Fantasticoe 1997

Stories from Introduction to Creative Writing
Fantasy -- February 1997

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Through the Hole in the Wall   by  Anne Dybsetter
Going Home  by   C. U. Enhelmifrend (Kevin Butzen)
Crazy  by   Melissa Bond
Evil Mrs. Johnson  by  Mark Lindemann
The Mountain  by  Chris Butler
The Devil's Helpmate  by  Tony Day
Frogs are Beautiful People Too  by   Melanie Doerpholz
What I Would give to be Pretty  by  Stephanie Kendricks
The Lovers that Never Quarreled   by  Tara Shanahan
The Last Thursday  by  Lisa Holub
The Land of the People  by  Lynn Hayward
"Dead Man's Curve"  by  Laura Holub
Bounty Games  by  Mike Hungate
Pirates  by  Mike Magistrelli
An Offer You Must Refuse  by   Matthew L. Martin
Cooking with Julia Child  by  Shawn C. Whittington

Copyright © 1997 by Terry Heller; all stories are the property of their authors.