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Aisha Rehberg, The Encounter

Ben  Larison, What a Night!

Brittni Viehman, Hearing Sirens in the Distance

Elizabeth McDonnell, Kingpin Kitty

Erica Cramp, Jessie's Secret

Hailey Thompson, Escape Beyond the Sunset

Jessica Ramirez, Ink in Action

Justina Spear, Oh Light Beer

Kim Hannon, Past the Maroon Rock

Lexi Nelson, I'm No Angel

Maisie Iven, Slapdash Haberdashery

Marissa Seamon, The Jewelry Store

Ryne Schrock, Hurdles, Kangaroos
     and a Medal

Shyla Shanklin, Fading into Black

The Authors


Left to Right
Row 1: Justina Spear, Elizabeth MeDonnell, Ryne Schrock, Ben Larison
Row 2: Marissa Seamon, Brittni Viehman, Erica Cramp, Lexi Nelson, Jessica Ramirez
Row 3: Shyla Shanklin, Kim Hannon, Patrick Johnson (Writing Fellow), Maisie Iven, Aisha Rehberg


Aisha Rehberg, Erica Cramp, Hailey Thompson, Lexi Nelson

Prize Winning Stories

Maisie Iven, Slapdash Haberdashery
Lexi Nelson, I'm No Angel
Marissa Seamon, The Jewelry Store Guy

Chosen by the Coe College
Creative Writing Faculty


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