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Hurdles, Kangaroos, and a Medal

Ryne Schrock


On the day of my last track meet of my senior year of college I started off my day normal, by going to class and taking my naps in between but today something didn’t feel right. You know that feeling that you get every once in a while. Well this day in time would be a day that would change my life completely and make for a bizarre story.

          As I got into the stadium to warm up, I noticed a lot of people in wheel chairs all scattered around the stadium. So I thought they might have had a handy cap day or something. I went on minding my own business warming up for the 110 high hurdles. I was listening to music so I was definitely getting in the zone. There were three heats and I was in the third heat, lane four. I was projected to get first in my heat of the prelims. The first heat of the 110 high hurdles started and I was still warming up and wasn’t paying attention to any of the heats until they called for the last final heat of the prelims. When I got up to the line I went through my traditional routine of doing a couple jumps then crawled backwards into my blocks. After I got set and ready I look over to see who I was racing against. It turns out that all the people I saw earlier in the wheel chairs was actually racing in the meet and I was the only person that wasn’t handicap. I was thinking to myself what the hell is going on? Then the marksman, said, ready, set and fires his gun. I took off as fast as I could, didn’t even hit one hurdle finished first easily while the guys in the wheel chairs had a tough time getting over the fifth hurdle of the ten. Once they finished I was just happy I got first in my heat but then one of the timers said I was disqualified for not hitting the hurdles. I was shock! I was unaware of the new rule change!

          As I was walking to put my clothes on, Coach Larry for the USA Olympic team began talking with me even though I got disqualified I had true potential to become the fastest man in the world as long as I hit all the hurdles. I obviously accepted his offer and went with him a week later to Australia where the Olympics were held this year.

          When I was in Australia, Larry had an unusual way of having me train; he wanted me to box with the kangaroos and beat up ten per day for a whole week. Let me tell you this they might look cute but they really aren’t! They beat the crap out of me and chased me all over the desert. On the first day I thought this would be an easy task, so I went straight at each and every one of the kangaroos to find myself face down on the ground. No wonder why he had me do this as a workout out it’s a whole lot of running. The next couple days I tried the element of surprised and would come up behind the kangaroos but that just made them furious they did a 360 in the air and jabbed me right in the face knocking me out cold, I was done for the day. I woke up the next morning where I was and what happened to me. Larry just looks at me and said you got a bad case of “Knock the fuck out!” I just laid there for a second realizing I really did get knocked out. On the third day I figured I would use a less painful tactic. I was just going to go up the kangaroos one by one and have them chase me till they got tired then beat them up. It worked for the first couple kangaroos but I was so exhausted and the other ones caught up to me and same thing happened again I got “knocked the fuck out”. Finally on the last day, I finally had enough stamina and strength from adapting to the abnormal way of training and beat the crap out of 10 kangaroos. Let me tell you I about died doing the task but I did it.

          It was the day of the Olympics I was very nervous by the fact I wasn’t handicapped made me feel a little better than I normally did before a race. I warmed up like I normally did then when I was up for the one and only heat they had, I did my usual jumps and crawled into my blocks again they were all in wheel chairs but I was thinking for sure they would be harder than my last competition. I remember Larry’s words in making sure I take out all of the hurdles. The marksmen said ready, set then shot his gun and off we went. I had thought of a plan to use my lead leg and kick the tops each of the hurdles and it worked wonderfully I blew everyone out and set a world recorded in the 110 high hurdle a record that look to be unreal. All the fans went crazy and it really felt like nothing to me since I really didn’t have any competition.

          After winning the Olympics they gave me a turbo boosted wheel chair with all the bells and whistles. I thought to myself why would I ever use a wheel chair? I thought might as well sit in it and check it out. Once I sat in that decked out wheel chair I fell in love with it, I literally was addicted to it. It was so comfortable and felt a lot better than walking all the time. That was the day I would now become a paraplegic and told myself I would never walk again even though I had the capability of doing it. This was the day the forever changed my life. I soon hired a beautiful nurse who I soon married and we live happily ever after as a married paraplegic. All of a sudden I awake by the loud buzzing of my alarm. Oh my gosh it turnout to just be one of those crazy adventure I had in my mind. So I got up, got dressed and headed to class.