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A Dream Come True

Sarah Nitz

     There was a huge crowd of nameless, laughing faces gathered around him. They were all pointing and laughing cruelly. He could feel the tears well up in his eyes and his face turn red. He had to bend down to pull up his sweatpants and Hanes that the boy behind him had pulled down. He was humiliated but could not run away. They just kept laughing and pointing.

     That memory haunted Michael almost everyday. It was a vivid reminder of just how bad things were for him in high school and how sad his life really was. He had been the kid nobody really paid attention to. He was a normal looking, skinny kid with a plain hair cut and lifeless brown eyes. The kids in his school had always done mean things to him just for a laugh. They never took his feelings into consideration. They had all made fun of him for the depantsing moment up until the day they graduated. Those days were over now, however. He was on his way to college to start a new life for himself.

     He had gotten a room to himself so as not to worry about his roommate turning into a potential enemy, and nobody to get in the way of his studying. But he was also hoping that things would be so different that the room would offer some privacy for the girls he would be bringing home. He was sure this was going to be his best move yet.

     After moving everything in and seeing his parents off Michael was ready to see the school. He decided to go for a walk around the campus and see where all his classes would be the next day. He set off with a happy feeling in his heart, one of the first times in a long time when he had really been happy. As he walked he tried to smile at all the people he saw and say hi to the girls he encountered. He was also trying to remember faces so if he saw them again he could strike up a conversation and maybe make some new friends. But most of the people he walked past only gave him half a smile and few returned the hello.

     That night Michael lay in bed and cried. He knew that his dream bubble of what he wanted college to be was soon to be popped. Tomorrow when he went to class nobody would notice him and no girl would want to come over and watch a movie. He cried like he had so many other nights at home. But then there was a bright light.

     When Michael opened his eyes there was a strange smell in the room. It was musty but sweet, nothing like he had ever smelled before. He looked around the room, trying to find the source of the flash. Then he noticed the man standing in the corner.

     He was a short man who looked to be in his mid-thirties. He was wearing a black pinstriped suit and black and white wing tip shoes. He had a black walking stick in his hand as well. He reminded Michael of a character on an old gangster movie he used to watch. The surprising thing was, Michael wasn't scared. He could almost feel a calming wind blow over him. He felt relaxed and almost high.

     "Hello Michael. I've been watching you for a long time, listening to you cry every night. I'm getting tired of those tears. I'm here to help you Michael. I'm going to make you a deal."

     "Wait a minute. Who are you? Where did you come from? What are you doing in my room? I don't want anything! Just leave me alone. Wait, how did you know my name?"

     "I am, as most people refer to me, Satan. There's no reason to be afraid of me though Michael, I'm not going to hurt you. I only came to talk to you about making your dream come true-making you popular."

     "You can't be the devil! There's no such thing as the devil. This has to be some crazy dream."

     "You don't believe? Well, I'm hurt!" And at that he pointed his finger and a fireball came blazing toward Michael. "Believe me, you're not asleep and you're not imagining this. It's very real. Now listen closely, here's the deal. All I want in return for your happiness is your soul. I know it sounds kind of bad that I'm asking for something like your soul but really, it's overrated."

     "My soul? You want my soul? I can't give you my soul!"

     "Michael, Michael. Really. What are you going to be using it for? And if you give it to me now, I can't take it until you die. And then you'll be dead anyway, so what do you care what happens to you? There really is no difference between heaven and hell anyway. Just a little warmer and a few more people. You'll be just as happy down there. Come on Michael. Just sign it over. I want to make you happy!"

     Michael thought for a moment, surprised that he recognized the man's voice. He sounded just like Billy Zane had in Demon Knight, one of his favorite movies. He remembered the character that went with that voice and how it had only been lying and seducing people to help him. They all ended up dying a miserable death.

     "How do I know you're telling the truth, not just lying to me."

     "Would I do something like that? Remember, I was once in heaven too. I know the difference between right and wrong. Just because people have told horrible stories about some of the bad things I've done in the past doesn't mean that everything I do is bad. I've done some pretty good things. I mean, here I am, in your room in the middle of the night to help you get what you want out of life. Just trust me."

     Michael thought for a moment. He felt the breeze blow over him again. He couldn't believe what he was about to do, but he was desperate.

     "I'll do it!"

     The next morning Michael woke up early to get ready for his classes. He walked over to the mirror and wiped the sleep from his eyes. He remembered a strange dream he had had the night before of the devil making some deal with him. He had actually signed over his soul for popularity. Michael laughed to himself as he turned on the light above the mirror. All he could do was stare. He was breathless. It hadn't been a dream. It had been real. He couldn't believe it. In the mirror, looking back at him, was a man he had never seen before. He bore only a similar resemblance to the boy he had been when he had gone to bed, but now he was different. He had a confident shine in his eye and perfect hair. His shoulders were broad, and his muscles were almost bursting out of his shirt. This was what he had sold his soul for. This was the answer to his prayers, only the answer had come not from above but from below.

     His classes that day were wonderful, better than anything he had every experienced. Girls were looking at him and smiling, not laughing. They would whisper to each to each and smile at him. Many even said hi. There were a few faces he remembered from his walk the day before. Now they were paying attention to him.

     By the end of the week, Michael had two dates for the weekend, both on Saturday. That was more than he had ever had in his whole life. He wasn't sure what to say or how to act but he knew that would not be important. He was good looking now and was learning quickly that that was the most important thing. He had even been invited to a frat party as a possible pledge. He decided that would be the prefect place to take his date for Saturday night. He was nervous but he knew this was going to be his best weekend ever.

     Michael's first date was with a girl named Kelly from his biology class. She had dark brown, shoulder length hair and a small body. When he picked her up, Kelly had on a hunter green v-neck t-shirt and a nice pair of tight Calvin Klein's. They decided to go to an early movie and then some pizza. They had the whole theater to themselves and had a good time being able to laugh out loud and openly talk about the bad acting and other details of the plot. At the pizza parlor they talked about their new college experiences and their up coming bio projects over a large canadian bacon. When Michael took Kelly home they had a moment of awkwardness.

     "Michael, I had a wonderful time today. You are so great. I know this sounds kind of geeky but I feel really comfortable around you. You're very easy to talk to. You know what I think? I think if nothing else, we could be great friends.

     Michael smiled and gave Kelly a big hug. They exchanged numbers and Michael left. He knew that he would be calling Kelly again. He did like her and had had a great time. He did want to be friends with her, but maybe more. He would have to see how things went with Laura.

     He picked Laura up in her dorm room around 8:30. She answered the door in a pair of black leather pants and a white shirt. She had her light golden hair pulled up in a black clip. Michael could only stare in pleasure.

     "Hi, Michael!" Laura squealed as she threw her arms around him.

     "Hey, are you ready? I was thinking that if you didn't mind, maybe we could go to the party tonight. I was sort of invited. If you don't want to we can do something else though, that's no problem."

     "No, I was going to suggest the same thing to you. That sounds great to me!"

     They drove to the party even though it was only a couple blocks away. They walked in, handed some guy Laura seemed to know $5, got their glasses, and went to look for the keg. Michael had a great time at the party talking to new people. He had met some of the guys from the frat, who had pretty much convinced him join.

     By the end of the night Michael and Laura were having to hold each other up for support. They stumbled out to the car and drove home. On the way Laura kissed Michael's ear and put her hand on his crotch. She slowly rubbed him, teasing him. They parked the car and Michael leaned over and began kissing Laura back. They kissed passionately, both wanting more.

     "Let's go in. We'll have a little more privacy."

     "What about your roommate?" Laura slurred.

     "I have my own room." Michael smiled.

     They both laid down on the navy blue quilt that was spread on Michael's bed. They laid next to each other, Michael with his head propped up on his hand. She leaned over and kissed him, pushing him down on his back and climbing on top. They kissed for a while and moved their hips together. Then Laura sat up on Michael. She could feel that he was hard and eager to get out of his jeans. She looked him in the eye, crossed her arms over her chest, and pulled off her shirt. Then she reached back and unhooked her bra, reveling her breasts. She smiled slyly at Michael and began rotating her hips, teasing him a little more. She slid back and unbuttoned his jeans, bending down and kissing his stomach. Then she unzipped his fly and pulled his erect penis out. At that, Michael pushed Laura over and kissed her stiffened nipples. Then he reached down and unzipped her pants and clumsily pulled them off. He stood there and looked at her naked body. It was beautiful. It was the first time he had seen a naked woman in person, except for his mom. He struggled to get his jeans off and then took off his boxers. They had sex three times. Michael was so excited by the thought of what he was doing he could not control himself. He had discovered sex and was not complaining.

     As the year went by Michael's weekends stayed the same way. They were full of girls. His own room had been a great asset to him. He had been lucky enough to bring home many of his dates and quite a few stayed the night. He had always wanted to be the stud who got all the girls. Now here he was, that guy.

     He had also decided to join the fraternity. He was happy to finally have guy friends who knew how to have a good time. They did a lot of partying and Michael was beginning to spend more time in the bar than the library but he had decided he was young and only going to be in college once.

     The bar happened to be the place where he met Destiny for the first time. Destiny was the most sought after girl on campus. She had long blond hair that was naturally curly. She had, as most people would agree, the most amazing blue eyes. When the guys at the frat talked about them they called them her "fuck me eyes." "One look and that's all you can think about." was what they would say. Along with her eyes came a great body. She had a small waist and breasts that had to be at least a c-cup, maybe even a d.

     Michael had been sitting at the bar next to a man who smelled of stale beer and body odor. He had been there when Michael got to the bar and had stayed in the same seat, continually ordering bottles of Bud Light. They had not spoken to each other the whole night. Then the man turned to Michael.

     "So, you go to the college across the street?"

     Michael nodded.

     "You know that girl over there? She's been watching you all night. I think she's trying to get your attention. She's pretty cute. Why don't you go talk to her?"

     Michael just sat and stared at the old man for a minute. There was something very familiar about him but Michael couldn't put his finger on what it was. Then he woke out of his daze and nodded. He looked in the direction of the girl the man had been talking about. It was Destiny. She was watching him.

     As he walked over to where she stood he could see that she had on a pair of jeans and a tiny t. He was sure he could see her nipples.

     He was nervous about talking to Destiny. He didn't have problems with most girls but then again, most girls weren't Destiny. Many of his brothers had approached her and walked away empty handed. He took a deep breath and took the last step to her.

     "Can I buy you a drink?" he asked only half confidently.

     "How about a rum and coke. You're Michael right?"

     "Yeah. And you're Destiny. I've seen you around. You're looking good tonight." he winked at her.

     "You're looking pretty good yourself. Why don't you get that drink and we go to your place. We can talk or something. I'm sure we'll be able to keep each other busy." she winked back.

     Michael smiled to himself, knowing that the night would be more than he ever imagined, as he ordered two rum and cokes. He handed one of the plastic cups to Destiny as they walked out the door. He looked over at the bar stool where he had been sitting to thank the old man, but he was gone.

     When they got to his room Michael lit some candles and put on some soft music. Destiny just pushed him down on the bed and smiled. She stood before him and began to dance. Slowly articles of clothing came off until she stood before him naked. She leaned over him and began kissing his neck and moving to his lips. They kissed for a long moment before she got on her knees and began pulling his shirt out of his jeans and then over his head. Then she began kissing his chest and moving her way down to his swollen crotch. She looked him right in the eye the whole time she undid his pants and helped pull them off. To Michael's pleasure she gave him a blow job and even allowed him to cum in her mouth. He was surprised when she swallowed his juices. Then she climbed on top of him and told him it was her turn. It wasn't long before he was hard and ready to go again.

     "Let me get a condom."

     "You don't need one. I'm on the pill. Besides, it'll feel better this way." she coaxed.

     Michael couldn't say no to those blue fuck me eyes. They had sex all night long until neither could go anymore. They fell asleep in each others arms.

     When Michael woke up Destiny was gone. He was proud of himself though. Many guys would have died to have been in his place. Destiny had almost approached him after all. He could feel himself glow.

     About a month later Michael's phone rang from off campus. He was surprised to pick it up and hear an unfamiliar voice.

     "Hi, Michael. My name is Dr. Hauser and I work down at the clinic on fifth street. I have some things I need to discuss with you that I can't do over the phone. I was wondering if you would have time to come down here sometime today?"

     "I don't know, I'm kind of busy. What's this about."

     "I'd rather not discuss it over the phone. If you could just stop by here sometime today that would be great."

     "I'll be there in about half an hour."

     Michael hung up the phone grudgingly. He had to get ready for the frat party that night. The doctor did sound concerned though. He put on his coat and began the walk.

     "Michael, I'm glad you could come down. I'm Dr. Hauser, I talked to you on the phone. I have a pretty serious matter to discuss with you. Do you know a Destiny Thompson?"

     "Yeah, I think so." Michael nodded.

     "Have you had sexual relations with Miss Thompson?"

     Michael nodded his head, beginning to get a little concerned.

     "Well, Michael, she came in here about a month ago and got an AIDS test. It came back positive for the virus. When something like that happens it is very important that all the partners be notified and tested. She opted to have us notify her partners. You were on the list. I'm very sorry about this Michael. It's not something many kids think about. They all think it won't happen to them. We can't be sure you have contracted the disease unless we give you a test though. Would you be willing to take one?"

     Michael just sat there, almost crying. He could not believe what he had just heard. He thought back to that night. How many times had they had sex? Why didn't she let him put that damn condom on? How many other people had they infected together? God, he was going to have to contact his partners too, put them through this same ordeal. He suddenly was very mad and very scared. After a long moment of silence he agreed to the test. When it was over he ran out of the clinic and all the way home.

     That night he stayed home by himself. Kelly had offered to come over but he had told her that he wanted to be alone. He wanted to cry, like he had so many times before. Then suddenly there was a flash in the room.

     "You bastard! How could you do this to me? I didn't want this! I am going to die because of you! Why didn't you do something? You motherfucking liar! I didn't want this! Wait, you can do anything. What can I sell you to take this off me? I'm not ready to die! You have to help me! You did this to me!" Michael screamed.

     "So, you met Destiny. She's one of my favorites. Isn't she wonderful. But don't worry, when you both kick off you'll have an eternity to spend together." the devil laughed.

     "Fuck that bitch!"

     "Oh, dear boy, you already did that and that's why we're having this happy conversation. I just thought I'd stop by and tell ya tough luck. But don't you think for a minute this was my fault. I only gave you the looks you wanted. You got stupid by yourself. But, I'll be collecting on my part of the bargain before you know it." he began to laugh harder.

     Michael stopped for a moment. It was the devil who had been sitting next to him at the bar that fateful night. He had encouraged Michael to go talk to Destiny. He knew all along what was going to happen.

     "I sure hope it was worth it kid."

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