Fantasticoe 1996

Stories from Introduction to Creative Writing
Fantasy: February 1996

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 Pieces   by   Joe White
Not the Weather  by  S. B. Zellar
The Price of Beauty  by  Keri Badding
For the Love of Money  by  Michael Jason Duwe
The Movies  by  Jeremy Pigg
Ucko Bucko  by  Dana Voss
Mermaids?  by  Julin Ooi
Forever a Family  by  Tammy Lees
Awakenings  by  Jason Shockley
Roses  by  Christy Guyer
So It Shall Be  by  Brian Collier
Heavenly Flight?  by  Lori Miller
The Story of Love  by  Erin Fitzpatrick
The Magic Whistle  by  Brenda Muench
The Golden Ring  by  Mayumi Suwa
Henry's Teapot  by  Julie Kluth

Copyright© 1996 by Terry Heller; all stories are the property of their authors.