Fantasticoe 1998

Stories from Introduction to Creative Writing
Fantasy -- February 1998

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 Kenichiro Akita - A Cicada
 Christopher J. Brasel - A New Year's Celebration
 Bill Dickinson - Showdown
 Lonni Evans - The Message
 Andrea Fetzer - Dark Rain
 Glenda Gaynor - Starry Night
Forrest Green - Bessie
 Jeana Greiner - Six Potions
 Michelle Heller - The Orange Grove
 Cindy Sun-Young Kim - The Willow Prince
 Ursula K. Legume - Gazelle & Her Lion Brother
 Delzie Leigh - The Sword
 Jake MacDonald - Watching
 Corey Morris - The Voice
 Ryan Nelson - The Talisman
 Sarah Nitz - A Dream Come True
 Selena Reilly - The Entrancing Sword
 Bret Scheidenhelm - The Balance
 Michelle Steele - Overlapping Worlds


Though each story received copy-editing suggestions from fellow students; the authors are ultimately responsible for the editing of their manuscripts. It is possible, however, that errors were introduced during computer manipulation to produce this web-document.

Copyright © 1998 by Terry Heller; all stories are the property of their authors.