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Land of the People

Lynn Hayward

The day had finally arrived! Heather was going to get to go swimming. Heather dashed down the gentle slope behind her family's lake house and ran right into the warm shallow water. She moved quickly to the deeper area which got colder the farther that she went and paddled gleefully. The Bright yellow life jacket that her parents gave her on her fifth birthday, because they knew that they would not be able to loose sight of her, kept her afloat. Looking back at the gray stoned, two story house, she saw that her parents were still unpacking their brown '86 station wagon, so she decided to explore a little more.

Under water, the light was so blue with bright, white sun streaks shinning through, that it was like falling into another world. At the time Heather really did not know that she was going into another world. Heather did what her parents told her never to do, which was to never remove her life jacket. All of the sudden she felt a tiny pull on her toes that began to carry her down farther. As she drifted down her life jacket floated to the surface, following a shaft of glorious light. What was that far down there, she asked herself? On a great big, shell that glistened as if covered with jewels was what looked like a woman. As she swam closer, she saw that it was a woman, a mermaid in fact. Heather had forgotten that she needed air to breathe, but that soon was no more a concern when she got the feeling of not having to breathe.

"Who are you?" she asked the mermaid, who seemed not to have noticed her at all. The mermaid answered that she was a mermaid and her name was Coral. Heather was astonished and asked Coral if she could make her look like a mermaid, too. Coral said that if she became a mermaid that she would never be able to see her family again. Heather said without thinking that she was in love with the water and would so anything to be able to stay here for the rest of her life. Coral said okay and then turned Heather into a mermaid just like her.

Coral then said "Now go off and play you little mermaid"

Heather in response said " I will go play and I will have the most fun I have ever had. Thank you."

Heather began to swim around like a fish, splashing her new tail of fins around, when she noticed a humongous grey shark headed her way. She quickly swam back to Coral and told her that she didn't know what to do when she encountered a predator. Coral told her that she was going to have to find that out on her own. Heather thought that was a pretty snotty remark and just left.

Heather became very confused at her knew way of living. She never thought of the fact that she would have to defend herself. Heather then realized that she had not thought this whole mermaid thing threw. Heather became very lonely and wanted to see her mother. The only thing was that she gave up her life as a human. Heather then decided to go swimming around again and did. Heather looked in all the coral that she saw and played with the fish that she saw. they were very nice to her. They all played tag and some other little fishy games. She loved the beautiful colors that she saw. The water was the deepest blue, because she was at the bottom were no light could be seen. The fish were red, yellow, green, and purple(all of the colors of the rainbow). She was just amazed. She saw a snake coming her way and he was laughing at her. All of the sudden the fish that were around her swam away as fast as they could. They must have known something that she didn't. The snake must have known that she was not a true mermaid. She stopped him to ask why he was laughing at her. All he said was follow me. Heather did what the snake commanded.

The snake took Heather into a cave. It was dark, musty, and cold in there as she began to shiver of fright. Heather asked "What is going on?", but she got no reply. Finally, they got to the king of the waters. The king was a mixture of all of the creatures of the waters. Heather wanted to ask him what exactly he was but decided not to. He asked her "What is going on?"

Heather just had a blank look on her face while the snake told him everything. The king just sat there for awhile until he came up with a proposition. She was to either stay in the waters for the rest of her life or go and fight against the waters best creature. Heather was in no mood to fight, but she agreed.

The king ordered the snake to go and get Heather ready for the big fight. The snake did what he was told.

"Okay, have you ever fought before?" Asked the snake.

"Well, only my little brother but he was easy."

"Well, the good thing is , that you are used to fighting people who are bigger than you, because the woman you have to fight is a beast. She is this large tub of lard that you probably won't be able to budge, because she weighs about five times as much as you do. Now listen to me, I'm not trying to make you scared, but you need to know this stuff before going out there to see her for the first time.."

"Do you think that I will be able to defeat her? I have to get these stupid fins off and get my family back."

"You have all the luck in the world of the water. So just go out there and do the best that you can do."

Heather was given a sword as her only defense. Then she was taken into the big arena. There was her family that one of the king's servants went to get and the creatures of the water. Her parents could not believe what was about happen. The look that her parents had when the servant came to the door was hilarious. They would not believe what was going on to their daughter. Heather's parents said that they only left her alone for ten minutes.

Heather could also not believe what was about to happen. She was about to either die, stay under the water for the rest of her life, or be able to see her family again.

The sirens went off and the big cage door opened to where the big burly woman fish came out. When she came out she had hair everywhere and smelled like rotten tuna. Heather began to shake at the knees, but kept her courage up so that she would win to see her family again. Then the gun shot went off to tell everyone and thing that the fight was about to begin.

The two women began the fight by Heather trying to swing the sword at her opponent, but the beast just simply threw the sword down on to the ground. Heather then wrapped her arms around the beast's neck and tried to choke her. The beast just laughed and threw Heather on the ground and they started to wrestle. Heather grabbed for the sword and she got her hand punched to where it broke all of her fingers. Heather turned around and called the beast a bitch. The beast then got mad and threw Heather against the wall. Heather's body got filled with rage. She ran to pick up the sword with her good hand and jabbed it into the back of the beast's head. Heather did not want to stop there so she cut off the head of the beast and threw it to the king. As the blood from the beast's head dripped down on the king he was not mad. He was so impressed that he wanted her to stay and become the next Water World Champion. Heather declined and said that she would like to go back to her family now. The king kept his word and off they went following the ray of light that lead back up to the top of the water, where they all belonged. As they were floating up Heather began to get her feet back. She began to kick to the top of the water instead of swim.

When she got home she went straight to bed. Heather's mother woke her up in the morning and already had breakfast on the table. Heather went to the bathroom to wash her face and then went downstairs to eat. Heather's mom asked, "Darling did you sleep well last night? I know that you wanted to go swimming right away, but I just felt it was getting to late for that. You know honey you can never tell what is in the water sometimes."

Heather just chuckled to herself and smiled. Her mother asked what she was laughing at, but Heather just kept on smiling at her.

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