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Sarah Orne Jewett: Biographical Information


Introduction & Chronology
Howe, Memories of a Hostess (1922)
Matthiessen, Sarah Orne Jewett (1929)
Spofford,  A Little Book of Friends, 1916

 Images of Jewett & her Family

Biographical Pieces

Sarah Orne Jewett's Dog, 1889
Sarah Orne Jewett's Cat, 1900
Little Kennebec, 1939
Poetic Tributes to Sarah Orne Jewett
Sarah Orne Jewett Name Confusion
  Short Biographical Notes

Illustration from "Queens of Literature," a 19th-century card game.  Reprinted by permission of the Maine Women Writers Collection, Westbrook campus of the University of New England.  This image may not be reproduced without permission of the Maine Women Writers Collection.

Autobiographical Pieces by Jewett

Grown-Up (1872)
Tame Indians (1875)
From a Mournful Villager (1881)
An October Ride (1881)
River Driftwood (1881)
A Winter Drive (1881)
Afternoon in Holland, An (1882)
My School Days (1887)
Plea for Front Yards, A (1888)
White Rose Road, The (1890)
Looking Back on Girlhood (1892)
Word from a Neighbor, A (1893)
Lonely Worker, A (1893)


Habits of Authors
Jewett at Home
Pleasant Day with Miss Jewett
Jewett, A Visit to her Home
Summer Homes of Women Who Write


Fields, Diary of a West Indian Island Tour
The Gentle Americans

Other Materials

History and Genealogy of the Jewetts in America
(Selections most relevant to S. O. Jewett)
History and Genealogy of the Jewetts in America (On-line text omits T. H. Jewett family)
Jewett & Fields in Florida
Sarah Orne Jewett in the New York Times
Jewett's Appearance
Sarah Orne Jewett's Death
Jewett's Will
Map of Jewett Property
Obituaries for Mary R. Jewett
The Eastman Family
Carroll, Dunnybrook, 1943
SS Sarah Orne Jewett, 1944

Jewett's South Berwick, ME
A History of South Berwick
The Jewetts of Portland Street
The Jewett-Eastman House
Recollections of Whittier by M. R. Jewett
Sarah Orne Jewett and Her Maine Home

Link to Sarah Orne Jewett House Landscape History
(Local mirror of Landscape History)

Sarah Orne Jewett's Grave, 2002
A Story about Mary Jewett, 2002
Olive Raynes

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