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The Bermuda Triangle: A Time Bridge

by Tanner McClenahan

Year 2013
"I hope we make it out of this alive," Louis said nervously.

"Relax, we're going to show how someone can make it through the Bermuda Triangle. Trust me, it isn't that big of a deal," Ryan stated very confidently.

"So we go in, get out, snap a few shots, then we’re gone. Right?" Jeremy was trying to make this a quick as possible. He couldn't believe they were really doing this.

Ryan had planned awhile back that the three friends would make a trip to the Bermuda Triangle. It sounded fun at the time but now Jeremy and Louis seemed skeptical. Ryan on the other hand was ready to go, as usual, with no worries.


The seaplane was white, with a blue strip on the side. It bobbed in the water next to the shore. Jeremy thought it almost looked evil. Louis spotted danger written all over it. Ryan, well he just saw adventure and a good time smacked on this seaplane.

"Let's roll boys!" Ryan was ecstatic.

The waves lapped up against the plane as they stepped in.

"Where's the pilot?" Louis said shakily.

"You're lookin' at him." Ryan was grinning from ear to ear.

"O..that's..good?" Jeremy was always trying to talk Ryan out of stuff. It was no use this time.

They had decided to fly out. No one in their right mind would fly them out there so they had rented a plane. I guess Ryan had rented a plane and the other two didn't really know what was going on.

"This better go well, I paid good money for this," Ryan said jokingly.

He had taken lessons just for this trip. The seaplane took off the water and they were on their way. The three friends were anxious, and with good reason.


            The plane was cruising now, through a party cloudy sky with the sun shinning through the windows and the blue ocean sitting below them.

"Doesn't the water look..I don't know..gloomy?"  Louis said looking out a side window.

"Louis, please, enjoy the moment." Ryan was getting a little annoyed with him.

"I see what he means," Jeremy agreed shaking slightly.

"You know what, keep yourselves busy and take some snapshots," Ryan just wanted to fly the plane and take it all in, but they could see his apprehensiveness. He knew in his mind the water did look gloomy from the quick glances he had taken. Jeremy and Louis heard the winds howl, saw abandoned crafts scattered, and they swore they were hearing voices.

"Ryan, I just took this need to check it out."

Jeremy held the camera in front of Ryan very carefully.

Ryan quick looked at it. He had never seen something that frightened him so much, had taken the breath right out of him. It was worse than when his girlfriend of three years broke it off, or the news of being fired, yes, this was way worse. The picture had a captivating look to it; death and doom were all that came to mind.

The photo was of an abandoned ship on the water. Jeremy had zoomed in.

"You see the skeletons?! That's gonna be us! You freakin hear me?!"

Ryan couldn't respond to this, Jeremy was right. He saw the skeletons, the wrecked ship, the ghostly waters, and one more thing.

"Jeremy, did you look at the water, the faces on it?" Louis asked.

There was a long pause.

"The faces, they're smiling, there's so many of them, the lost souls of the Bermuda Triangle?"

“Stop it’s nothing. Now let it go," Ryan snapped back.

But Ryan had seen enough. The many dead faces in the water giving their crooked smiles at him were enough to leave. Whether or not he would admit it.

"We're getting out of here, not because of that, because it's about 7 and the sun is setting, we're heading west."

Louis was relieved, "Finally.."

They headed west, headed west, and headed west.

"Why does the sun not go down, why haven't we reached land?"

Jeremy was perplexed.

"Well you see, know I have no idea where we are."

Ryan had just left a bad feeling in everyone's gut.

"It’s over." Louis was not going to have any hope now.

"Wait, just you wait. I think the sun is getting closer!" Ryan exclaimed holding the controls tighter now.

"Ya! Well how is that good? That just seems odd." Jeremy brought up a good point.

Before Ryan could respond they were in the midst of a bright, hot, and head jolting light. The plane began to shake uncontrollably.

"Hooolddd oooonn!!!!--"


Ryan woke up, dazed, but when he looked up he saw land. He ignored his lack of memory and yelled, "Land boys!"

"Ryan, did something bad just happen?" Jeremy had the same feeling of the blacking out.

"No you just, fell asleep." He was lying and he knew it. The fearful look of his eyes said it all.

"We're landing, we're gonna be heroes." Ryan said as he tried to steadily land the plane.

He was so happy to see land, but he couldn't deny it, something had gone wrong.


When they landed the plane they saw a beach and trees everywhere. It was hot, humid, and a bit cloudy, almost like it could rain. They also saw a boat. It was a very old, majestic ship. A masterpiece it looked like. Something you look at in your history book in high school. You see it in cartoons or old movies.

"What the heck is that doing here?" Louis said.

"Must be a boat show??" Ryan questioned jokingly, trying his hardest to lighten the mood.

Then something struck them.

"Hey people!!" Louis shouted. It was something they had never been so happy to see. Until they got closer.

"Wait, what? What are they wearing?"

They saw men getting off the boat, in a very old fashioned clothing. Tights, weird hats, strange coats with very weird shorts, and all the men had the oldest looking shoes on the planet.

"Who goes there?!" The strange man yelled from the ship in Spanish.

"What did he say?" Ryan and Louis were confused and were whispering, discussing what they should say when Jeremy took over.

"It's just us, some tourists. We got a little lost." Jeremy responded. Finally those years of Spanish paid off.

"If I haven't heard that one before, don't think I can't keep track of this whole crew!"

"Sir we really aren't part of your crew."

"Okay then, do thou wish to be killed?"

"NO! NO! Please just let us go on our way."

“Hmmm, you come on this journey with us and we spare your lives. Oh and I want that contraption destroyed.”

“You can’t. That is our way out of here.”

“MEEENN! Destroy it! You three, get over here with the rest of the crew as we take this land.”

They unwillingly and slowly walked toward the ship.

They turned around to see their seaplane destroyed by some of the crewmen from the boat. It was now just burning flames.

"What now.." Louis began to freak out.

Ryan and his friends finally approached the man.

"I told you, we're just a little lost, why did you have our plane destroyed?"

"Plane? What do you speak of? We destroyed that devilish machine you had over there."

"What do you mean, plane? It is a seaplane!" Jeremy was trying to keep his cool so he could speak his rough Spanish.

"Get these crewmen some real clothes, I don't know what has got into this crew but we'll fix it. I'll let it go because it has been a long trip, but no more."

Ryan, Jeremy, and Louis were dressed in Old Spanish clothing now. They don’t know when, how, or why, but it had happened. It could’ve been when they walked on the land, or maybe when they joined the crew.

"Tell this man to let us go Jeremy." Ryan for once had this scared look in his eye, never seen before.

"He won't listen." Jeremy could only understand so much.

The man came back.

"You say you’re lost. Well I have just discovered this new found land."

Ryan was almost enraged while being puzzled. He told Jeremy what to say.

"Found this land? There are millions of people who have seen this land. It is Florida."

"You speak of madness sir, how did you know already what I have named my land?"

This guy must be high or something. The three friends were just befuddled.

"Here let me show you," Jeremy said as Ryan pulled out his smart phone and map.

The crew all drew weapons and searched the men throwing their phones, wallets, and any other personal belongings into the water.

"What?? What are you doing?!"

They were all yelling.

"You come on my ship, armed?"

For some reason this triggered Ryan's memory.

"Wait a minute...guys this is-"

"Hush we move out now. The natives do not wish to give me this land, but we will over take it. Come"

They walked for a few miles. The crew, and the three friends, boarded a ship and sailed up and down the coast and were soon met by Native Americans.

"What the.." but before Louis could say anything Ryan interrupted ,"De Leon."

The three friends couldn't believe what they were seeing.

The two groups were walking towards each other once the ship docked. The three friends watched as they all talked, but then something changed. Communications were not right.

Relations between the crew and natives became hostile after some time and a battle broke out.

"Ryan, what is going on?" Louis and Jeremy were very scared by now and Ryan was just standing in shock.

A crewman shouted,"We claim this land for our leader, Juan Ponce de Leon!"

This shocked them, where had they gone? Had this been their imagination, or had they traveled back to 1513. Back to beginnings of the discovering of America.

"Ryan you were right, it is Juan Ponce de Leon..." Jeremy said as the friends were pushed up to fight. They were no fighters so; this didn't fare well for them.

“Wait, we don’t have any weapons! This is a big misunderstanding.” Louis was hastily yelling and waving his arms about.

“You see we don’t belong here, we’re actually from anoth-”

“Charge!!!” The roar of De Leon’s crew cut off Jeremy.

“Guys, this might be it. I don’t see how we can get out of this. We fight, we die and if we try to escape, we’re killed by this crew.” Ryan stated the cold hard facts.

“I just wish someone could know about what we did.” Louis sat down, in defeat.

Ryan felt around in his inside pocket and felt a rectangular object, smashed up against a cool, hard circular coin. He quick looked and saw a credit card and a quarter. He thought this could show where they were from, but he didn’t know how this would work out.

“Wait a minute, guys I ha-“

“Look out!” Jeremy yelled to Louis but it was too late. While Louis was sitting there he didn’t even see the natives rushing around him. He was stabbed right there. Ryan and Jeremy couldn’t believe that was it for their friend. All Ryan could think to do was run.

“We can’t just leave him Ryan.”

“It’s over, I’ve got a plan though, can you just distract them for just a little longer?”

Jeremy looked at him as if here were the craziest person alive. “What?”

“Just do it, please.”

“But Ryan they’re gone kill us and I just…I ju….uhh, ok, you know its been great man. I’ll see ya on the other side.”

Ryan ran off and hid under some trees. He took out the card and quarter just to make sure they were what he thought they were. Just as he thought. He put them away, tucked inside him tightly, as the men who were hunting him approached his hiding spot.

“Listen we aren’t with this crew. It is just a big misunderstanding. You see, my friend out there and I we…” Ryan stood up and said to them and then he saw his lifeless friend out in the sunlight.

“Please, let me explain this.”

Of course it did no good, as they couldn’t understand him. His words were of no use.

Ryan took two steps to run away when 3 arrows pierced through him. He fell to the ground, gasping. All he could think of was hoping the card and quarter would just stay with him so he could prove to the future, what had happened here.


Year 2013 - 5 days later.

 “Good evening. We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to give you breaking news. A 3-man crew has gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle. They flew a plane themselves over the sea and have not been seen for a week now. No search and rescue will be sent out in the Bermuda Triangle.”


Year 2014

“We’ve just got word of paleontologists working on a project in Florida uncovering something amazing. They found three very old skeletons; Two buried together and one by itself. It at first seemed routine, until they found the body by itself had a credit card that expired in 2014 and a 2009-quarter with it. No explanation has been given yet.”