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The Magic Whistle

Brenda Muench

     There was a small, but remote village called Dinka. Dinka was divided into east and west by a stream that ran through the center of the village. The east side was full of ghostly creatures from the forest nearby. These creatures, caused the people on the west side to live fearful and unhappy lives because no one knew what would happen to them if they went to the other side. The east side was seen as dark and cold by the villagers. No one dared to go there. The wind seemed to blow the trees a little stronger across the stream and there was no beauty in the land. The west side was known for its open field, which kept the villagers busy planting crops and kept their minds off what the land was like on the other side of the stream. Nevertheless, the villagers of Dinka, went on living their lives in misery and fear.

     One day a family moved into the village. They were greeted by the unhappiness and misery of the people. No one was very friendly. The family consisted of a father, mother, and two children. One was a boy named Zak, and the younger girl was Zelda.

     Zak thought he was a young man and wasn't scared of anything. His sister thought of him as immature and selfish. He never shared anything with her when they played together. He was about a head taller than Zelda. Zak had sandy colored hair, with blue-green eyes. He wore a hat on his head because when he was out on adventures, the sun wouldn't be in his eyes and he wouldn't have to comb his hair in the morning.

     His sister, Zelda, had long, sandy, straight hair. She usually wore it back in a ponytail so it wouldn't get into her face when she was playing with the boys. Zelda had more muscles than her brother and she loved to get dirty. Her mom gave up on Zelda being a normal girl long ago. She would dress Zelda in Zak's pants, instead of the normal skirts and nice shirts that most girls wore. Zelda would come home in the evening covered in dirt from head to toe.

     At the crack of dawn one morning, Zak and Zelda went out to explore their new land. The forest on the east side seemed to be the most intriguing to them. They trotted across the dewy pasture of dandelions and weeds. No one had told them about the dangers of the east side or the forest. As they jumped across the stream, the wind picked up. They felt a chill go through their bodies. They were sure that the temperature dropped ten degrees once they stepped on the east side. They sensed a feeling of deadness in the air. The two looked around and didn't see or hear anything, no flowers blooming, no birds chirping, not even another human around. Everything was dead. They began to walk toward the forest but the crunching of the leaves that had fallen from the oak trees nearby made them want to turn around. Zak and Zelda looked out at the forest and froze. It never looked this bad from the other side. They saw the dark looming trees towering before them. The morning light touched not a single blade of grass under the heavy cover of branches in the forest. Zelda was brave and ready for adventure. She approached slowly, grinning with curiosity.

     "I don't think we should go in there. How about if we just walk over to the field to see Dad working?" Zak said in a meek, quivering voice as Zelda's figure disappeared in the shade of the forest. Zak cautiously followed her. He stumbled across a small object poking up from the ground beneath him. Pulling the finger length, hollow shape, from the dirt, he discovered it was a whistle. This whistle was beautifully hand crafted with goblins and elves carved into it. There was something mysterious about it. Zak brushed it off and put it between his lips and was about to blow, when a high-pitched shriek startled him.

     He looked up, Zelda was running back to him with something chasing after her. She almost knocked Zak over as she passed by him in a flash. All Zak could do was stand there. The body was coming nearer. It was a wild, savage boar about the size of a small man. It was grunting and foaming at the mouth. The exasperated creature lowered its thick head and began to lunge toward him.

     Zak, frightened out of his wits, could think of nothing better to do than scream. The problem with this was that the whistle was still between his lips. So what came out was a sweet, wailing tune. The tune, was very catchy with it's genuine, pure sound. The sound of the whistle caused the boar to slow down. It approached the frightened boy and smelled his feet with his foamy snout and raised up its head and smiled dumbly at him, turned around and scampered off.

     Zelda came running back, "How did you do that?"

     "It must have had something to do with the whistle."

     "I want it!" Shouted Zelda.

     "I found it, so it is mine!"

     "I don't care. Let me see it!" The two of them tugged and pulled on each end of the whistle. Neither one gave up. Soon they were both on the grass tossing and turning. Punches were thrown and it turned into a dog fight.

     After a couple minutes Zelda just gave up, "Okay, just have it baby."

     The two of them kept walking further into the forest and neither one said a word. They were both covered with sweat from the fight. After a couple of feet, Zak started to blow his new whistle. The animals of the forest perked up and the birds began to sing. The flowers bloomed in the matter of seconds and a dirt path could be seen. Zak and Zelda followed the path while each took turns blowing the whistle

     An hour or so later, they came upon a small, gloomy house in the center of the forest. Zak and Zelda looked at the house and then each other. The two walked timidly toward the house that was murky in color. It had broken shutters hanging from the windows. They were hanging only from the top hinge, which looked as if they could fall off if a small gust of wind came by. Zelda whispered to Zak that they should go and look around. Zak said "No!" as he trembled in fear, but it was too late, Zelda had already gone on her way. Zak's legs started to shake. Zelda continued to blew the whistle and look around.

     Zelda went over to a dirty window and peered into the abandoned house. Neither one said a word. Looking through the window, they saw that the house was not after all abandoned. Someone was living there. There was a fire going in the fireplace. It was a nice and cozy place, but a little dark and gloomy inside. The two were just standing there on their tippy-toes gazing into the dwelling when an old man came around the corner of the house. His face was wrinkled and his eyes were deeply set. His clothes were nothing but old rags and they just hung from his broad, hunched over body. The whistle dropped from Zelda's hand. The first words out of his mouth, in a deep voice were, "What do you want?"

     The old man looked at the whistle on the ground. He said in his mean voice, "I lost this a long time ago. It has been missing for 11 years now. Where did you find it?"

     Zak and Zelda looked at each other and didn't say a word. Zelda finally said in a quivering voice, "Zak found it, over there." She pointed to the stream.

     "This is a special whistle. If you look around the forest you will see. This whistle is used to make the forest beautiful, to make flowers bloom and animals sing. I remember when everyone that passed through this forest would smile and laugh whenever they heard the whistle's tune. It was the happiest place around." the old man stated.

     Zelda looked around. What he said was true. The flowers were blooming and the birds were singing. And come to think of it, she and her brother were getting along great. They were not fighting over the whistle anymore.

     "What happened?" Zelda asked.

     "You see, this whistle has magic powers. I use to blow it every day and night, until I lost it. I was dancing while blowing this whistle, and one day a big gust of wind came up and swept it right out of my hands. It was carried off and I could never find it. From that day on, the forest turned into an unhappy and cold looking place, along with the people. I came here to live because everyone in the village blamed me for their unhappiness."

     "Lets go and blow the whistle for everyone in the village!" Zelda suggested.

     The two children along with the old man went to the village. All of the villagers were so glad to see that the whistle had been found. They began to dance and sing with each other. After everyone knew the whistle was back, they decided to put the whistle somewhere that no one would take it and everyone would be able to hear it. They decided to put it in a wind machine up in the branches of the giant tree in the center of the village by the stream. It was under lock and key. The only one who had the key was the old man. Every one in the land could hear it. From that day on, everyone in the village of Dinka, both east and west, lived a happy life.

Acknowledgments: I would like to thank a few people who helped me come up with this story. First I would like to thank everyone who had been in my group during this month. It really helped to hear your ideas. Erica - Thanks for giving me great ideas and proofreading. You are great at it! Jen - Thanks for the entertainment while I revised and typed my story. We had a lot of fun. And to Heather - Thanks for reading through this story and giving me words of encouragement. You guys are all great!

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