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Weight Space

by Micah Wieditz

In the year 2283, Earth was having fuel shortages for hover crafts. Mass chaos filled the streets and the people were revolting because they refused to walk or drive a car. Protests outside of fuel buildings, random murders, and death threats sent to the President were getting way out of hand. The US Government had to do something to keep disaster from continuing or else the world would be in danger. The world depended on The United States ever since they discovered the rock used to fuel the only form of travel. They had run out of the rock, Anilla, used to fuel the hover crafts. Anilla used to be found in southern Asia until it was all consumed by the rest of the world.

American scientist found this in space from their super scope. The Anilla that they identified was on Planet Poch. It was a planet that glows a tint of lavender that can be seen from Earth at night time. It sits in the sky right above the moon, almost as if they are friends. The vibrant planet takes a year to get to, so the government needed to gather a space crew as soon as possible.

NASA had shut down in 2011, so aspiring astronauts had to practice their space travel through a secret agency. The agency was called FTSC, which stood for Fly Thru Space Cadets. The FTSC had quickly contacted the government to help with the continuing crisis. The President didn’t want to recruit illegal astronauts, but he had no other choice.

They recruited three excellent astronauts to join the Anilla mission to Planet Poch. Captain George Darden, Mike Smythe, and Jody Hampton were among the top astronauts in the illegal academy. Their abilities were the most outstanding of the cadets. The FTSC had taught their astronauts navigating, positioning, and body moving. They boarded the spaceship, which was built over 100 years ago in NASA, and took off as soon as they could. They were nervous about the launch because of the age of the ship, but they were being paid millions of dollars to take the risk.

They made it to space miraculously. They were given a space vault to put the gathered rock. Unfortunately, the vault was the only thing that could make it back to Earth. It would land on Earth as a meteor, crashing into the ground in Montana. The government told them that they can reside on Mars when they have gathered the rock. Mars is filled with extra terrestrial creatures that are very friendly and have cooperated with Earth with the graphic teleports they created on their planet.

The old spaceship creaked and shook as they glided through the field of stars. It took one dragging year to get to Planet Poch, so they would mess around on the ship when they had absolutely nothing to do. Bouncing objects off the wall, flipping in midair, and eating food floating around became habits for them. Captain Darden didn’t like this at all and punished them every time they could not be taken seriously. Busting through the door, he would stomp over to them and glare at them until they stopped. He took their food as a punishment, but they just kept messing around throughout the ship anyway. He would eat all of the food in tremendous amounts, smirking at them as they watched in jealously.

A few months had past and Mike and Jody spotted an extreme ray that they would hit them in at least 2 hours. Extreme rays are giant, green, powerful lines of negative force that can destroy anything that runs into it. They panicked and ran around to find all of their belongings to take with them out of the ship. There necessities were scattered throughout the ship and they dodged anything that stood in their way as they prepared to save themselves. The ship had a small escape door in the top middle that they planned to use to leave the ship. They rushed around the ship to find their things and suddenly realized they forgot to tell Captain Darden about the emergency.

As they were moving to the back of the ship, their captain was curious about where they were going.“Where in the world to you two think you’re going?” shouted Captain Darden.
    “We spotted an extreme ray that is in our path.” said Jody.
    “Well why didn’t you tell me?!” Captain Darden said in rage.
    “You were eating, and the rule is not to interrupt you when you are indulging in our food. We thought this might be an exception, but we were just following your orders.” explained Mike.
    “Why I oughta!” the captain shouted as he raised his chubby fist at Mike and Jody.
They jumped one by one out of the small door on the ceiling of the spacecraft quickly, giving the captain no time to mess with them.

The captain ran to the rear of the ship to put on his suit as fast as he possibly could. He forced his huge legs and oversized arms through the tiny suit and put his oxygen helmet on. He waddled back to the middle of the ship to jump through the small escape door. Mike and Jody watched in horror and guilt as they saw him start to exit the ship. Captain Darden felt a tight sensation around his abdomen as he tried to leap through the exit. He had gained so much weight from eating the crew members’ food that he couldn’t fit all the way through the escape door. He struggled and wiggled to fit through, but there wasn’t enough time. The ship hit the extreme ray and exploded.

The crew members watched from afar and were deeply saddened. Guilt flooded their hearts as they floated in space for awhile. They discussed their plans after the crash. It was hard for them to focus knowing that they would never see Earthlings again. They never got to Planet Poch, so they were frightened that the Earth would slowly destroy itself because of the growing dilemma with the Anilla rock fuel shortage. Since they couldn’t get back to Earth, they floated to Mars to seek a new lifestyle. As they traveled through space to get to Mars, they sparked a flame. Jody would tease Mike during the whole trip, making him chase her as they raced past the stars and planets leading to Mars. They had strong feelings for each other before they even reached Mars. They had the money they were paid before they left Earth that they shared to buy a home in Mars. The aliens wanted their advice on inventions that were used on Earth so Jody and Mike showed them how to make shoes, clothes, and showed them the wheel. With the aliens’ knowledge, this helped them expanded their thoughts and triggered their ideas for inventions they would make for their alien society. They were praised for their ideas from Earth and their money gave them dominant power on Mars, and the aliens granted them King and Queen after being residents of the planet for one year as the Earth destroyed itself over a small controversy.