Works of Sarah Orne Jewett

Selected Works of Annie Adams Fields

Asphodel 1866
The Children of Lebanon 1872
James T. Fields 1881  (Google Books)
Under the Olive 1881 -- Google
How to Help the Poor 1884
Robert Kendall Darrah 1886
Whittier 1893  (Google Books)
A Shelf of Old Books 1894  (Google Books)
Letters of Celia Thaxter 1895
(with Rose Lamb)

The Singing Shepherd 1895
Diary of a Caribbean Tour 1896
Authors and Friends 1896 (Google Books)
Life and Letters of 
Harriet Beecher Stowe 1897

Diary of a Trip to France 1898
Nathaniel Hawthorne 1899  (Google Books)
Orpheus: A Masque 1900
Laura M. Towne 1901
Charles Dudley Warner 1904
Diary of 1905, 1908

Diary of 1907 - 1912
Letters of Sarah Orne Jewett 1911
Memories of a Hostess 1922

About Annie Fields

Mrs. and Mrs. Fields by Henry James



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