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The Great Chocolate Wish
Pam Mann

     Oliver picked up his Super Sport comic book and thumbed through the pages. He was bored! It was the first day of summer vacation and his mother had sent him to his room to clean it up. Cleaning his room was not how he planned to spend any part of his vacation but didn't know what he did want to do.

     "Can I go over to Ryan's house and swim?" he yelled from his room to his mother in the kitchen.

     "Oliver, I can't hear you. Do you have your room all cleaned up and your clothes ready to be washed?"

     "Just about." I don't know why I always have to do this kind of stuff. It's so stupid. None of my friends have to do this kind of stuff, mumbled Oliver to himself.

     Just as Oliver flip a pair of jeans into his clothes basket she appeared. It was Matilda. She had been the housekeeper for Oliver's family for the last 5 years. That was until last year when she died. But from time to time there she was appearing right out of thin air.

     Since Oliver had no grandparents Matilda decided she should take their place as Oliver grew up. Many of Oliver's friends wanted to know how she got her powers and they wondered if they could get a fairy godmother. Matilda told him how she got her powers was a secret and she didn't know how the other children could get a fairy godmother. It was as simple as that. Matilda didn't know and Matilda didn't care.

     Oliver was always glad to see her and today was no exception. He ran over and gave her a big hug.

     "I'm sure glad to see you Matilda. Mom's making me clean up my room. It's so dumb and this is how I'm spending my summer vacation. All the rest of the kids are out playing and having fun," pouted Oliver.

     "How about if I help you pick things up and then you can go out and play?"

     Oliver immediately brightened up at the offer of Matilda's help.

     "What do you want me to help you with," she asked.

     "I'll put my books on the shelf and you get my clothes ready to be washed," he directed.

     They both got busy. Oliver soon had the books placed neatly on all his book shelves and turned to start picking up his toys when he noticed Matilda flipping her magic wand over the clothes and directing them to be placed in the washer.

     "Gosh Matilda, that's great how you can do that," said Oliver. Just then the phone rang and Oliver ran to answer it.

     "Yes, this is the Norton residence. Yes, this is Oliver Norton. You have my what? Where? Oh no!" he cried. "I'll be right over.

     Hanging up the phone he ran into his room. "Matilda, do you know what you have done? You got your washes mixed up. You sent my clothes to the car wash and they are going around town on people's cars. The guy from the car wash said my underwear are hanging on the bumper of Peggy Morgan's car. How could you let this happen, Matilda?"

     "Oh my! my! my, Oliver I must have twirled my magic wand the wrong direction when sending the clothes to the washer. I'll have them all back to you in just a flash," Matilda was all a flutter as she tried to retrieve Oliver's clothes.

     nuzzle wuzzle
     cuddle duddle
     dry the puddle
     bring Ollie's clothes back
     on the very next shuttle

     SWISH - SWISH went Matilda's magic wand. Both she and Oliver stood and waited. Slowly Oliver's clothes began to reappear in his clothes basket.

     "Here they come, Matilda," yelled Oliver. He was overjoyed to see his clothes back home. "I sure hope Peggy Morgan didn't see my underwear on their car," said Oliver in a worried tone of voice. "She'd probably try to keep them and sell them back to me or worse yet take them to one of those girl parties she always having."

     "Oliver do you have your clothes ready to wash," yelled his mother.

     "I'll have them there in just a second, I'm just bringing them in, I mean putting them in the basket." Oliver quickly picked up the basket and hurried down the stairs.

     "You're a good kid to have this all done so quickly. Now you may go out and join your friends for the afternoon. Don't forget to be home by 5:00 for dinner," she said. And so the summer started.

     The family summer vacation took them to visit the Hershey's chocolate factory in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Oliver was really amazed by all the candy he saw. He thought it would be great to own a chocolate factory someday and have all the chocolate candy whenever he wanted.

     Oliver returned from vacation but he just couldn't forget the chocolate. He had always liked it before but never quite as much as he did now. Even his friends thought it was a bit strange the way he always wanted chocolate: sundaes, candy bars, chocolate stars, sodas, hot fudge, brownies - and those were just a start.

     He would have chocolate pancakes for breakfast and a mid-morning snack of a chocolate donut. His lunch would be topped off with a dish of chocolate pudding and chocolate milk. Dinner was a whole pile of chocolate desserts and before going to bed a light snack of chocolate cookies and a chocolate shake.

     Oliver's parents were worried. They talked with his doctor and he said it was just a phase Oliver was going through and they shouldn't worry. Oliver's friends were sure he would weigh a ton by Christmas if he kept eating all that chocolate but Oliver never gained an ounce!

     It seemed like the more chocolate Oliver ate the more he wanted. Soon he was putting chocolate syrup on everything he ate: scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, hamburgers, French Fries. If it was food Oliver had chocolate in it or on it

     Oliver even dreamed in chocolate, but he made his mistake when he said it would be neat to live in a house filled with nothing but chocolate in every form possible.

     Oliver decided one warm June night to sleep in his tent in the back yard. While he was fast asleep with visions of chocolate drops in his head she came back. It had been a long summer without much Matilda and she wanted to do something really special for Oliver. She was sure she remembered Oliver wishing to be a chocolate something. With several swishes of her magic wand, Oliver became a split level, open foyer, chocolate house.

     When Oliver woke up the next morning he found himself four blocks from home on a large grassy lot overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Newport Beach, California.

     At sunrise the neighbors could hardly believe their eyes and the kids in the neighborhood were ecstatic. They had brown houses in their neighborhood but not anything like this one.

     As the sun began to rise, Oliver quickly figured out that he was in trouble. When you are a chocolate house in sunny California where do you go to get under cover and away from the sun? What type of sun screen do you put on to keep from melting? Oliver had to think fast or soon be a huge pile of melted brown chocolate.

     Oliver was pretty sure his fairy godmother had something to do with the present state he was in.

     "Matilda, get down here and fix this mess you've made," Oliver yelled. "I never said I wanted to be a chocolate house. I said I wanted a house with a room full of chocolate."

     Matilda saw the problems Oliver was having and was quick to come to his rescue. With several swishes of her magic wand, Oliver was packed in ice and snow from his roof to the ground. "There, that ought to keep you from melting and I'll just replace the ice as it melts and keep you in shape," said Matilda looking very pleased at the job she had done. Oliver's windows began to shake and rattle from the cold and the whole house shook as Oliver shivered from the cold.

     "Matilda," yelled Oliver, "you've got to do something I'm freezing to death and I'm going to catch an awful cold." AH-AH-Ah-CHooooo!" sneezed Oliver and all the windows in Oliver blew out.

     Oliver's parent's were listening to the morning news and heard about the house made of chocolate. They looked for Oliver in the back yard and were immediately concerned that Oliver was involved somehow with this house of chocolate.

     A parade of vehicles and curiosity seekers soon formed to where Oliver The House was. His parents knew immediately it was Oliver because of the bright red shingles that matched Oliver's hair color perfectly.

     His dad hurried up to the front porch and knocked on the door. "Oh dad, I'm so glad you're here," Oliver whispered. "I'm in such a mess. Matilda has gotten things all mixed up and look at the shape I'm in."

     Oliver started to cry and with each tear huge icicles formed all down the front of Oliver.

     "Matilda, I don't know where you are but get down here and fix this mess right now," yelled Oliver's father in a hushed but firm voice.

     "I'm on my way and I have all the right words to fix things

up," she hurriedly replied. She appeared on the roof and crouched behind the chimney so no one would see her as she began her chant:

     Amway, Tidybol
     Santimaster, Pledge.
     Bring back Oliver
     with the twist of my head.

Matilda twisted her head quickly to the left and then to the right and watched as the snow and ice began to melt. The water was a rich shade of dark brown chocolate. Everyone watched in awe and amazement as first the front porch melted, then the garage sagged and the roof began to cave in. The last thing to melt was the back corner of the kitchen. Sitting in the corner was Oliver eating a Granola bar and glad to be back to his normal human state.

     If you know a Matilda be careful. They make wishes come true everyday, somewhere, for somebody. Maybe you'll be next.

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