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Images of Sarah Orne Jewett and her family

This image of Sarah Orne Jewett, age 8, from a tintype appears in F. O. Matthiessen, Sarah Orne Jewett.

  F. O. Matthiessen, Sarah Orne Jewett.


This image has been reproduced in a number of locations.  This copy comes from F. O. Matthiessen, Sarah Orne Jewett.


From Historic New England

From Annie Fields, Letters of Sarah Orne Jewett


Sarah Orne Jewett (1849-1909), author.
Source:  from a photograph by James Notman
in Pickard, Life and Letters of John Greenleaf Whittier.

This undated photograph appears to have been taken after 1902, judging by Jewett's worn appearance. It is available courtesy of the Sarah Orne Jewett Papers, George J. Mitchell Department of Special collections & Archives, Bowdoin College Library, (4191.1) whose permission is necessary in order to reprint the photo.

Dr. Theodore Jewett Eastman (1879-1931)
son of Edwin Calvin and Caroline Augusta Jewett Eastman
Sarah Orne Jewett's nephew, affectionately known as "Stubby."

Reprinted by permission of the Berwick Academy Archives.


This photograph is reprinted by permission of the Houghton Library, Harvard University, where it is part of the Sarah Orne Jewett collection -- bMS Am1743.26 (15).  It is believed that this shows the Olive Raynes School at 96 Portland Street in South Berwick, ME, probably in the 1880s or 1890s.  It is likely to show Jewett's nephew, Theodore Eastman.  At this point, no person in the photograph has been identified.  Assistance is welcome.

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