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No Answer

by Kilee Sullivan


Emma’s favorite holiday, was and would forever be, Halloween. She spent months preparing her costumes, and didn’t care how much money it took to perfect them. In her closet, she had each and every costume packed away from the prior years, 17 in all. This included a pirates costume (she loved Johnny Depp), a baby (it was her way of getting away with using her baby voice all night), a cheetah (she was head to toe in her favorite animal print of all), a nurse (she liked to take care of others) and so on.  As the month of October arrived, yet again the spark was ignited. Something about the mystery involved was so intriguing to her. Who was really behind that mask? She couldn’t help but smile her perfectly white and perfectly straight teeth every time she thought of the people (or fairies, or monsters, or Napoleon Dynamites) she would encounter at the party each Halloween. Emma had decided around Valentine’s Day that she would be Cupid for the following Halloween. She had always loved the idea of love, and she was positive that the diaper she would wear would be enough to attract her crush, Dominik if not the long blonde extensions she had put in. The night of Halloween arrived at last, and Emma could barely contain her excitement. As she and her friends got ready for the party, which was being thrown by Dominik himself, her friends all became speechless as yet another perfect costume was displayed by Emma.

“Emma! You’ve outdone yourself yet again,” her friend Mia said as she looked down at her generic and very slutty nurse outfit in disgust. Among her friends there was a nurse, a boxer, a bad imitation of “Snooki” from Jersey Shore, and a bunny. Emma knew she had topped the others’ outfits and smiled to herself.

 The diaper was covered in millions of pink and red diamonds. The top was also coated in diamonds, with a few feathers sprouting out here and there. With a little help from her mother she was able to buy a pair of Jessica Simpson heels. It didn’t really matter to Emma that the price of the shoes was more than she had had in her bank account in the past two years. The red studs on the stiletto heel were too amazing to pass up. She felt amazing and wasn’t surprised by the feeling it gave her. She expected it. It was her most favorite holiday of all!

“You girls all know how much I love Halloween. I can easily say it outweighs the excitement of Christmas morning and THAT is hard to beat!” said Emma with a huge grin on her face. “Now, let’s go and make this a night to remember, alright?!”

Halfway into the evening, Emma was having the time of her life. Dominik was into her like never before. He of course had dressed as a Spartan. “Typical male,” Emma thought. The food was amazing considering they had catered from the local cafe, and she was receiving plenty of attention about her costume. Everything was going as planned. Around 11, she was asked to bob for apples in the backyard. She had spent the whole night inside because of the cold so to venture into the cold simply wasn’t an option. That is, until she realized the individual to bob the most in a 2 minute span was awarded an Ipad. Emma was quite successful, grabbing 17 apples in just 120 seconds. She decided to keep one of the apples as a keepsake. And on her walk home, bundled up in Dominik’s American Eagle sweatshirt, she ate it. The next morning Emma woke up in a glorious mood and instantly her mind flashed back to a very special moment with Dominik.

“Emma!” Dominik yelled as she went to leave the party.

“Yes Dominik…?” asked Emma with as much sex appeal as she could muster up.

No words were said after that. Dominik pulled her in and kissed her. Those around them stopped any conversation they were in, immediately. Or, at least that’s what Emma thought. It was just that magical. Emma couldn’t help but to assume that this meant something good about the relationship.

But by 7pm that night, she had not yet eaten. Her parents asked her to eat dinner but she felt no reason to. Maybe she was in love!! Whatever it was, she simply could not eat. It went this way for days. It didn’t matter what food was being offered to her.

“Emma Marie, you have GOT to eat. This is far from healthy. I don’t care how cute Dominik is...” Emma’s mom Janet said.

“Mom I agree about the whole eating thing and never before would I argue it! I just... can’t find it in myself to digest a single thing.”

“Not even macaroni and hot dogs? That has been your favorite since you were only four years old.”

“That doesn’t even sound good to me.”

Though Emma noticed the frown on her mom’s face, she knew there was no way to wipe it off. If she didn’t want to eat, she wouldn’t. It was simple. And that is how it continued. After the third day on no food, her parents took her to the doctor. Something was clearly wrong. Unfortunately, the doctor found nothing. He too, joked that Emma was probably in love. “Seventh heaven” as he called it. She went home, went to bed, and the mystery continued. The next day, Emma was ill and barely able to get out of bed. What could have been causing her to go without food? This was unlike her. She remained in bed all day.

During the night, Emma awoke. Her stomach felt different now. It had felt weird for days but this feeling… this feeling was very different. It legitimately felt as if it were eating itself from the inside. As she attempted to yell for her mom and dad, her heart rate sped up. It sped up so much that she was unable to catch her breath.

“Think happy thoughts!” she thought to herself. “It’ll pass anyti…….”

 It was pure devastation for her family. Emma had passed away in the night and without her parents even realizing it. She was simply unable to catch enough breath to say a single word. This tore everything apart. Their daughter was gone. It took a few days for the report to come back, though it seemed like years to her mom and dad. The report showed nothing. Both her mom and dad looked at each other in confusion.

“I guess I’m… confused,” whispered Janet through a mask of tears. “They don’t have an answer for us?”

“It appears to me that even doctors, the people whom we rely on for ANSWERS, have nothing for us this time,” Emma’s father replied. He was out of tears at this point.

And then they spotted it. In fine print towards the very bottom, the answer was found. It had had something to do with the apple. That damn apple. No one understood it completely but the doctors implied the apple was something they had not experienced before. A magical apple? That was pure nonsense. Maybe it was just from a bad batch. Maybe it had simply reacted with her stomach in a dangerous way. Her parents and those who loved her spent forever trying to find answers they had not been given. Dominik became much closer with the family after the loss of Emma. He became sick at the thought of her nonexistence. Little had Emma known, he planned to make her officially “his” that very next day. He would bring her some soup, and sit with her while she was sick. He had hoped it would be cute, and attempt at making her feel better. He thought he had all the time in the world.

One Thursday afternoon, months later, Dominik sat with Janet at the kitchen table. They spoke of Emma often, and in a tone that would have implied she still lived. Nothing would bring her back. Everyone knew that, as much as they tried to deny it. It was comforting though for them to speak of her. This afternoon they were discussing Halloween in the living room. The living room had been Emma’s preferred room. It was probably because of the fire place. Many times before she had sat there daydreaming. And oftentimes, this was the room in which she dreamed up her costumes.

“She always loved dressing up! I swear she could have been an actress,” Janet said, as she smiled. “The way she so easily transformed into someone or something else was amazing.”

“You know what has always been so crazy for me?” asked Dominik. “Emma could not get enough of Halloween! There is not one person I know who didn’t connect her and Halloween. She was known for it. And yet…..”

Dominik fought to find the words.

“The one thing she loved so much, killed her.”

Him saying this kind of reminded him of dramatic movies. The ones where you wait hours just to have it all come together in the end. It had all come together for him. And how ironic it was.