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The SS Sarah Orne Jewett
Liberty Ship 1944



Three Other Prominent New Englanders to be Honored Also

From:  The Lewiston Daily Sun - Dec 15, 1943, p. 12

 WASHINGTON, Dec. 14 --Names of prominent New Englanders are included In a group selected to be honored when four Liberty ships, now under construction at the South Portland. Me., shipyards of the New England Shipbuilding Corporation, are completed.
            The ships will be named for: Sarah Orne Jcwctt, 1849-1909, who wrote a number of books concerned with New England. She was born at South Berwick, Me.
            Susan Colby, 1817-1919, the daughter of Anthony Colby, Governor of New Hampshire in 1845. Miss Colby was the first teacher at New London Academy, later named Colby Academy in her honor and now known as Colby Junior College.
            Washington Alston, 1779-1843, known as the American Titian, whose famous paintings of Belshazzar's Feast and the Witch of Endor arc well known. Allston was born at Woccamaw, S. C.
            Ronald Fernald. 1595-1656, who came to New Hampshire from England in 1630. Fcrnald, a former English Navy doctor, was New Hampshire's first surgeon. He held many public offices and was a landowner of prominence, part of his holdings including the site of the Portsmouth Navy Yard.


From Wikipedia on Liberty Ships

SS Sarah Orne Jewett   
Hull #2219
Laid down: 8 December 1943
Launched: 28 January 1944
Sold private 1947
    wrecked 1966 and scrapped 1967

 New England Shipbuilding Corporation, South Portland, Maine The East and West Yards were both on the same 60 acres (240,000 m2) of shipyard. However, the two yards commenced operations under different titles and until early 1942 were separated by rigid legal conditions.

 Liberty Ship

Photo of SS John W. Brown, one of two surviving operational Liberty ships, photographed in 2000.
Courtesy of Wikipedia


Researching the mariners and ships of the merchant marine and the world's navies.

History of the SS. Sarah Orne Jewett
with numerous name changes

 1944 WSA (Prudential SS Corp, NY)
1948 Prudential SS Corp, NY.- US flag.
1951 NIKOS, Dolphin SS Corp, NY.- US flag
1953 JOHN PAUL JONES, National Shpg & Tdg Corp, NY.- US flag.
1954 NATIONAL LIBERTY, American Waterways Corp.- US flag (National Shpg & Tdg Corp, NY)
1959 MOUNT EVANS,  Mount Evans SS Co.- US flag (Cargo & Tankship Management Corp, NY)
1962 (A. H. Bull & Co, NY)
1963 WYOMING, Midwest Shpg & Tdg.Corp.- US flag (Martran SS Co, NY)
1963 YUCATAN, Panolas Cia.Mar, Panama.- Liberian flag (C.M.Los Ltd, London)
1965 EASTERN ARGO, Eastern Marine Corp.- Liberian flag (United Maritime Trust, Taipei)
20.11.66 Stranded Mapingil, Philippines. Refloated and laid up Keelung.
1967 Scrapped Keelung [Taiwan].


Lookback #733 Former Mount Evans, a Liberty ship, grounded on Nov. 20, 1966
    The Liberty ship Mount Evans, a Seaway trader on two occasions in 1961, had a total of eight names and was wrecked in a grounding off the Philippines 49-years ago today.
    The 441 foot, 6 inch long ship was launched at Portland, Maine, on Jan. 28, 1944, and completed the following month as a) Sarah Orne Jewett. It entered war service for the United States Maritime Commission with a capacity of close to 10,000 tons deadweight.
    It survived the war unscathed but lost its propeller in Nov. 1947, while about 440 miles east of St. John's, Newfoundland, during on a voyage from Rouen, France, to New York.
    The vessel was sold for commercial service in 1949, but resold and renamed b) Nikos in 1951. Then, in 1953, it became c) John Paul Jones, d) National Liberty in 1954 and e) Mount Evans in 1959. All of these names retained American registry as it did on becoming f) Wyoming in 1963.
    The ship left the stars and stripes later in 1963 on becoming g) Yucatan under the Liberian flag. It retained that registry when resold and renamed h) Eastern Argo in 1965. The latter stranded off Mapingil, Philippines, on Nov. 20, 1966. While refloated, the 24-year old Liberty ship had hull damage that was not worth the cost of repair.
    The vessel was towed to Jose Panganiban and then on to Kaohsiung, Taiwan, to complete the intended voyage. It was subsequently taken to Keelung, Taiwan, and laid up on Feb. 7, 1967. Following a sale to Taiwan shipbreakers, the hull was broken up at Keelung beginning in Sept. 1967.
             Skip Gillham


From Warsailors.com
Re: Liberty Ships and T2 Tankers
Posted by: Al Roth (---.158.6.61.Dial1.Chicago1.Level3.net)
Date: January 17, 2005 11:35AM

 I am getting used to the computer and enjoyed the liberty ship web site. I was on the ship Sarah Orne Jewett in WWII. I was a signalman and sailed around the world with her. I am interested in finding anyone who might have been on that ship. I left San Pedro Harbor Ca. and headed West until we arrived in New York in 1942. I would appreciate any information. Thank you!

Re: Liberty Ships and T2 Tankers
Posted by: Gary Myers (---.client.dsl.net)
Date: August 11, 2005 03:08PM

    My father served on the SS Sarah Orne Jewett also. He was on her for a cruise from the States to the Mediterranean and back, April '44 to September '44. Dad served in the engine-room as an oiler.
    The Jewett was in the invasion fleet during the invasion of Southern France in Aug '44, and was close in to shore at the St. Raphael beach head, the only hotly contested beach head in that invasion. While she was offloading, the Jewett was hit by German shore fire, resulting in a hole in the number 2 hold at the waterline. The Jewett was pulled out of the line and sent back to Naples for temporary repairs and finally returned to New York for permanent repairs.
    In Nov 1966, the Jewett ran aground in the Philippines and was declared a constructive total loss. She was broken up in 1967 in Taiwan.


Readers will see that the details, such as dates, in these various accounts do not always square with each other.  More information on the SS Sarah Orne Jewett, especially photos, would be welcome.

Edited by Terry Heller, Coe College.

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