie Pocahontas, but that’s the only thing he had thought of.  Follow the wind, and it will take me somewhere that’s not anywhere near home. And that’s all he wanted to get away from; home.

The suns went down, and the cool breeze rushed in. It was time. Solomon started his engine, or wings. He looked down at his house one last time before looking up into the night sky and taking off. He took a step as though he was walking of the edge, with a little dip he was off once again buzzing over treetops, flying with the wind, only using the moonlight to see his way through. He went for hours and hours, going as fast as he could and each time the wind gust, he gained a little more speed. When he heard the birds start chirping, he new dawn was approaching. He had to find a place to find a place to crash. He didn’t have near enough money to start spending it right away on a hotel so he would have to find woods to spend the day in or some place he could stay hidden. He flew even higher into the sky, so he would be able to see the landscape below him. Off in the distance he saw a huge forest “perfect” he thought. “Good thing my parents made me do boy scouts I can make myself a tent and be just fine.” When he got to the forest floor he started setting up camp. He was better then he thought making what was like his own little living area. He could do this he could survive here.

Time pasted, more time pasted

He was now 24 years old. Solomon had made this forest his home. Building a tree house that was almost tree levels, kitchen, bathroom, and the water from the river he had piped to the tree house. To say the least this place was “amazing.” He had picked the right forest no one entered it because of the wild life to many bears that had been known for attacking. He used these bears to practice fighting. He had become bigger, better, faster stronger, he was all man now. Controlling his wings no longer seemed like and issue. The super strength and speed was a great addition. He had flown all over making his way threw cities at night stopping crime “kicking ass.” On the news he was known as the mystery crime fighter who left the scene without a trace only leaving the bad guys in shambles talking about a flying man who seemed to buzz. People had heard about him all over the world but had never actually seen him he had found his place. Now all he needed was to know his family was ok and to see Jenny the only person who had truly scene what he was.

He new it was time to make his way home. “Ok yes, I’m strong, and seem to be fearless when it comes to kicking people asses, so why am I so scared to go see the people who loved me the most?” he thought. “Get over it!” Your going Solomon he told himself. “Put your man pants on Sol,” he thought trying to give him the motivation he needed.

He made his journey home that night. His insides in knots from his nerves as he fly to his parent’s house. When he arrived instead of walking on in saying “I’m home did you miss me!” He went to the old tree house rapped his wings down dressed himself like a normal man and walked to the front door.

Ding Dong!

“Hi ya mom”

Thuddd….. She had pasted out at the sight of her son.

“Solomon is that you?” His dad came running to the door stepping over his wife that lay on the floor. Uhh.. “Yeah dad its me we should help mom. “ His dad said nothing just shaking his head as if to say yes with a blank expression.

Once his mom was able to not pass out, the talking started back up. Asking him where he had gone, and how he had grown, why he left? Tell Solomon couldn’t get a word in.

Solomon told them everything showed them his wings. Surprisingly his parents took it very well. His dad had always been cartoon and super hero fan just like his son so he was more then excited to say his soon was the one kicking ass and taking names.

“Dad” “You can’t tell people this Solomon explained my role is to stay out of sight in order to help others.”

“I understand,” soon his dad said. “It’s just… So so… extraordinary.”

“I know I couldn’t believe it myself,” Solomon said.

“Now, I have to ask. Is Jenny Vancamp still around?” Solomon asked.

“No, son, she ran away the same day you left us. No one knows why or where she went. Did you have something to do with this?” His father questioned.

“I…I… I have to go!” Solomon said, rushing to the door.

It was now a new chapter of Solomon’s life, and it was based on finding Jenny. Once again, Solomon took to the night skies. Off to find the girl he had left behind.