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Contemporary Works related to
A Country Doctor by Sarah Orne Jewett

Works by Jewett
        Every-Day Girl, An - Uncollected Stories
Farmer Finch - A White Heron
In a Country Practice - Uncollected Stories
Tom's Husband - The Mate of the Daylight
Other Works
Doctors & Patients - Uncollected Essays
Every-Day Work - Uncollected Essays
Protoplasm and House-Cleaning - Uncollected Essays
Lucky People - Uncollected Essays
Misdirected Energy - Uncollected Essays
T. H. Jewett (Obituary) - Uncollected Essays
When Lady, When Woman - Miscellaneous

Works by other Contemporaries

Buckle, Henry Thomas.  The Influence of Women on the Progress of Knowledge, 1858
Bushnell, Horace. Woman Suffrage: The Reform Against Nature.  1869
Jacobi, Mary.  Shall Women Practice Medicine? 1882
Mill, Harriet Taylor. Enfranchisement of Women, 1851
Phelps, Austin. Reform in the Political Status of Woman, 1881
Phelps, Elizabeth Stuart.  Dr. Zay, 1882

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A Country Doctor -- Contents