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What I Would Give To Be Pretty

Stephanie Kendricks

"Oh my poor little girl, sitting out there under the tree by herself with no one to play with. It's all my fault. If I just would have given her to old Man Dragon foot when she was born like he asked, there wouldn't be any problems."

Sparkle sat outside with her head hung in discuss for what she looked like. Only nine years old, and she already understood how ugly she was, but she never knew why. Her hair long in spots and patches missing in others, face covered with achene which she kept hidden with her hands that just happen to have six fingers rather than five, one leg longer than the other and not to mention she had a clubbed foot. She was an ugly little thing, so ugly that not even the dog her father had bought her would play with her. As years went by and Sparkle became older and even more ghastly than she had ever been she began wondering why she was so repulsive. Not only would the dog not play with her, but the odds of her having any friends was absurd.

When Sparkle was seventeen and had acquired a monstrous hump in her back to go with the rest of her hideous appearance, she asked her mother, " why do I look like this?" and her mother replied, "Sparkle everyone looks different and this is just how your made different" "Different and discus sting are two different things" said Sparkle.

One day while Sparkle was out taking a walk down the dirt road from her house that lead to a fork in the road. She walked to the end of the dirt road from the highway and you could either go left to her house or right which lead to the old red house on the hill. This house was covered in vines and a yard full of old children's toys, a porch that didn't look like it could hold itself let along a person. Windows on the outside covered with bars, and the inside sheets instead of curtains. You would assume it was abandoned. So this one day out of the last seventeen years Sparkle decided to go up the road to this house just to get a closer look at something that could possible be worse looking than herself. To her surprise there was in fact someone living there, a rather old man who couldn't quite get around that well anymore so when she knocked he never answered. She ended up letting herself in, but only to find him sitting in side, "Hello Mister. I'm sorry I didn't know any one lived here" "We'll no he doesn't I do, I've lived in this house for over 70 years, who told you anyone lived in this house." " No I thought the house was empty." "We'll yeah the refrigerator is but its cause I can't walk any more, why were you in my refrigerator anyway" " No , I mean, forget it I'm Sparkle I live up the road in the White house" " You mean the white house where the Trentons that have a little girl live" " Yes but I'm not that little anymore now am I" "Glory be to God she finally gave you to me" " Who finally gave what to you". " How old are you now about sixteen or what" " I'm Seventeen just turned it Sunday, but how do you know my family and me I never heard my mother and father talk about you" " Why would they tell you about the man that........., We'll maybe you should be going it time for my nap." " No not until you tell me what you were about to say" "Sorry pretty, I mean Cutie, We'll never mind you've got to go".

So sparkle went home very disturbed wondering who this man was and what was he talking about, She flew up the porch steps and through the screen door yelling for her mother. "Mom were are you, Moooom , where are you" finally she found her mother in the kitchen preparing dinner, for her father would be home from the fields soon. Her mother answered her in a high pitched voice,

"What is it child why in Gods name are you calling me like one of the hogs dune dropped dead in the middle of the road". "Mama today I went t to the house on the hill" said Sparkle " Uh what house on the hill" her mother replied. "You know the red one with all the toys out side" said Sparkle pacing around with curiosity. " why would you do something like that child I told you never to go up there I should Whop you across the hide for disobeying me," "but mama the man that lives there knows us , you, Pa , and that ya'll had a baby girl. Mama, why is it that I never heard ya'll talk about him."

"Just cause you don't need to know who he is, he's trouble he done, done enough to us. Don't go up there ever, never again you hear me". Sparkles mother said as she slammed the back door on her way out for a little air.

All night Sparkle wonder what could a sweet old man like him do to her, nothing shoot he can't even walk, she thought. So the next day she went back to visit the man for whom she didn't yet know his name. Once again she let herself in to find him lying on the sofa all covered up she had never really gotten a good look at him before it was rather dark in the house the last time, but today she was destine to get a peak at his face and ask his name. When she started coming closer to him he began to cover his face and say "child move back I'm very ill and I wouldn't want my little, I mean you getting sick." "Sir what is your name" " Why" " I just want to have something to call you" Sparkle said to the man. I'm Dragon foot" he answered "Okay Mr. Dragon foot, I'm Sparkle" " I know your name darling its the same as my mothers Sparkle Dragon foot." " What a coincidence," " Your so pretty" " Oh you don't have to be nice I know I'm ugly, but mama says this is only a face a mother could love" ": Or a father" " What did you say Mr. Dragon foot" " Oh nothing, it just that I've always wanted me a little girl, I'd do any thing for me a little girl." " You don't have any kids? Why is your yard covered with toys" " A long time ago this lady promised me a baby only if I would make her forever beautiful, " " So where is the baby" " We'll the lady went back on her word" " So what did you do make her forever ugly" " We'll not her" " Why do you want a baby so bad?" asked Sparkle "Well children are full of life and energy, if I had a child I wouldn't be looking like this." " A baby would make you full of energy Mr. Dragon Foot?" "Yes, if I had me a baby I would feel as young as you do." "If you were to make me forever beautiful I swear the first baby I have I'll give it to you" So Mr. Dragon foot said are you sure" " Of course I'll give it to you" So he told her to come back at Midnight and he would make her pretty but she couldn't tell anyone.

So at midnight she crept out of the house and up the road she went, when she got there he had a cup of some liquid waiting for her."Drink this cup of pretty, for it will make you pretty drink it down and in the morning you will be beautiful just like your mother, I mean like the other lady" So Sparkle drank the liquid and went home to sleep when morning came she could not wait to look in the mirror oh she was even more lovely than she had ever imagined she would be, the only thing was what will she tell her mother. So the next morning when her mother saw her, she instantly knew what happened so she started shouting " I told you not to go back up there you'll never learn will you, what is this disavow," " So your the lady Mr. Dragon foot was talking about , that's why I'm ugly, I hate you why didn't you just give me to him at least he's honest and keeps his word. So Sparkle ran off and began living in the city where she met a man and got married about six years later she was pregnant having forgotten all about old Dragon foot she went on planning how her life would be with her new baby. One day she got a letter saying I'm so happy I can't wait to get my baby, Sincerely Dragon foot. So she began to worry what if he really does take my baby, I had no intentions on him still being alive when I had a baby so what am I going to do, I can't tell my husband he'll kill me.

"Oh its a girl, just what I wanted" said Sparkle after giving birth to her baby. After having the baby at home for a couple of weeks she received another letter saying " I'm waiting for my little girl, Sincerely Dragon foot" Sparkle refused to give up the baby, but nothing had happened to the little girl yet she was still as pretty as the day she was born. So months and months went by and she hadn't heard from him in a long time so she thought everything was fine. Then one day she got word that her mother had died and they needed her to come to the funeral, but when she got there her mother didn't look quite like herself, She had gotten fat and face all bumpy hair had fallen out and she no longer had any teeth. She asked her father what happened to her and he said " One night we went to bed and the next morning she woke up looking like this, She left you a note Sparkle." Sparkle waited until she returned home to open the note, and when she did it said

My Dearest Sparkle,

I know your wondering what happen to my face. Why does it look so horrible and bent out of place? I guess this is nothing to look like after I'm dead. I shouldn't have been so selfish and sold your face for my own beauty. You are the only one who understands how it feels to look like a monster and know how much you would give to be pretty. I too was a little bit ugly, and to get what I wanted, which was my looks, I had to give up you. You can't too much blame me cause you did the same thing, but to let you know how sorry I am I settled your debt with Dragon foot, its okay don't feel guilty, I owed you one now we're even.


Your Mother

P.S. Enjoy your Beauty. You deserve it.

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