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Got A Light?

Larry Palmer

The lifeless chill of the night air comforts me as it envelops me in a brisk yet soothing bath of cold. The leaves blow in the chill wind, announcing the presence of spirits playing tag in the trees. The moon is as bright as the sun on this starless night and looks as if God had made a peephole in a black curtain in order to keep watch during the night. Perhaps that is why the mice of evil play while the cat of goodness is away, or at least not looking. I personally have no complaints, for the moon illuminates my world so that I may see the last reaction that my prey expresses just before they slip off the edge of existence and drown in the abyss of oblivion. That is a privilege reserved for those of us who truly appreciate the night and all of the wondrous and beautiful treasures that it holds.

Yes, I am a creature of the night, not by birth or mutation, but by transformation. I am what many fear in their dreams even though they never accept my existence. I am not known to exist for I sleep while mortals roam the land, then I wander in the night and prove my presence to those who accept the fact a little too late. The death of others creates life for me because I thrive on the blood of life. Yes, blood, a liquid of such importance that it is a necessary component for the living and for the dead who must feed in order to live. I am a sort of blood relative of the oldest family tree, a disciple of the great Count that so many fear in tales of today.

     My footsteps come to a stop when I reach my destination. A tall, majestic oak tree stands before me. This is the place of my sanctuary, my shelter from those who may not understand. This is a familiar tree for this is where I had come into my new existence.

As I stand in the shadow of the mighty tree that represents my lemonade stand, the only one where the customer pays and I do the drinking. I am amazed to this day at the height, the long arms that reach eternally to the sky in search for some lost companion. I consider myself that companion, as long as this tree is here, I will keep it company as I wait for what I seek. I stand in the shadow, my long, black, overcoat concealing my presence. My six foot frame supports a well conditioned body, however, the initiation into this exclusive night club has left me with a nice collection of abilities. I may not be able to turn into a bat and fly away, but who would want to. No, mine consist of a considerable amount of strength, as well as speed and agility. Also with the stealth of a leopard, I can achieve the element of surprise. I find that the effect of surprise is most pleasurable. The heart pumps faster, causing the blood to escape the veins quicker as I drain my victim of their life force itself. Then the after affects of the reaction to fear, the rush of the adrenaline in the blood as it is transferred into my body. I remember back when I was on the other end of the teeth.

     I was walking through this very park, and at this very tree, I saw him.

It was a night like this one, cold, clear sky, full moon. I was coming back from the library and I heard someone by this tree. I called out to see if I had heard anyone, then he stepped out. He was as tall as I was and walked with the confidence of royalty. His black clothing concealed his body as he walked towards me. He asked for a light and I said that I could oblige. Then as I turned, I was enveloped in his black cape which seemed like a different world. I fought and screamed but with no success. He swept me up and carried me with ease to a place I did not know, there I saw his pale white face and his dark empty eyes. I could resist no more.

His quiet whispering voice calmed me as he told me not to fight. He told me of the bliss that I would feel, for I was not going to die. As I listened in a trance, I felt the quick, sharp, pains of his teeth as they penetrated my skin. But the pain was actually a pleasure, like that of a virgin accepting her first lover, as she anxiously awaits the orgasmic experience that will follow. A warm stream of blood went down my neck as he drank what he so desperately needed. I could feel his body shudder as he indulged in the effects produced by my fear. I started to feel as if the life were being drained from my body, but just as I thought I was going to die, he stopped. He laid my body down and I semi consciously listened as he told of his heritage which was now mine. He talked of living in the night and the bliss of being a citizen of the undead society. He continued on by telling me of his loneliness and solitude, and the sorrow of this kind of lifestyle. The last thing that I remember from that night was the tears that ran down his face as he apologized for his inflicting the same curse on me. Then I slept.

When I awoke I was in my room. My roommate had not heard him bring me back. The next few days I slowly shifted to a night creature, I could not eat food, I could not stand daylight, and I could not sleep at night. One night, in a fit of frustration, I went for a walk and returned to the tree. There I saw him again. I approached him and cursed him. He stood there and looked at me with those empty eyes, then I realized why he had done it. Even though he despised certain parts of being a creature of the night, and did not really want to inflict it upon anyone else, he was at a point of desperation. That point that everyone reaches some time or another, where the only thing left to do is to try to make someone else feel the same that you do. that is why the line has continued for so many generations.

     I spent the next few weeks with him, learning how to survive without becoming a ruthless animal that kills for fun. I learned of the way to make another person just like myself. All of this was done in the cover of the night and the shelter of the tree. I remember how I fought the urge to kill the first few days of my new life. Then one night I could stand no more, and I ran to the tree to wait.

     I was waiting and contemplating my future, then I saw her. She was a very nice looking woman with the most scrumptious looking neck. I could sense the watering in my mouth and an uncontrollable urge as all of my attention was focused on her neck.

     She was passing by the tree, just beyond the boundary of the shadow when I asked if she had a light. She jumped with surprise, and I stepped out of the shadow into the revealing light and repeated the question. She reached into her purse and pulled out a lighter. As the flame jumped, it illuminated the area, her neck was moving with each breath she took. Her skin, white, soft, and pulsing with each beat of her heart. I caught myself staring at her neck and tried to avoid being noticed, however I was too late. I could sense her fear building up as I stood motionless. Her chest started to heave as we made eye contact, she was frozen with fear. I closed in, her skin pulsed more and more as her heart beat faster and faster as if trying to escape her body and outrun me. Her eyes widened as I leaned over her shoulder and got ready to attack. When I could stand no more, I bit her neck, my teeth penetrating her skin. She grabbed hold of me and tensed up as I started to drain her of her life, the warm, salty, bittersweet taste of her blood flooded my mouth. I drank and the warmth traveled down my throat to gather in my middle. The warmth spread to the other parts of my body and I started to shudder from the rush of adrenaline caught up in a rapture that I had never experienced before. Then with a massive release of tension, she let go as I cut the single red line that had moored her to the dock of life. Her life floated away as I let her slip from my arms and fall to the ground. I was in a state of bliss that was unsurpassed by any pleasure on earth.

After I had recovered my senses following my first feeding frenzy, I had realized what I had become. I had the ultimate feeling of despair in the knowledge that I now had a new lifestyle to follow. This was not a sickness that was cured by a shot. I looked at the lifeless body on the ground and I took pity on the life that used to house it, and cried. I hoisted the body up and as quickly, and quietly as possible, stole away to give it a decent, yet rudely unnatural burial. I offered my highest final respects as well as my deepest, most mournful, sympathy. I despised what had been brought upon me, and considered my new existence a living hell.

Since that first and shocking experience in pleasing my new personality, I have developed. I have vowed, however, to never bring another into my world, that is a bigger crime than the killing I do. I only kill to feed, and speaking of feeding, I see my prey now. A healthy looking girl from the same college that I attended. Probably walking home from the library. I wait as she walks past the mighty tree, just past the boundary of the shadow, in the revealing light. I ask,"Got a light?"

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