Fantasticoe 1995

Stories from Introduction to Creative Writing 
Fantasy -- February 1995 

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"Quarantined" - Rachel Bartol
The Crying Statue - Joi Bergman
Encounter - Matt Dahm
The Wall - Shannon De Witt
Corn - Sarah Kolasinski
"Tweak" - Manuel Lara
The Great Chocolate Wish - Pam Mann
Lilith - Marie Meyers
The Beast by Pat Miller
The Mouth by Lynn Morton
Til Death Do Us Part - A. Michael Peters
Heart of Steel - Jamie Pilgrim
Diary of a Madman - Chad Tamez
Twin Sisters   Li Wang
The Other Side - Joe A. White
The Discount Rack - Joe E. White

The original print version of Fantasticoe 1995 was produced by Joi Bergman and Joe A. White; it remains the most elegant of the issues.
     The original computer file for Fantasticoe 1995 has been lost. This collection has been reconstructed from a disk that contained final drafts of most of the stories. Two, those by Peters and Pilgrim, have been scanned. It is likely that in the recovery processes, formatting has been changed or lost and other errors have been introduced. Lacking the resources for a thorough copy-editing, Terry Heller has put together this version. Authors who read their stories here and notice errors are encouraged to contact Terry.

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