Fantasticoe -- 2012
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What a Girl Wants

Meghan Kelly

She took a deep breathe, passing the inebriated mass lounging across the sticky porch. None of them were her type. She could have guessed they wouldn't be, but the pang of disappointment still twitched in her stomach.It only made sense thought, there was a reason she hadn't invaded these slobbering Frat boys' territory before. This wasn’t her normal scene to say the least, but that was exactly why she came here wasn’t it? She needed to shake things up. She was craving something…different.

One peek at the throbbing darkness pulsing behind the cracked open door had a smile spreading slowly across her face. This was exactly what she had ordered after all.

The hazy light was all but none existent in the dank crowded basement; it made it hard to tell who you were dancing with, hard to tell what you were drinking. She liked it for the same reason that the throng of gyrating twenty somethings around her liked it-it was all about just having a good time and that’s exactly what she was here to do. It was all she was about, after all if it was up to her she'd be partying for all eternity.

Her toes curled, her skin was swept with goosebumps as she became hypersensitive- as she became ready to pounce on this opportunity. It was show time.

Her long deep scarlet fingernails scratched at the worn banister as she snaked her way two creaky steps at a time down to the dance floor. If any of these boys below her feet had bothered to look up, they would’ve had a clear shot up her flitty blood red skirt, they would have gotten  a nice look at her lack of panties. It was a pity, but at least it meant she could really milk her grand entrance.

She wasn’t one of the girls desperately clinging to her gaggle or to some specific target’s arm; she hit the floor solo-knowing she wouldn’t be leaving in the same fashion.

She didn’t need some strobe light to strike her at this opportune moment, she was like a modern day Slutty Cinderella, somehow just drawing the mobs eyes to her tumbling black curls, her grey eyes smeared with black liner, her cami clinging to her curves, and of course the fantastic legs spilling out of her skirt and into her stilettos. Oh she was going to like this place; the crowd was so…fresh.

Her hips swung as she sashayed closer and closer to the huddled dancers, girls started grinding harder against their partners trying to regain their attention. She couldn't help but let out a sharp giggle as her body started to shake along with the timber of the pounding music-what amateurs she thought to herself. This was going to be fun.

It turned out that shaking things up was more than logical, it was a way to keep things fun. Thank Aphrodite. With her It was never meant to be business without pleasure.

A questioning hand reached around to rest on her hip bone, she wasn’t into the guy being at her back so she whirled around to face him…hmmm…he would do. He had such a tasteful innocence surrounding him. She ensnared some of his blonde waves as her eyes fluttered in time with their swiveling lower halves.

She enjoyed it for a bit, the slow marinating of their lust, but it wasn’t enough. She was hungry for more.

She licked her swollen lips as she leaned up to whisper in his ear. Letting her lips lightly tickle his lobe, she hissed granting herself a hint of how sweat he tasted while gifting him with a hint of what was to come, “You have somewhere we can go?”

It wasn’t really a question and they both knew it; if he wanted her then he’d find somewhere, if he didn’t she’d find someone else.

A hand trembling from nerves rather than booze fumbled with hers as they stumbled back up the stairs and out into the fresh night air. The whole winding walk she kept running a finger over his juicy backside or watching his Adam’s apple bob, basically she was admired her catch.

The second a door was shut behind her, she started stripping both of them down to their more natural state. It had almost been a whole day since she’d had some. He pawed at her trying to stroke bits of her flesh; but she didn’t have patience for this part of it. She wanted to be filled by him and nothing can stand in the way of what a girl wants.

Before any of that senseless chatter, any fumbling over pointless protection, she started to sink him inside of her, devouring him inch by inch-literally. It wasn’t really sex this succubus wanted after all.

He started to slip deeper and deeper screaming all the while. She felt the bits of him that her inner muscles massaged him farther and farther inside filling her. She enjoyed the feeling of him disintegrating within her so that she could absorb his wonderfully warm optimism. Poor boy just kept screaming, not understanding that people would either be tuning him out or interpreting his pleas as cries of pleasure.

“Mmmm,” she moaned leaning across her red smattered vanity. The last of him was being sucked deep into within her and she was alone in the room at last, lounging in her satisfaction. He had been rather filling. She felt his energy fueling her, keeping her vivacious and young. Life could be a party as long as she kept feasting on the young and innocent, as long as she kept taking them in-taking in their years life could be a party forever. Though she had to admit, it was a pity she couldn’t have had he blonde boy over for a late night snack again-she might have liked seconds.