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Alexis Berman -- The Transmigration of Sin
Natasha Brandel – Your Turn
Logan Cisewski – The Highwaymen

Charles Cotton – Easy Bake
Trevor Fechner -- 'Cuz You Were There For Me, Too
Amanda Ickes -- Wasteland

Meghan Kelly -- What a Girl Wants
Samuel Kerby – Walking with Demons
Emille Lacsa -- Legion


Ryan Long – Living Nightmare Addam Peters – The Die is Cast

Courtney Stamm  -- Circles
Daniel Stern   --  from Retribution of the Forgotten King
Luke Winkelman -- He Who Fights With Monsters

The Authors


Left to Right
Back: Addam Peters, Logan Cisewski, Emille Lacsa (elusive), Luke Winkelman, Ryan Long, Charles Cotton
Middle: Natasha Brandel, Alexis Berman, Courtney Stamm, Dan Stern, Haley O'Taggart
Front:  Amanda Ickes, Sam Kerby, Trevor Fechner, Meg Kelly


Some of the more elusive characters
Front to back:  Sam Kerby, Trevor Fechner, Addam Peters, Emille Lacsa, Courtney Stamm

Prize Winning Stories

Logan Cisewski – The Highwaymen
Samuel Kerby – Walking with Demons
Natasha Brandel – Your Turn

Chosen by the members of
Spring 2013
Topics: Fantasy


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Treasury of Fantastical and Mythological Creatures
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