Fantasticoe 1991

Stories from Introduction to Creative Writing: Fantasy

February 1991

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All Hail The King! - Thomas Valley
Striker - Casey Bentley
Scamping - Tom Messer
Ice Cream - Kendal Obermeyer
A Walk Home from the Opera - Bill Crumley
Friends 'Til the End - Heather Wallace
The Chosen - Thad Riggle
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.  How I wonder . . . 
     - Stacy Peters
Winter's Knight - Chris Anderson
Jillie's Rose - Stephanie Nave
Got a Light? - Larry Palmer
A Bed of Roses - Mary Pate
The Blade of the Basilisk - Derek Cole
 Throat of Flame - Herb Frankfort
Mirror Image - Tamara King
Revenge - Allen Kassebaum


Copyright © 1991 by Terry Heller: all stories are the property of their authors