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Hearing Sirens in the Distance

Brittni Viehman


I look up into his big blue eyes, my hand on his cheek. The rain is falling harder now, drenching my hair and clothes, though I try to block it out and focus only on him. He leans in closer. I think he was going to kiss me, but I pulled back. “What are you doing?” I ask, and then he is gone.

          I awoke with a start, drenched in sweat. I had been having this dream over and over again for about a week. Every time I closed my eyes, he was there. I know that sounds cliché but it's the truth. He was always there, in my mind, my thoughts, my dreams. I didn't know how to rid myself of the memory, so I had been trying to ignore it instead.

          His name was Blake. He was a singer in a rock band on campus, a beautiful breath-taking singer. He was perfect for the part. When he sang, his voice held so much emotion that it just drew you in, even with the harsh rock lyrics. And if that didn't do it, the glistening of the sweat on his muscles under the stage lights did. There wasn't a single thing wrong with him.

          I grabbed my phone. It read seven twenty in the morning. Of course. Was there ever a day I didn't wake up before my alarm? Oh well, no point of going back to bed now. I got out of bed and looked at myself in the mirror. My reddish brown hair was falling out of its bun and when I took out the hair tie, my hair was a mess. Great. I tried brushing it out, but gave up quickly. I opted for a little bit of black eyeliner paired with mascara that would leave my long eyelashes even longer. I pulled on a pair of jeans and a green v-neck shirt, bringing out the green in my hazel eyes. Well, this is probably as good as it's going to get.

          I looked back at the clock. It had only been twenty minutes. I still had fifteen minutes before I had to go to class. It was a nice enough day out so I decided to take a walk before class. I walked out to the quad and looked up at the sky. It was a beautiful sight, the way the clouds partially covered the sun. It made me wish I could draw. Oh well, and I went to continue walking. Before I had taken two steps, there he was in front of me, those beautiful blue eyes gazing into mine. I tried to step around him, but of course, I tripped over a crack in the sidewalk and started to fall. His arm was instantly around me, sparing me the embarrassment of falling in the mud.

          Instead of letting go, his arm tightened around me, pulling me closer, not letting me get away. “Uh, hey!” I said, loud and embarrassing. Great. Now he's going to think I'm a freak. “What are you doing? What's up?” Equally dorky and stupid. His arms are around me and I ask, What's up? Typically me. Ugh.

          He didn't answer, not right away. He just stared at me. I didn't know what to do. I was scared. I wanted to get away from him, but for some reason, I was drawn to him. I started to pull away, but gave up quickly, realizing he wasn't going to let go. I could only hope that, like in my dreams, he'd just disappear. But this was real waking life, not some stupid eighteen year old's dream.

          He pulled me closer, a feat I didn't even think was possible. Just like in my dreams, his lips came closer to mine. But this time, I didn't pull away. I knew I should, but I also knew it was an impossibility. The moment our lips touched, he was gone.

          Damn it! Why does this happen every time? I finally get a boy to pay attention to me and he just disappears. Is this what normal girls go through? Or is this another example of my freakiness? And I would have thought he was a figment of my imagination, if not for all the other girls attracted to him too. Every single girl was attracted to him, and I honestly didn't blame them. No one knew we were a thing. A thing, a couple, is that what we were? I didn't know. Why would I know? It's not like I have any experience with boys anyway. But if the others girls did know, I don't know if they'd be able to stop themselves even then.

          Still, here I was, standing in the middle of campus, abandoned again. I slowly headed to class, getting there early as usual. Everyone started filing in, sitting down, cell phones out, just waiting to leave again. The teacher got there and started to close the door. And there he was again, Blake, slipping into the class at the last moment.

          He ignored me the entire time, taking notes vigorously. And me? I ignored the teacher the entire time. Instead, I opted for staring at Blake out of the corner of my eye. Why did he have to be so attractive? Why did he have to be so mysterious?

          Finally, class was over. I made it through all my other classes, hopelessly trying to put that morning's encounter out of my brain. I got back to my room and prepared to read a book I had been assigned in class, The Odyssey. The book was interesting enough to capture my attention. It was enough to get my mind off him. I read more than I was supposed to, just to keep him off my mind. As I was reading, I stumbled upon a part involving the lovely ladies of the sea. The ones who used their exceptional voices and gorgeous looks to draw in men. They're called sirens. Huh, funny. That sounded familiar. Beautiful singing voices and good looks? Where did I know that from?

          My eyes burning, I set down the book. Frustrated, I started to think about the sirens. They could get anyone they wanted. They had great looks and beautiful voices. I mean, they killed the men they got to come near them, but still. I wasn't gorgeous. I didn't have any great talents. It just wasn't fair. I couldn't even keep a guy's attention long enough to kiss him, let alone kill him. Not that I wanted to kill anyone. I guess, I just wanted attention. And now I was thinking about him again. Him, wait. That's where I knew it from. What if Blake was a Siren? How funny would that be?

          I looked up at the clock. It read seven at night. Of course, time flies when you're feeling hurt, confused, and bad about yourself. Blake's band was playing tonight at some local bar in town. Maybe if I went I could hold his attention long enough for him to explain what the hell happened this morning.

          I got up and started to get ready. And by this, I mean I attempted to make myself look cute with a little help from my roommate, Karli.

          Karli laughed as I pulled out some makeup. “Do you even know how to put that on?”


          “Ugh. Let me help you. Maybe we can get you looking good for some cute boys! Got your eyes set on any?”

          “Well, uhh...Blake, I guess,” I stammered. I hadn't actually talked to anyone about this.

          “Blake?! The hottie every girl wants? Why don't you start a little smaller?This will be like your first time talking to a boy, won't it?!” Karli cackled. I was getting frustrated with her.


          “Whatever,” she sighed. “Here, put your tall brown boots on and that white tank top of yours and you'll be perfect!” I listened and did as I was told. And she was right. I did look good! Way better than I would have by myself. “Good luck with the boys, tiger! Don't break too many hearts!” Karli said with a wink. I smiled, grabbed my wallet and my fake I.D., and I was out the door.

          I rode with my friends Jenna and Laura to the club. We flashed our I.D.s and walked in. We had arrived just in time. Blake's band was taking the stage and I looked up at him in amazement. He looked gorgeous under the lights. He started singing and it was all I could do to not shove myself through the crowd of people and hurl myself on stage. I found myself drawn to him. I just couldn't get away. I looked over at my friends and they all had the same look in their eyes. Puppy love, lust, adoration, whatever you want to call it. They were all just as drawn to him as I was, although, as far as I knew, I was the only one he actually had contact with. His band played a few songs and I swear, every time he looked out into the crowd, our eyes met. It felt like fate.

          “He's gorgeous,” Jenna sighed.

          “I'd do anything to get him to even look at me,” Laura gushed.

          They were staring at me expectantly, because I hadn't said anything. “What about you?” Jenna questioned.

          “He...uh he's amazing. I also wish he'd look at me.” Shit. Now I sounded like some awkward robot teenager. Jenna and Laura just gave me a confused look and went back to dancing to the music.

          Finally, the band decided to take a break and I decided I needed some air to clear my head before I said anything weirder. I walked out into the alley on the side of club. The cold air hit my face, and I realized it was starting to rain. A door on the side of the building opened and there he was, clouding my thoughts right back up.

          As if being controlled by some outside force, I was being pulled closer to him, until his arms were around me. I looked up at him, and he looked at me. We just stood there, staring, for what seemed like forever.

          I realized that he wasn't looking at me with love. He was looking at me with, well almost hunger. He seemed almost angry. Still, I was held there, wanting to run but being unable to. Then it hit me, his good looks, his beautiful voice. Suddenly, the idea was there. Just one word. Siren.

          Just like always, his lips came closer, but not mine. Not this time. I looked up at him in disbelief, not even noticing that the rain was soaking through my clothes and making my makeup run down my face. “You are a siren,” I whispered.

          “I know,” he replied, still getting closer.

          It took all my might not to fall into his deadly trap. “Why me?”

          He smiled down at me, then frowned. “Why not?” he said with a smile spreading across his face.

          I pulled my knee back and then shoved it hard into his stomach. He let out a horrible groan. Good. He deserved that. I looked for somewhere to run and saw someone on the sidewalk at the end of the alley. I ran toward them, my mouth open to scream, but my foot caught on a rock. Leave it to me to be clumsy in the most inopportune times. Ugh! I started to get back up and felt his hands on me.

          “That's it. This is over. Now,” he grumbled down at me.

          “Seriously? Those are the last words I get to hear? You couldn't come up with anything better than that?!”

          “Deal with it, bitch. You deserve what’s coming to you.”

          As he pulled me up, I grabbed my cell phone from my pocket and dialed speed dial number one, Karli. “Let me go!” I yelled. “You’ll never get away with this.” I was kicking and screaming, but I needed help. Like now. Or I wasn’t going to survive this.

          He raised me in the air, as if he was going to throw me down on the ground and smash my head open. I started screaming. Then a door slammed open. It slammed right into Blake. I tumbled to the ground.

          Karli was standing above me. “Geez, the one guy you decide to fall for turns out to be crazy?!”

          “Well, you know my luck.”

          Luckily, Karli had grabbed security on her way over. They dragged Blake up and shoved him into a police car, while Karli and I just stood in that alleyway. As they turned on the sirens and drove away, I swear he smirked at me, as if this wasn’t over yet.