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Retribution of the Forgotten King

Daniel Stern

Chapter 3: Intruder (part 1 of 2)

This is chapter 3. the first 2 explain a lot of information not present here that helps understand more about the characters pasts. here is what you need to know to understand this chapter.

Eve is a rogue hunter who dual wields special daggers that can transform into a bow. She can mentally call her weapons to her. She is a slim blood elf who is about 5.5 feet tall. she was adopted by the Tauren, Minotaur, Cairne who taught her the ways of the hunter.

Selene is a sorcerer who employs the magic of mages, warlocks and shamans. She is also a blood elf with amazing power. She is a few inches taller than Eve.

Kael'thas is a blood elf who betrayed his people for the beginning of this chapter Eve and Selene are ignorant of that fact.

It had been a very long day for the Blood Elf Eve. Eve was exhausted and ready to get some rest, but couldn't afford that luxury. On top of being exhausted she was very angry at her situation and the person she thinks caused it, Lor'themar Theron the king of Quel'thelas, the Elfish homeland. 

Eve and her partner Selene began the day by escaping imprisonment in an unfamiliar dimension. They thought they were imprisoned for days, but quickly found out it had been years, they estimated about 10-12 years. They used Selenes transportation spell to immediately get back to Quel'thalas with the intention of speaking to Selene's father Kael'thas Sunstrider, the then king of the Blood Elves. Instead of finding Kael,they found Lor'themar who upon hearing the name Sunstrider, assumed they were allies and banished them with no explanation. 

Having no where to go, and no explanation, they decided to live in the woods. Selene had the perfect spell that would take care of everything. Since Eve needed to vent her anger on something she cut down the wood necessary for Selene to cast her spell. Within minutes Eve had cut down close to 30 trees, and Selene had cleared a spot for their makeshift cabin. They used the excess wood to make a few chairs, a table and a bed frame.

Selene was going to sit down and rest after draining so much of her magic when Eve started talking about her day.

"That was complete bullshit!" Eve Stated while sitting in one of the chairs.

Selene only nodded.

They were both exhausted, but due to their current situation they needed to think about what to do next. They were trapped for a long time.They come back and go to the only person they know who could explain their situation to them, only to receive hostility from the current king. 

Eve was angry, confused and sad. She was angry at Lor'themar for not giving them any information, she was confused as to why they were exiled, and sad that she had no home.

Eve looked at Selene sitting on the bed frame apparently meditating.

"How can you just sit there after the crap we just went through?"

Selene, not breaking her meditation, relied in a calm tone.

"Calm down Eve."

Eve was flabbergasted.

"Calm down? You want me to calm down after what we just endured no less than an hour ago? Calm down? Calm down..."

Eve was rising out of her chair ready to pounce on Selene. 

Instead of responding, Selene simply shot a cold glance at Eve which immediately repressed her crazed state.

Instead of pouncing on Selene, eve just stood her ground and starred questioningly at Selene.

"How can you be so calm?"

"It is significantly better to access a situation in a calm state than the chaotic state you're currently in."

Eve starred at Selene who had calmly just got to her feet.

They starred at each other for minutes neither one giving the other an inch.

Eve nodded her head and laughed.

"Okay. Okay.I'm calm now what?"

"I'll let you know when I think it"

They both laughed at each other. Neither of them had laughed for years, even before their incarceration.

"okay. since you can't think of why this crap happened how about we rest and you read some guys mind?"

Selene has long had the power to read the minds of anyone she desires, except Eve.

Eve watched as Selenes calm expression changed to that of bewilderment.

"What is it?" 

Selene smiled.

"Eve. You are a genius."

"Of course I am. Why?"

Selene motioned for Eve to join her on the bed. Eve thought about pushing the issue, but decided against it after the bed reminded her of how exhausted she was.

Unlike many beings Eve and Selene were made for each other. When ever they slept cuddling each other they fused into a greenish cocoon that amplified Selene's mind reading radias and power, and Eves awareness. While in the cocoon eve could sense a hostile presence the moment it became a threat.  

Eve and Selene formed their cocoon and drifted off to sleep. Before their cocoon they didn't know their entire situation, But, while their cocoon things became clearer. Selene found out that her father did something very wrong, but couldn't pinpoint what that was. All she heard Lor'themar's mind say was "traitorous fiend" in conjunction with both her, Eve, and her father Kael'thas. She was about to find out more when the cocoon broke.

While Selene was working on finding out information about their situation, Eve was dreaming about the past. She dreamed about her and Selene's encounter with the evil death knight Arthas. Shortly into the fight she remembered that Arthas had tried feeding their souls to his cursed soul-eating blade Frostmourne. Instead of their souls being sucked out of their bodies they were transported to the dimension that she thought they spent a mere 20 days in, but turned out to be years. 

While she was considering the situation she sensed a hostile presence enter their cabin. Eve knew Selene hated it when she broke their cocoon, but if they were truly in danger, she'd forgive her. 

Eve broke the cocoon and, using her powers to call forth her daggers, flew accross the room to the intruder. She placed the daggers at his neck. at first glance the intruder appeared to be a Blood Elf slightly taller than Eve, but shorter than Selene.

"Who the hell are you?"