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Works by Sarah Orne Jewett related to
A Country Doctor

1.  This is a selection of pieces by Jewett that deal explicitly with gender roles and with medicine.  Suggestions for additions are welcome.
2.  If you return to the Main Contents, and follow the link for Related Materials, you will find a number of pieces, mainly from magazines and newspapers of the late 19th Century, that deal with issues raised in A Country Doctor.
        Every-Day Girl, An - Uncollected Stories
Farmer Finch - A White Heron
In a Country Practice - Uncollected Stories
Tom's Husband - The Mate of the Daylight
Other Works
Doctors & Patients - Uncollected Essays
Every-Day Work - Uncollected Essays
Protoplasm and House-Cleaning - Uncollected Essays
Lucky People - Uncollected Essays
Misdirected Energy - Uncollected Essays
T. H. Jewett (Obituary) - Uncollected Essays
When Lady, When Woman - Miscellaneous
A Country Doctor -- Contents